UPDATE: A Review of the Movie, “The Purge”

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I decided to post this review from another website to provide insight into how movies like the Purge are racial antagonism disguised as “entertainment.”

Before anyone dismisses this review as just one (white) person’s opinion, keep in mind that any MOVIE that is mass distributed and shown all over the United States — and possibly worldwide — is NOT just one person’s opinion but is designed to shape the opinions of large numbers of individuals — in this instance, large numbers of white people.

I think it is this type of black and non-white DENIAL that leads some of us to believe that the most vocal racists are a white minority, which makes it a cakewalk to commit murder and mayhem against us.

If these movies did NOT produce results they would NOT be worth the huge investment of time, money, and resources AND  the white supremacy system would stop making and financing them.

Much thanks to Janel who sent this link and told me about this movie!

America A Nation Reborn – Review of the Movie Trailer The Purge

(April 5, 2013 · by FromTheEditorsDesk)

America… the nation reborn. Unemployment 1%  — No crime

It’s a sexy seducting trailer. How is this accomplished. OMG oH NO THEY DIDN’T. In my mind the logical conclusion for the next step was inevitable – the Purge was the purge of blacks and mexicans. right? RIGHT!

NO! the purge is a one day where law is suspended and you can commit crime. Ugh. horrible. Well maybe someday Hollywood will have the guts to make a real “the purge” movie

Instead the Purge is another leftie liberal nutcase movie that tries to get us to feel sorry for a Black man who takes refuge in the white household. Because whites hunt blacks. Hmm maybe whites were conducting a purge after all!

This movie is getting better. Maybe the real message of the movie is that the whites are purging blacks and hispanics and the flood of third worlders who rape and pillage and commit most of the crime and flood the welfare systems.

And that it forces us to face our guilt with that notion when a sole black asks for help. Because whites will help. Because whites are good people. Because our centuries of surviving ice ages taught us the need for community and sticking together.

But the mistake is, these people are not our tribe our community nor our people. And letting them in will lead to our destruction – just as it does in The Purge lead to the destruction of the white family. Just as stopping in a black neighborhood led to the rape torture and dismemberment of Channon Christian and Hugh Newsom by blacks. It’s actually a powerful lesson. I’m liking this move more and more.

In fact letting in the blacks and third worlders – as the family in The Purge does – leads to the destruction of the house – the nation. It leads to violence and death and rape and poverty and scarcity. Armageddon. Ruin. We only need to look to detroit or south africa or zimbabwe to get a sense of what happens and what will happen to all of us.

The Purge is teaching us a powerful lesson. Fall in for that weak pity cry and help a black, and in the end the whole nation will fall. The only problem is when you leave the movie theater, you realize that the reality of America crumbling is what you have entered back into. There is no purge to save America. No we are doomed.

In the end the message is true. The things we despise are abstract numbers. Trends. Groups. On an individual level it’s tough to hate anyone. On an individual level its quite hard to not extend a helping hand. But it’s exactly this WHITE EUROPANIC instinct to help – ONE THAT THEY LACK – that is our downfall.

Because the liberal demoslap nutjobs seem to think THERE IS ROOM ENOUGH FOR THE ENTIRE THIRD WORLD TO COME HERE. There isn’t. They seem to think that an extra 40% in taxes is NO BIG DEAL cause they have tons of money. Well not everyone does. For many paying for Obamacare which has free healthcare for blacks and illegals is a bit much especially as a family insurance plan exceeds $1000 a month.

America should have the guts to do “the purge” but it never will. There will never be a europanic homeland. All europanic nations will be destroyed and the world will descend into an africanized hell hole like detroit or south africa. But that’s ok, because we will have done what is right, to help these less fortunate rapists and murderers.


