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There is a MASSIVE AMOUNT of BLACK SCAPEGOATING taking place in America.  And since a picture or a video speaks a THOUSAND WORDS, this will probably be my shortest post on record.

The latest SCAPEGOAT incident (Wed, 4/17/13)

CNN John King: Boston Bombing Suspect A ‘Dark-Skinned Male”

Only to discover CNN and John King’s “sources” made an “error”  (right, sure you did).

Just like we believe that if a Hasidic Jew was seen on surveillance video putting  his case down on the sidewalk near the Boston Marathon that CNN and John King would have STILL jumped the gun and said,

“I was told and I want to be very careful, by one of these sources who is a law enforcement official, that the suspect is a Hasidic Jew wearing a long black coat and a black hat.  The official use of other words I’m not going to repeat them until I get more information because of the sensitivities, there are some people who would take offense…” 

What “other words” weren’t you going to use, John? Did they sound anything like…

“…a dark-skinned BLACK male?”

the problem is white supremacy

CBS News Refutes That Boston Bombing Suspect Is a Brown Skin Male

The broadcast by John King launches an “attack” by Al Sharpton, (on  MSNBC)

Al Sharpton Attacks CNN’s John King For ‘Coded, Offensive Language’ ‘Dark-Skinned”

No disrespect, Mr. Sharpton, but you’re way too little, too late. Once the MEDIA MUD is thrown at its TARGET, the SEED has already been PLANTED in the minds of millions of HOPEFUL white Americans

Who were probably openly or secretly praying (oh God, please let it be a foreign or a domestic  n*gger!) that the bombing  wasn’t the work of the USUAL and most COMMON DOMESTIC TERRORIST in the history of the United States:

another white person.

black is wonderful

You may not understand, Mr. Sharpton, that the white media putting your BLACK FACE on the air to publicly chastise a “well-meaning” WHITE PERSON who — for God’s sake — made an “honest mistake” only adds more fuel and more JUSTIFICATION to the RACISM FIRE  instead of shaming RACIST behavior (which I believe is an IMPOSSIBILITY, and a WASTE OF TIME trying to shame a racist in a white supremacy society)

Your chastisement actually NEUTRALIZES the bad behavior of a racist suspect like John King OR the CNN organization because so many white people despise you that no matter what you say, the focus is always ON  YOU instead of the white person or white organization’s racist behavior.

(Can you believe the nerve of that Sharpton n*gger calling out a white man?)

That is the main reason you were given a mike and a public platform.  Sorry, but it’s the truth.

This incident which happened yesterday (4/17/13) will be added to the growing list of SCAPEGOATING  incidents  I listed earlier this week:

A ‘Dark-Skinned” Male is the Leading Suspect in Boston Bombing

Is “The Purge” Movie A Rallying Cry for White America?

Black Females: the New Scapegoats for Gun Control

Definitions Workshop #7: Part One – A Guest Post by Trojan Pam

All the above incidents serve the ULTIMATE PURPOSE of BLACK SCAPEGOATING in the United States (and worldwide):


Over the rising white poverty AND unemployment AND powerlessness

AWAY FROM the white people in charge (who are totally responsible)

TO ALL black people (who are in charge of NOTHING)