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It appears that Chicago isn’t the ONLY city where black schools are falling under the educational ax. Black schools are under attack in cities all across the nation, from Chicago and  Oklahoma City to Atlanta, and New York City.

Oklahoma City (all white) School Board votes to close (all black) charter school

Members of the Oklahoma City School Board question Patricia Watson Hunt

Members of the Oklahoma City School Board question Patricia Watson Hunt on May 28, 2013 about test scores at Marcus Garvey Leadership Academy. The school board is considering ending relations with the academy for the next academic year.

Quanetta Releford blinked back tears. She was out of a job, but that’s wasn’t the point. Her school was closed.  The Oklahoma City School Board voted 6-2 during a special meeting Tuesday night to close Marcus Garvey Leadership Charter School.

Releford, an arts teacher, was one of more than 200 people — mostly Marcus Garvey supporters — who packed the Oklahoma City Public Schools administration building auditorium. Many got up and walked away while school board members encouraged them to try to open a different school.

“We vote,” one (black) man yelled as he walked out of the room.

“We pay our taxes,” a (black) woman shouted as she stood up to leave.

District administrators allege poor academics and financial mismanagement.  An attorney for the school said that’s not the case. Both sides called foul on the other’s interpretation of test scores. Releford said her school was closed by people who never took the time to see what it was beyond test scores.

“They spent three seconds in each class, and you want to tell me about our school?” she said. “You want to base it all on test scores?”

Kwame Mumina

Kwame Mumina, attorney representing Marcus Garvey Leadership Academy, addresses the Oklahoma City School Board on May 28, 2013.  Mumina spoke about the importance of community and good schools for the neighborhoods surrounding Marcus Garvey Leadership Academy. Photo by KT King, The Oklahoman

Oklahoma City Schools Superintendent Karl Springer

Oklahoma City Schools Superintendent Karl Springer speaks to members of the Oklahoma City School Board on May 28, 2013 to advise the board to not renew the district’s contract with Marcus Garvey Leadership Academy for the next academic year. (No disrespect intended, but he looks like he’d be at home wearing a white hood and robe)

Passionate response

Carmen Jackson and her husband Jesse Jackson a former teacher at Marcus Garvey Leadership Academy

Carmen Jackson (left) and her husband Jesse Jackson (right) , a former teacher at Marcus Garvey Leadership Academy, react to comments made to the Oklahoma City School Board on May 28, 2013.

People filled nearly every seat in the auditorium. During regular school board meetings, the room is nearly empty.

Some listened with chins on fists, nodding with eyes closed as they listened to teachers talk about the importance of the school. Others whispered quietly to one another when hearing facts about reading scores or math averages or science trends. Spectators occasionally groaned or cheered.

District officials said if the school is closed, the 180 or so students will be sent to traditional schools in the area.

Christian Williams, 9, said he doesn’t want to go to another school. The third-grader said he doesn’t know what school he’ll go to next year.

“I don’t want to lose my school,” he said. “I might not like it.”

Two of his younger siblings already go to Marcus Garvey, and another was supposed to start in prekindergarten next year. They all have had the same teachers and the same friends. His little sister, Paige, showed a letter she wrote to the school board just in case they wanted to hear from her.

“I love my school,” she wrote. “I want to keep my school open.”

(Keep in mind that racists OFTEN use statistics to justify practicing racism).

School Closings Come To Atlanta This Week, To Your City Next Week:

It’s Time To Dump Arne Duncan

obama-arne-duncan-11-27-10Arne Duncan named as Education Secretary by the Obama Administration

(Excerpted from Black Agenda Report)

Obama’s man Arne Duncan believes Katrina was the best thing that ever happened to education in New Orleans. Is it time yet to dump, and to dump on Arne Duncan?

In a pattern that has become typical across the nation, the Atlanta Public School Board voted early this morning to close 7 neighborhood schools, all in mainly black neighborhoods.

Some of the proposed school closings were announced the Friday afternoon before spring break, only ten calendar days, and one business day before the meeting that would finalize their closure. Other proposed closings were announced only 3 calender days before the school board meeting.

Obviously the authorities wanted to prevent neighborhood parents from mobilizing to protect their children and communities. Like their counterparts in cities across the country, Atlanta parents, teachers and neighborhood residents pointed out that their school board seemed more devoted to the promotion of charter schools and privatization than it was to the children in public schools, and that it was doing all it could to push as many children as possible out of the public schools into charters.