  1. I went and watch the trailer for that fairy tale and it is a racists’ wet dream. First it’s false that Black people are a danger to white people and in fact, are a danger mostly to other Black people. On the COWS this past thursday Gus had a guest on named Dr. Marvin Dunn on penned a book called The Beast In Florida: A History of Anti-Black Violence. In that book he recalled stories of Black lynchings and they were barbaric atleast. One story was about several Black people being murder at once and even included a Black woman heavy with child. This mother to be was hung and gave “birth” to the baby as she hung. Another was a Black man being tortured, his gentials were cutoff and feed to him and he was made to say he that loved the taste of them. If that wasn’t enough they also cut off his penis and that was feed to him as well. You tell me who needs purging. White people are by far the most dangerous people that have ever walked this planet and continue to be. Those were just two stories from one state in a country of many states and they all have unknown amounts of stories just as bad and worst. White people do things Black people would never do and I don’t think would even consider. That movie was just a continuing effort to prime the well of anti-Black violence in this country. It’s getting dangerous all right, but that danger is to people who look like me.

    Hollyweird is sending out all types of blueprints for the open killing of Black people and doing it with no shame. It well get to the point where we will be lynched in the street like what happended in Florida and if you don’t believe that then you have not been paying any attention.

    Thank you Ms. Pam for bring this movie to our attention.

    • Anthony says:

      Ya know there ARE whites who don’t hate blacks, right? Every ethnicity has committed crimes and has achieved virtues. One groups hatred shouldn’t define a whole ethnicity.

      • “One groups hatred shouldn’t define a whole ethnicity.” Now take that back to your people and have them to recite it a hundred times a day.

        • Anthony says:

          um….ok…? i was trying to be conciliatory…this doesnt have to be a war ya know.

          • I didn’t declare war, it declared on me. You might be used to a different type of negro, see you won’t find those types here; neither will you find an olive branch or ass kissing.

            • Anthony says:

              um no…i guess what i am syaing is that hatred is possible in any human being. i expect no “ass-kissing” have never asked for it. every one has suffered at the hands of an oppressor (“No Irish need apply” ring a bell?)

              • TrojanPam says:

                @ Anthony

                This SITE is DEDICATED to informing the NON-WHITE VICTIMS about the SYSTEM OF WHITE SUPREMACY.

                This SITE WAS NOT CREATED to discuss how Irish people were oppressed by OTHER WHITE PEOPLE (WHITE ANGLO-SAXON PROTESTANTS)

                That is something WHITE PEOPLE should hash out among themselves. Black people had NOTHING to do with your oppression.


                The Irish were often used as overseers on SLAVE PLANTATIONS, meting out beatings, rapes, and murders against BLACK SLAVES

                and this is why



                The Irish (who were not considered white by the WASPS (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) became HONORARY WHITES by agreeing to serve as the foot soldiers for the white supremacy system — AKA — harming and oppressing black people IN EXCHANGE for “white privileges”

                and that is WHY most big city police and fire departments are predominantly Irish and why those police departments are so BRUTAL in their treatment of black men, women AND children.

                That is why racist white males get in an UPROAR every time a black or non-white person applies for or gets a job as a fireman or policeman (and woman). Because those JOBS were PROMISED to those LOWER CASTE EUROPEANS aka HONORARY WHITES in exchange for their COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT to keep their foot on black and brown necks.

                the WASPS (the real white people) gave the DANGEROUS AND DIRTY JOBS to those lower-caste Europeans and made sure the jobs paid a good living wage to appease them and help keep the system of white supremacy functioning.

                so forgive me (or not, doesn’t matter) if the plight of the Irish is not a priority topic for this blog

              • 9 Comments → “Video: Democrat Caught On Tape Using Racial Slur!”

                Billy Hobbs
                3 days ago
                I live in a predominately black neighborhood. I hear the n word being used by blacks all the time. Of course, if a white person says it then it’s a racial slur. But so is cracker when a black is speaking of a white person. You can thank the most powerful racist in the country for trying to divide us again.

                3 days ago
                Unfortunately you is what you is ,the blacks bring this upon themselves with their arrogant ,loud mouth want to be the focal point on all meetings,gatherings and get together’s …..

                Wolf Peterson
                3 days ago
                I think most white people are not racists based on skin color: I think it is American black culture that is offensive to all people, including white people. By American black culture I mean the low standards of respect black people have/show for themselves, laws, their peers, the hygiene of their neighborhoods, their communities, their women, and their children.

                A great leader needs to rise above the masses to instruct black people how to out do white people as follows: Start a movement to make neighborhoods where black people live the best choice places for all people to visit and live. I would make streets in black neighborhoods the safest, the cleanest, the most comfortable, artistic, and aesthetically beautiful in the country. I would make white people envy black people.

                I would make white people want to raise their children in black neighborhoods so their children could learn how to make great communities.

                3 days ago
                If she called him a fa–ot then her head would be on a plate! But, all this white democrat said was, ni–er. Hey, democrats invented that word! Ain’t nothing gonna happen to this democrat! We should put out the rumor this democrat was a Republican. Then, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and every race hustler would be “johnny on the spot” in front of every TV camera within miles.

                3 days ago
                dream on wolf. You can’t take the ghetto out of the man. The decent few who did go to school and got educated get a decent job and moved out of the neighborhoods. They have their own culture and seem to like it. I do feel for the few who are stuck there. It is how they are taught from birth on that they are victims and everyone else is racist. They have the same opportunity as the rest of us to better their selves. Most choose not to.

                3 days ago
                hahaha good for her at least she has the guts to say what all of us do..lol

                2 days ago

                7 hours ago
                I’m so shocked that a racist turned out to be racist.

                For Black people using the term “nigga”, that is most unfortunate, but all that speaks to is self-hatred that has been injected and beat into a people that have been stripped of their humanity. The question of rather or not white people can use it; hell, they never needed permission before.

                7 hours ago
                @DAY you are a liar. Have some balls to what YOU want.

            • Why would the kkk be worried or even be bothered with what us niggers are doing. I wouldn’t go to the kkk’s garbage blog for any reason. 👹👿👹

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ anthony

        The issue is not about non-whites “hating” whites

        (strangely enough, most non-whites do not hate whites but many whites hate and despise non-whites who have done little to nothing to them)

        The issue is about whites COLLECTIVELY mis-using their more powerful position against less powerful non-white people

        a position that was GAINED (NOT earned) via deception, theft, exploitation, slavery, rape, robbery, and the mass murder and oppression of non-white people GLOBALLY.

        It’s similar to the school yard bully who victimizes a smaller child then accuses the child being bullied of “hating” him because he complains about being bullied.

        If white people–collectively–were truly concerned about being “defined” by non-whites (I believe they are not)

        they would change their collective behavior toward the non-white MAJORITY on the planet.


        There would be no more wars waged against Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East by powerful European-led nations

        no more THEFT of natural resources from the oil and diamond and mineral and gold producing NON-WHITE nations in Africa, Latin America, and the so-called “Middle East” by powerful European-led nations

        there would be no MASS economic exploitation and poverty, child labor, and slave labor of non-white people globally by (white) American and European “firms”

        there would be no deliberately inferior black and brown schools and inadequate hospitals and employment discrimination and criminal injustice systems and a prison industrial complex enriching white investors and businesses at the expense of incarcerated largely non-white people in the United States

        there would be no white policemen ACQUITTED by all white juries of MURDERING unarmed black men, women, or children and reinstated to duty

        there would be no more “niggers” or “sand niggers” or “spics” or “chinks” or “japs” or “wetbacks” anywhere in the world

        because NIGGERS (of any color) cannot and do not exist outside of a white supremacy system

        It is a sign of being mentally, morally, and spiritually ILL for someone (or some group) that is victimizing another person (or group)

        to expect those Victims to remain silent as they are being Victimized

        • Anthony says:

          i didnt claim that non-whites hated whites (presumably you mean with the same racial hatred shown by some whites to non-whites) i said that there are whites who truly dont hate non whites…. and non-whites can hate for other reasons. i have no ill will toards someone who has a justified mistrust of a certain group becasue of the previous crimes of that group (like myself, as an Italian Catholic, my ancestors having suffered from muslim invasions of sicily and southern italy, and once arriving here were told that America was reserved for only good anglo saxon protestants…) My question for you is what would you have the us do, you enumerated your goals but what would you have us actually do, the tactics to use to reach those goals?

          • TrojanPam says:

            @ Anthony

            What would I have whites do?

            start by doing two things



            If white people are not willing to do those two things they are not sincere about ending the system of racism/white supremacy

            • TrojanPam says:

              @ ALL

              note that the questions I asked the white posters — Jack and Anthony — NEVER got a response

            • TrojanPam says:

              I posted a response (above) to Anthony on April 29 2013 and it is now May 13 2013

              I assumed Anthony (who I believe is a white person) was interested in an answer when he asked what would I have whites do?