Like school boards across the country, Atlanta’s honchos turned a deaf ear to the children and communities they supposedly serve, even refusing to consider re-purposing the empty school buildings as local community resources. In the rush to privatization,

School buildings are valuable real estate prizes that can be awarded to well connected developers, and the only kind of economic development anybody has ever heard of is moving poorer people out of neighborhoods to attract richer ones in.

Atlanta is following the same script as Chicago and Philly and New York and Los Angeles and New Orleans. It’s a bi-partisan agenda of standardized testing calculated not to teach children, but to furnish the grounds to brand teachers and schools as “under-performing” so that staff can be fired, schools closed, and their resources funneled to charter school operators. (CORPORATIONS).

The School Closure Movement

bloomberg1-300x200New York Mayor Bloomberg

(Excerpted from the Huffington Post)

For the past ten years Mayor Bloomberg has been telling us that New York City is at the forefront of education reform — but what do we have to show for it?  One-hundred forty schools closed,  communities in disarray,  and test scores flat-lined.

Mayor Bloomberg’s administration has shut down more than 140 schools in the last 10 years throughout the city. In the last 10 years, tens of thousands of children and families have been caught up in cycles of tumultuous change as their schools have been shuttered and their teachers have been replaced.

Communities have been traumatized without consultation. Sometimes in the middle of the academic year a school gets a pink slip from the Department of Education. For students and families this is akin to an educational limbo.

Students often must endure three years of displacement as their school phases out, not enrolling any new students from year to year but still educating those that have been left behind- as their school size shrinks, their teachers depart and the mood turns hopeless until finally the doors are closed.

In New York City, since 2002, SAT scores have actually dropped between 3 and 8 points in reading and in math. The only substantive change has been graduation rates, which have gone up significantly but have not been balanced by a college-ready population.

Regents degrees have hardly budged during the past 12 years, and in 2011 only 23 percent of our city’s students were prepared to graduate high school and take on the challenges of college.

As communities are pulled apart, corporations step in to fill the void. More often than not, the defunct public school is replaced by a charter school — a charter school that does not have to play by the same rules as traditional public schools.

Charter schools, for instance, do not have to accept special education children or English language learners, can hire and fire teachers at will, and can expel difficult children at a whim.

According to Stanford University’s research, charter schools do no better nationally than other community public schools. Only 17 percent of charter schools provided a better education than traditional schools, and 37 percent actually offered children a worse education.

In our city, the playing field is not equal outside the school building — whites receive higher wages, have better health care, are less likely to be imprisoned, and live longer lives than non-whites.

Schools that are shut down are far more likely to exist in a non-white, high-poverty community.


Closing black schools benefits the system of racism/white supremacy in four major ways:
  1. Devastates AND DISRUPTS the EDUCATIONAL POTENTIAL of black students so they cannot compete on a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD with white students OR white adults once they enter the workforce
  2. Devastates black communities via RACIAL DISLOCATION (which I wrote about in a previous post)  and PREVENTS black people from building STABLE BLACK COMMUNITIES.
  3. Creates HUGE economic opportunities for land developers (AKA black land grabs) AND corporations that operate “charter schools” (corporations will CONTROL  the quality of education given to black students)
  4. Destroys UNIONS and UNIONIZED worker protections so wages for MOST workers will continue to fall, making corporations and their stockholders RICHER
In my next blogpost — Chicago School Closings Part 3 — I’ll do a quick comparison between the typical education of poor black students with the elite education of privileged white students.
chicago_schools_closing_protest 8

When WAR is waged on our children and we do NOTHING to stop our Enemies


Chicago: A City Reborn  (Less Black, More White)

What is the REAL AGENDA behind the closing of so many black schools in Chicago?

Let’s backtrack four years…

When Rahm Emanuel ran for mayor of Chicago two years ago, I warned my black friends and coworkers and anyone who would listen (in vain) that assuming Rahm Emanuel was a friend of black people JUST because he was President Obama’s Chief of Staff was a HUGE mistake, especially, considering the Obama administration (which is controlled by whites behind and in front of the scenes) completely ignores any and ALL “black issues” like inferior education, unemployment, gun violence, police brutality, rising poverty, and homelessness. 

Barack Obama, Rahm EmanuelRahm Emanuel and President Obama


I warned them that Emanuel was coming to Chicago to FINISH what former Mayor Richard Daley tried (and failed) to do in 2009 when he tried to make Chicago the site of the 2016 Olympics games so he and the powerful white people behind him (and controlling him) could engineer a:


In 2009 former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley pulled out all the stops when he sent (told) President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama AND Oprah Winfrey to go to Copenhagen to “wow”the Olympic committee.