              I told him two things, none of which required any money or guns or food or land or huge outlay of time and energy

              All I asked was for whites to REVEAL just two things



              So far Anthony has not responded to my post (and I suspect he never will)

              Not surprisingly, whenever I have asked a white person to do either one or both of the above

              the only response I have received has been SILENCE

              I don’t think much more need be said about the true INTENTIONS of white people collectively

              when asked if they SINCERELY oppose AND are willing to EXPOSE how racism/white supremacy works

              Of course, I could be incorrect (but I think not)

          • honeytreebee says:

            @Anthony, Yu really want to help the situation. Leave us alone… I mean it and get as many others to do the same. Cause all of your concern, help, comment and such are a distraction and misleading. We can right ourselves our stumbling block is white supremacy and well meaning white people thinking they know how to fix us. We do quite well when our neighbor hoods are not bulldozed over, bombed, infiltrated with drugs that you regan cia fib, as for being catholic tell the pope that sorry for the black holocost isn’t enough and to get out of Africa, and to do what I sugested above for black people. But we both know this just won’t happen will it.

            • TrojanPam says:

              @ honeytreebee

              what you wrote reminds me of “Black Wall Street” and how so-called “FREED” slaves built entire towns like Black Wall Street that EXCELLED over nearby white towns

              they know we are capable of self-government but used INTEGRATION and SEX with white people to derail our desire AND ability to DO FOR SELF

              and now that we are totally dependent PSYCHOLOGICALLY and MATERIALLY

              they are PULLING the RUG OUT FROM UNDER US, closing schools, building prisons, eliminating jobs and introducing DRUGS and ASSAULT weapons into the hands of black youth, and pumping in VIOLENCE MUSIC AND DEGRADING BLACK ENTERTAINMENT into our sick minds

              and then sitting back and watching the CARNAGE and BLOOD fly

              forgetting all the while that EVERYONE — INCLUDING THEM


              • honeytreebee says:

                Yeah, But you know Pam perhaps this is the hard lesson that when, we take it to heart we will learn that integration doesn’t work. We will home school because there are no schools to send our children to and open our own schools and not depend on the government to educate us. I really hate seeing my people hurt Pam I feel it when I see them cry.

                However, this is an opportunity we just need to see it that way. Those schools don’t belong to us they are showing us that these are government schools set up by a white supremacist government to further program us into thinking we are less than.

                Let the illusion crumble and see what is left. Now it should be evident that Oprah, and the like are not for us but are there to distract, detract, and destroy, and infiltrate.

                We need to let them go. We need to build our own so we have our own cause we can depend on no one, but us. We are still learning this lesson and until we do the suffering will continue.

                Yes, I think that we will rise again and get out of this mess soon as there are signs that the cracks are getting bigger and they can not afford to hold on to us for much longer. Too many wars too much debt. hey can’t keep the low whites happy. Just look at that 99% movement which was all about white people wanting to be plugged back into the matrix.

                I think with movies like this the sign is getting close to where they will do some old fashioned public lynchings and such and get away with it and that will shock and jar the youth. The dream will be exposed as the nightmare that it is and things will change rapidly.

                We will be forced to do for ourselves. This time we had better come up with ways to protect our own. More like maroon cities may be needed.

    • Malgus says:

      “White people do things Black people would never do and I don’t think would even consider.”

      You mean like poor Channon Christian and Hugh Newsom? Raped, tortured, shot, dismembered and, in the case of Hugh, burned? They poured bleach down Channon’s throat to try and eliminate DNA evidence. Then they threw her, barely alive, in a garbage can, sealed in a garbage bag where she suffocated to death. Who did that?


      Oh, we have payback to dish out… since the 60’s, you all have been waging a soft war against us. ONE HUNDRED white women are raped PER DAY by blacks. I didn’t make that up, it comes straight from the FBI. You shoot us, rob us, beat us, rape our women, kill us… in South Africa, even tiny babies and children are hacked up with machetes by YOUR PEOPLE.

      Oh, we have payback for you… 60 years of payback is coming your way and it will fall on you like tsunami.