Daley-ObamaThen Chicago Mayor Daley and President Obama

But to Daley’s surprise, his three best and brightest black “picks” FAILED

I believe had Chicago won the OLYMPIC bid, Daley would have used the POWER OF EMINENT DOMAIN (the government can take your house and the land it sits on) to displace hundreds of thousands of black people from the south and west sides of Chicago.

Many believed this BLACK LAND GRAB would extend from the near south side (around 23rd St) as far south as 70th Street  and as far west from State Street to California Avenue.


However, Daley’s grand plans didn’t turn out the way he and his powerful allies planned. CHICAGO LOST THE BID — a small and temporary victory for the unwitting black victims of Chicago-style RACISM/WHITE SUPREMACY.

Protesters cheer at an anti-Olympics bid rally in Chicago


After all the tens, and possibly hundreds of millions, that Daley, his insiders AND his allies had invested in STAGING the BLACK LAND GRAB went BUST, I knew Daley’s days as mayor of Chicago were numbered.

Olympics Loss Puts Daley On Defensive And Chicago Plans In Limbo


Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley  (after losing Olympic bid)


CHICAGO — Chicago’s dream of an Olympics-sized stimulus was dashed when the 2016 Summer Games were awarded to Rio de Janeiro, and the loss amounts to more than a bruised ego for the nation’s third-largest city. Officials can no longer trumpet the $13.7 billion citywide economic impact local Olympics organizers estimated would come of games-related jobs, construction, tourism and transportation.

The loss marked a stunning defeat for Mayor Richard M. Daley, who spent three years working to sell Chicago residents on the games, often highlighting job creation and a financial influx that would help the city emerge from a recessional slump.

Unfortunately the plans for a BLACK LAND GRAB in Chicago were only delayed; not derailed.

Not long after Chicago lost the Olympics Bid,  President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, announced that he was throwing his hat in the ring to become the next mayor of Chicago,

And I suspected (and feared) that “someone” had sent in the big guns to finish the job that Mayor Daley couldn’t.


Rahm Emanuel Gets Out the Black Vote in Chicago

Future Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel

Chicago’s mayoral race is in many ways going as anticipated.  Obama’s former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, has a huge lead over the rest of the pack, and it looks as if he’ll have no problem sliding into the void Richard M. Daley is leaving in the mayor’s office in May.

The story isn’t really who’s going to win the Feb. 22 election anymore—Emanuel is. The story is now how he’s going to win: with a huge percentage of the black vote.

In Chicago, the African-American vote is an outright necessity when it comes to winning election…there’s something to be said for Emanuel’s attraction to Black voters:

“Emanuel has benefited greatly from his association with [Bill Clinton], the man known as ‘the first black president’… Working for Barack Obama didn’t hurt, either. Emanuel might evoke indifference among blacks. He could not possibly evoke fear.”  (Posted: 02/14/2011 06:30 PM EST)


Future Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and President Obama

Only time will tell if Emanuel repays black constituents with legislation that improves their lives. If past is prologue, however, his work under Obama has prepared him to approach black issues with confidence and integrity.

Chicago’s black voters wake up with a Mayor Rahm hangover

As far as I can tell, black voters didn’t vote for Emanuel because they wanted him to do this stuff.  Instead, they largely voted for him because they assumed President Obama wanted him to be our mayor.

Mayor Rahm thinks he got a mandate from black voters. And black voters think their mandate was for President Obama.

Whether the articles above are correct or incorrect, it is UNDENIABLE that Rahm Emanuel was trusted (and supported) by many black voters BECAUSE they trusted President Obama.

Let’s fast-forward to May 2013

chicago school board

Barbara Byrd-Bennett and some members of the school board


Chicago’s board of education voted Wednesday to shutter 50 schools, the largest number of schools closed at one time by any major U.S. city.

The board, appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D), opted to close 49 elementary schools and one high school after the current school year ends. It decided to keep open four additional schools that had been recommended for closure by Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett.

The country’s third largest school system, Chicago is facing a $1 billion budget shortfall. Declining enrollments have led to inefficient, half-empty schools where too much money has to be directed to maintenance and operations instead of classroom activities, officials said.