      What I feel in my heart for you blacks, there isn’t a curse in the tongues of men to describe it…

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ Malgus

        I’ll make this quick

        I would strongly suggest that white people be more concerned about other white people’s violent crime sprees than worrying about an individual black person who commits an individual crime (usually against another black person)

        it seems to me that IF you do that, you might not have so many Colorado style theater shootings or the shootings in that Connecticut school or the Oklahoma City bombings and the white male nurse who killed dozens of patients under his care

        and let’s not forget the Boston bombings

        and that same old tired and worn out saw (yawn) about how many black males rape white females when your own FBI stats say that most rape is between people of the same (so-called) race

        which means white females have MORE to fear from white males than black males — which include their white fathers, brothers, uncles, neighbors, and teachers etc.

        Much as white people might pretend that black people are the BOOGEY MEN AND WOMEN of their nightmares


        I think most white people know (but won’t admit) that the biggest threat to white life is OTHER WHITE PEOPLE

        so, there is no need for me to challenge the (largely delusional and wishful thinking)

        white male myths of the astronomical levels of black males raping white females because I know you can’t prove it, or provide a link that proves it

        so moving on…

        I believe this fictional myth is repeated by countless white males to hide their own crimes and to overcome their 400 year history of raping black females, males, and children during chattel slavery

        as well as the well documented rape of non-white people BY white males all over the world


        Google it…

        One more thing


        While your post actually supports my argument about white supremacy and the lack of remorse of racist whites for their crimes against non-white people (which is the only reason I’m not deleting it)

        I would suggest that you check out one of the millions of sites — like Stormfront –where racist white people can freely vent and find brotherhood among themselves

        and hope no one figures out that their hatred of non-white people is really their OWN self-hatred issues


      • Warhammer says:

        We are all energy your skin is just a shell do people hate turtles because of their shell? WTF I am spanish and carribean I grew up in a spanish community went to college as well as train and teach martial arts……..so you are saying that all these blacks are MY people…. wow I knew I felt the heat turn up on the street I don’t identify with the BLACKS you speak of I feel very sorry for you that you believe the FBI stats they meaning the FBI set up and excecute terrorist and racist acts to inflaim people we will not come together you are right but it is due to thinking like this we are all connected to the universe just be ready when you do die all those souls that you send to the other side are waiting on you to torment you forever(christian hell) or better yet make you their spiritual slave believe what you want but you will not be white in your next life much even remember this one you may come back BLACK haha imagine your life then

      • Epi says:

        Oh, you mean murder such as James Byrd, Jr. in Jasper, Texas. Mr. Byrd was an African-American who was murdered by three men, of whom at least two were white supremacists, in Jasper, Texas, on June 7, 1998. Shawn Berry, Lawrence Russell Brewer, and John King dragged Byrd for three miles behind a pick-up truck along an asphalt road. Byrd, who remained conscious throughout most of the ordeal, was killed when his body hit the edge of a culvert, severing his right arm and head. The murderers drove on for another mile before dumping his torso in front of an African-American cemetery in Jasper.

        He did nothing to them? Why was he murdered?

        Likewise. What I and others feel in our hearts for you melanin-deficient sub-humans? There is not a curse in MY tongue to describe it.

        Now, trot back under the bridge with the other TROLLS. You sub-humans have wreaked havoc and despair with EVERY ethnic group that you have encountered on the face of this planet, including your own.

        Believe it. Retribution and no absolution IS coming for YOU and the likes of you. I am glad that I am NOT one of you.

    • woooow says:

      I don’t believe anywhere in the movie was there references to that book, or the events detailed in the book. What is its relevancy to the topic?

    • Kane says:

      How sick of a human being do you even have to be to write such trash on the internet? Like honestly what animistic gene was passed down to your DNA to where you can actually spew such ignorance out of your mind? Your a disgusting human being. Just to put time and effort in to this diseased, prejudice and obscene way of thinking truly explains how your ancestors were able to (for 400 years) enslave. dehumanize, rape, beat, castrate, hang, lynch, burn, piss on, shit on, spit on, mock, lie too, mentally abuse, rename, and amputate a race of people they stole from another country to build the very country your ancestors also stole from its aboriginal people. You should look and the mirror and regurgitate every poison that feeds your sick mind when you wake up in the morning. I pray you don’t reproduce and pass on this disease to innocent lives that don’t deserve to live in such a despicable nature of prejudice. Luckily there are good, intellectual strong minded white people who are actually HUMAN and and would be sickened by your grotesque opinions. THIS IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY. YOU ARE NOBODY.YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO ANYTHING ON THIS PLANET OTHER THAN YOUR OWN DISGUSTING. MIND, BODY and i would say soul but it is obvious that is something you are most certainly without. Tell me, who just shot up a college campus killing innocent students? A white man. who shot up sandy hook elementary school killing well over a dozen young white students?? a white man. Who did the columbine? A white man. Who shot up the theater full of children and adults in Colorado during the batman premier? A white man. What race of mother is 10 times more likely to kill their own children here in America? WHITE WOMEN. Who caused the holocaust? White men. Who started every war since the civil war in America? The white man. Who Colonized south Africa and outsourced its natural resources by invasion and warfare in the 18th century and is still raping the continent economically and politically until this very day? WHITE MEN. The problem is your ill-educated.On top of that you hate yourself and will find any reason to exploit another race to make up for what you lack. Your a foul soulless creature. I feel sorry for you. One day i hope you wake the fuck up and realize the TRUTH. I highly doubt you ever will. So keep paying your silly little taxes and working your petty little job thinking your doing something to help the less fortunate, You are the less fortunate. That money you that comes out of your piece of shit checks every other week that you think is funding welfare, realize the majority is going to white people. Since white people are the majority of people on welfare. The difference is they didn’t suffer through 400 years of slavery and oppression to only receive their civil rights merely 50 years ago, where they still were forced in to ghettos, lower paying jobs and second hand schools. You’re a pig.

  2. TrojanPam says:

    @ hunglikejesus says:

    I agree with your post, the movies are providing a blueprint and a green light to go back to business as usual

    and if we think most white people are going to rise up and save us, then we aren’t paying attention

    and I agree that when it comes to violence NO ONE is more creative and bloodthirsty than white people collectively

    black people can’t hold a match, let alone a candle to their capacity for and love of the suffering of other human beings

    and most of them i suspect know this is true

    • And let’s not forget white people will blow this planet up before anything but white supremacy is the rule of the day.

      • TrojanPam says:

        I totally agree!

        the kind of mass destruction and biological weapons they’ve created are proof

        • Dave Myers says:

          Ok , what is our NEXT move , our immediate need , as black american’s ?

          • TrojanPam says:

            @ Dave

            that’s the million dollar question, and it’s a good one. This is where I would start:

            1. Begin by understanding the problem. You can’t fix something when you don’t know what’s broken.

            from what I can see, most of us don’t understand it. We think more education, more integration, more interracial dating, more money, or more protests and marching will fix our problems. We don’t understand that because we don’t understand the underlying problem: RACISM/WHITE SUPREMACY

            2. being honest with ourselves

            Many or most black people do not understand the problem (white people) or refuse to understand that ALL OF US – regardless of “class,” income, education or swagger — live under a system of WHITE DOMINATION that operates as a GLOBAL system — and if we doubt this, look around the world at all the non-white nations still being controlled by white conquerors — Japan, South Korea, many or most parts of Africa, India, the Middle East, Israel, Mexico, Canada, Latin America, Egypt, Iraq, and pretty soon, Syria will be next

            That does not mean non-white people are stupid or incompetent or deserve to be mistreated. It means WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE SYSTEM OF WHITE SUPREMACY AND HOW IT FUNCTIONS

            OR how it controls all NINE AREAS of human activity (according to Neely Fuller, Jr.)

            3. The next one is one that makes many potential “counter-racists” break out in a cold sweat and jump off the boat: STOP HAVING SEX WITH WHITE PEOPLE.

            You cannot lay down with the same people who are oppressing you and expect that oppression to stop. That does not mean every single white person is individually oppressing every single black person but it does mean that all white people BENEFIT from a system of WHITE PRIVILEGE, and make no mistake THEY KNOW IT,

            and if that is true, then your white “partner” is also benefiting from your mistreatment and KNOWS IT,

            and I personally have NEVER, EVER, EVER met a white person — no matter how personable, or apologetic or so-called “anti-racist” they may be — who TRULY wanted to end white supremacy OR their white privileges. NEVER.