The List: Chicago Schools To Be Closed

88% of schools closing are BLACK SCHOOLS

Barbara Byrd-Bennett Defends School Closings

CT Legis16.JPGChicago Public School CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett


In a Wednesday school board meeting defending the district’s plan to close 54 neighborhood elementary schools,  NEWLY HIRED (BY MAYOR RAHM EMANUEL) Chicago Public School CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett (a black female) said she is insulted by claims her actions are “racist.”

“That is an affront to me as a woman of color and it is an affront to every parent in our community who demands a better education for their children,” Byrd-Bennett said at the Wednesday meeting, according to NBC Chicago. The NEWLY HIRED  CEO  (BY RAHM EMANUEL) insisted the plan was made after listening to more than 20,000 individual testimonies from community hearings.

“What I cannot understand and what I will not accept is that the proposals I am offering are racist,” Byrd-Bennett said, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Her response prompted shouts of “They are!” from the “often-raucous crowd.”

“To refuse to challenge the status quo that is failing thousands of African American students, that’s what I call racist,” Byrd-Bennett added.



Barbara Byrd-Bennett, Rahm EmanuelBarbara Byrd-Bennett and Mayor Rahm Emanuel  (who hired her)

It is a COMMON STRATEGY to put a black face on WHITE RACISM to REDIRECT LEGITIMATE ANGER AND OUTRAGE from racist and powerful WHITE PEOPLE to a POWERLESS black male or female, like NEWLY HIRED  CEO  (BY RAHM EMANUEL) Barbara Byrd-Bennett, of Chicago Public Schools.  While it is very, very tempting to vent our anger at this black female, it solves NOTHING  and actually increases our own ANTI-BLACKNESS.



chicago_schools_closing_protest 6 chicago_schools_closing_protest 9 chicago_schools_closing_protest 10 chicago_schools_closing_protest 12 chicago_schools_closing_protest 13 Chicago Rally Protests Public School Closings chicago_schools_closing_protest4chicago_schools_closing_protest5chicago_schools_closing_protest3

Some speakers at the meeting wept, one prayed, and a few shouted insults at board members and Chief Executive Barbara Byrd-Bennett.  Several protesters had to be physically removed from the board room by security.

“Substantial research shows that closing schools and moving students increases the dropout rate and the incidence of street violence,” said Alderman Bob Fioretti.

Are the Chicago School Closings Really About “Budget Shortfalls?”

rahm emmanuel 1

It SURE looks like there is PLENTY of MONEY to fund TAX BREAKS for Big Business AND more RECREATION and ENTERTAINMENT for well-to-do Chicagoans and Tourists

Why Is Chicago Devoting $125 Million To Build A Basketball Arena For A Private University?

Proposed Chicago arena at McCormick Place (Credit: NBC Chicago)

By Travis Waldron on May 15, 2013 at 3:34 pm

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will lay out a proposal Thursday for a $195 million basketball arena for DePaul University, a private Chicago university that spent $20 million in 2004 to make its current home, Allstate Arena, “a state-of-the-art facility.” The plan, according to reports from CBS Chicago, will require $125 million from taxpayers, with $70 million coming from a tax on hotel rooms and an additional $55 million coming from a common arena scheme known as tax-incremented financing (TIF).

Emanuel hasn’t talked openly about the plan, but an alderman on the city’s board told CBS that the plan, which includes hotels attached to the city’s convention center at McCormick Place, was about fostering economic growth. “Sometimes you have to make an investment in city resources to be able to generate tax dollars,” Ald. Pat Dowell said.

But local arena expert Marc Ganis told the Chicago Sun-Times yesterday that it was “lunacy” to expect the plan to help the economy:

‘‘It’s lunacy,’’ he said straight off. ‘‘Sheer folly. It makes no economic sense whatsoever. As someone who has worked on projects like these for decades, I can tell you there is absolutely no way for this to make any sense in any way. It is not in the realm of possibility.’’

Plan aims to turn Navy Pier into more of a park

Public funding for first phase grows to $115 million

May 18, 2013
Landscape architect James Corner unveils designs during a press conference Friday at Navy Pier for the redevelopment of the pier.  Navy Pier, the highly commercial tourist attraction jutting into Lake Michigan, will take on a more park-like feel under the first phase of redevelopment plans formally announced Friday.

While Rahm Emanuel is masterminding the mass closing of black schools he and his cronies are already planning to spend HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS on a new basketball stadium and dressing up Navy Pier for  (mostly white)  “tourists.”


I believe the MASS CLOSING OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS — 88% of them BLACK SCHOOLS — is a strategy that is designed to destroy already fragile black neighborhoods by making them even more undesirable so black people will LEAVE those neighborhoods and  WHITES can RECLAIM the most desirable inner-city areas that are within 10 to 25 minutes from downtown Chicago, Michigan Avenue, the Gold Coast, the museums, universities, the lakefront and public transportation and major expressways.

Many affluent (and not so affluent) whites moved to the suburbs to GET AWAY FROM BLACK PEOPLE and are now forced (by their OWN racist hands)  to commute 30 or more miles one-way every day to come into the downtown area to work and play, while blacks in the so-called “inner-city” have the ADVANTAGE of easy access via public transportation and short trips from their homes to downtown Chicago and that is NOT acceptable in a white supremacy system.

I also believe it is designed to FURTHER undermine AND devastate the already fragile self-esteem of black students and derail their intellectual confidence and potential by continuing to provide an UNEQUAL and INADEQUATE educational experience.


Just a few days ago, I was talking to a friend who has a son in a Chicago public grammar school and he informed me that the children in that ALL-BLACK SCHOOL are given “worksheets” to take home to do their homework INSTEAD of BOOKS.

There should be NO DOUBT in the minds of ANY SANE (or INSANE) black person that the school system is DESIGNED to DERAIL and DESTROY the INTELLECTUAL POTENTIAL of black children who will one day grow up to be educationally and professionally deprived BLACK ADULTS.

It is IMPORTANT for the most powerful white people to USE black people (like the Obamas, Oprah, Ms Byrd-Bennett) as AGENTS of RACISM/WHITE SUPREMACY,  so their Victims can share” the KARMIC blame when the ILL DEEDS of the Victimizers finally come home to roost on their doorsteps.
It is also done to make it appear that black people are the main ones victimizing other black people, and to take the lion’s share of the attention AND the BLAME away from the REAL Victimizers:  the white people in charge  (the  WPIC). 
My personal litmus test: 
Whenever  a BLACK PERSON is hired to “manage” anything that involves other black people,  I always ASSUME black people are GOING TO BE HARMED.
So far I have NOT  been disappointed.
chicago_schools_closing_protest 8blank

When WAR is waged on our children and we do NOTHING to stop our Enemies


Some Final Words By Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr.

Racial Population Tailoring

Excerpted from Neely Fuller Jr audio and video  interviews, articles, and ‘The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Code Book’ by Neely Fuller Jr.

To download a sound clip right-click on the link below the audio player and choose “Save Link As” to the location of your choice

Using Words & Statistics to Confuse Non-Whites   (Neely Fuller, Jr)

(added 5/13/13)

download link

Charles Ramsey
(Reblogged from Abagond’s blog)
Sat 11 May 2013 by abagond


Charles Ramsey, an American dishwasher, did something that the Cleveland police and the FBI could not do: with the help of Angel Cordero he freed three women (and a girl) who had been missing for ten years, locked away in his neighbour’s house. The police had been called repeatedly about strange doings at the house – even reports of naked women being led like dogs – but did little. The very same police who let Anthony Sowell rape and murder 11 women.

In one week in May 2013 Charles Ramsey went from American hero to Internet buffoon to demonized brute. It was like America could not bear the sight of an ordinary, working-class black man as hero. It had to make fun of how he talks. It had to unearth his police record and splash it across the Internet. He either had to be laughed at or torn down. Brute or buffoon. The culture seems incapable of consuming him in any other form.

It gives lie to the idea that whites would stop being racist if blacks “proved themselves” worthy of their respect.


To Read More go to:

Cleveland TV Station Apologizes For Report On Charles Ramsey’s Criminal Record:




President Barack Obama

President Obama is NOT Half-White   (Neely Fuller, Jr and Justice – COWS)

download link

(To download a sound clip right-click on the link above and choose “Save Link As” to the location of your choice)


I try to keep in mind that so-called racial classifications are POLITICAL CLASSIFICATIONS WITHIN a White Supremacy System

These “classifications” were created (MADE UP) by the most powerful white people for ONLY ONE PURPOSE:

to practice “race-ism”   aka   to mistreat the people they classify as NOT white

That’s why it’s impossible to be HALF-WHITE AND HALF-BLACK in a white supremacy system that MANDATES ALL PEOPLE  must be one or the other.

White or Non-White

Otherwise, how would the white people who practice racism know how to treat OR mistreat you if you are a combination of both?

For example, say you are a half-white/half-black person looking for an apartment. You go to a white rental agent who doesn’t rent to blacks.

Would she:

1. Rent you half an apartment for your half-white side?

2. Allow your “white half” to occupy the entire apartment BUT forbid the black half from entering the building?

3. Call the police when you protest your mistreatment and tell the police to haul your black half off to jail?

The above scenario is  just as ridiculous as the so-called racial classifications that were invented to CONFUSE the Victims of White Supremacy.

It is impossible to be half-white and half-black in a white supremacy system

YOU  are  either  one  OR  the  other:   white  or  non-white.

After listening to a program from the C.O.W.S. Archives   (The C.O.W.S. w/ Dr. Brad Blanton  — on  4/18/2013 08:01 PM)

I had to stop and post an update to a previous post of mine:  Definitions Workshops #9: What is a ‘White Anti-Racist?’

(Keep in mind that EVERYTHING written on this page is MY opinion based on MY observations after listening to an interview of Dr. Blanton on C.O.W.S.)

This interview with Dr. Blanton–in my opinion–is MORE UNDENIABLE PROOF — in my opinion — that the term — “white anti-racist” — is an OXYMORON.

What is an OXYMORON?  For those who are unsure of the term, it’s when words are put together that contradict each other such as:

  • a cruel kindness
  • accidentally on purpose
  • a little pregnant
  • a ‘just’ war
  • an accurate rumor.


And I would add one more term to that list:  a white anti-racist

To be as accurate as possible, Dr. Blanton did not say he was an anti-racist, but he did spend quite of bit of time giving his “Civil Rights” era credentials, claiming to have put himself in harms’ way fighting for the civil rights of black people.

However, when pressed for some examples of how he was put in danger, he could only come up with ONE example — and that had to do with another WHITE PERSON who threatened to cut his genitals off  over the phone, but never made ANY attempt to contact Dr. Blanton in person.

When cornered by the evidence of his endless CONTRADICTIONS, like his frequent use of the term “psychopaths” to describe people who harmed other people and didn’t feel any remorse because they had “no conscience,”

and a caller asked Dr. Blanton if the white people who practiced racism and felt no remorse qualified as “psychopaths,” ,  Dr. Blanton, who (in my opinion) appeared to be desperate, like, (basically) said that black people were just as accountable for the genocide and oppression of Native Americans as white people were


There are many  juicy tidbits in that interview that revealed more TRUTHS about the type of (deceptive and racist) white person that black and non-white people are the MOST LIKELY to put our BLIND faith and trust in:

the white anti-racist.

That is a VERY DANGEROUS HABIT of ours that needs to be broken — IMMEDIATELY.

This is an interview that I highly recommend for those who want to take another peek  BEHIND the MASK of those “well-meaning anti-racist white people”

Another face on the Wall of  Whites Who Claim to be Opposed to Racism

Dr Brad Blanton

Dr. Brad Blanton

(from the COWS program description of the guest)

Dr. Blanton is a psychotherapist, author and seminar leader. He describes himself as “a white trash with a PhD.??” His debut publication, Radical Honesty: How To Transform Your Life By Telling The Truth.

Gus has seen no evidence that White people are prepared to desist with deceiving non-white people. Dr. Blanton has pails of cute words and even a few profanities, but his book said next to nothing about the business of White Supremacy.


To hear the Interviews on the original post — Definitions Workshops #9: What is a ‘White Anti-Racist?”  click on this link



It is my opinion — based on the EVIDENCE — that the MOST accurate definition of a  WHITE ANTI-RACIST (aka a ‘white anti-racist activist’) is a white person who MAKES MONEY writing books, appearing on TV talk and news shows, and speaking publicly about racism.

In stark contrast, the vast majority of BLACK COUNTER-RACISTS make very little money speaking publicly or writing books about racism, and are often demonized, fired, denied tenure, imprisoned, or murdered.

And they are seldom invited to appear on a major network TV talk or news show.

If white “anti-racists” were SINCERELY CHALLENGING the System of White Supremacy, they would be ATTACKED NOT REWARDED by the white supremacy media, book publishers, and speakers bureaus. 

“We know what we’ve done to (non-whites).

And we know what we’ve put in your head over 500 years.

We know how to utilize that.

We know how to take advantage of that.

We even know how to have a (nonwhite) black friend.

We know the dynamics of who is in control.

We know where your place is. We know where our place is.

The greatest deception we caused is that your people believe us.

I have done such a good job, they don’t even know that I’ve done this to them.”

— Ferrell Winfree, white female, admitted Racist/white Supremacist

(from the COWS Internet Radio Program 2009)

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