            And the “white anti-racists” (an OXYMORON) that have appeared on C.O.W.S have shown this to be true over and over and over and over again

            I have also NEVER met a white person who told even a tenth of what they knew about the many ways white people harm or trick non-white people — which ALSO means that your white “partner” is DELIBERATELY withholding valuable information from the non-white person or child they claim to “love.”

            Black people are confused enough about racism, but having sex with white people DOUBLES and DEEPENS that confusion and spurs the NEED TO GO INTO DENIAL in order to JUSTIFY their involvement with a person who represents their oppression.

            What I have seen OVER and OVER from blacks who are sexually involved with whites is they almost ALWAYS become more self-hating and more critical of other black people and blame other black people for what white people are doing to them

            — in other words they become more overtly or subtly INSANE. I have seen this many times in my own personal life.

            4. Be more selective AND self-respecting about the people, places and things that influence you

            and STOP SUPPORTING any black (or white) so-called ENTERTAINER, PREACHER, or POLITICIAN (all are the same thing anyway) that degrades black people, like MOST so-called black entertainers do.

            Black people will pay good money to sit in a comedy club or a movie or watching cable at home to listen to black and white people call us NIGGER (like 60 times in Django)

            and call other black people BITCH, and HO, and DAWG, and talk about nappy hair, and p*ssy, and doo-doo, and pee-pee, and wee-wee, and call other black apes and gorillas (Sanford and Son), and get a kick out of black males parading around in dresses, and black people praising and uplifting white people as lovers while putting down other black people

            and then will leave that club or theater or house or apartment, and get out in the REAL world, talking ’bout:

            “Where’s my respect? I demand my respect!”

            Okay, I know I wrote a lot. Might even do a new post about it

            (post https://racismws.com/2013/04/14/a-reader-asks-what-should-black-people-do-immediately-a-post-by-trojan-pam-on-racismws-com/ )

            • Dave Myers says:

              Thank you Pam , the efficient dissemination of pertinent information/knowledge to black american’s , that will assist in our society betterment ; a neat trick with all major media being white/jewish controlled . We can and do reach-out to black america through the internet , but relatively few of us are on-line , yet . How would the system of white supremacy react if we were to organize the implementation of a codified training program , nation-wide , that would of course break down into regional and local study groups? Additionally , I believe that we need to cease worshipping a white supreme being/god … this is the same thing that we do when we lie with a white person sexually .

  3. larissa says:

    That does not mean non-white people are stupid or incompetent or deserve to be mistreated.

    White people feel that they are superior/smarter because they are currently in charge. They believe that the current system, where they have the most privilege, is evidence of their intellectual superiority. How sad.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Larissa

      I compare our domination to a neighborhood of peace-loving people who are invaded by a gang of thugs and terrorists

      it doesn’t take intelligence or “superiority” to bust into a neighborhood and destroy the peace but it does take a certain kind of ruthlessness, cruelty, and cunning to do it by fooling that MAJORITY POPULATION that you are more powerful and more intelligent than all of them combined. How?


      which means even a small group of thugs can take over an entire neighborhood because those peace-loving neighbors don’t have the same MENTALITY of those thugs and do not understand their motivations or their level of cruelty which puts those neighbors at an extreme DISADVANTAGE.

      We’ve probably all seen those movies where a band of criminals come into a town and terrorize the people, who CLEARLY outnumber those criminals but the people are so surprised and caught off guard and are not as cruel that only toward the end of the movie do those people in the town fight back

      and WIN.

      the same thing can be true in real life, and once those peace-loving neighbors decide they have HAD ENOUGH, and realize they OUTNUMBER those thugs, and are willing to do WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to stop the TERROR (they stop being afraid to die)

      then it is only a matter of time — along with the necessary bloodshed and pain — that they can eliminate that threat from their neighborhood

      that is where we are now as black and non white people who still do NOT understanding the motivation of the thugs who are terrorizing us or the nature behind it


      this is why I am doing this blog to reduce confusion, including my OWN

  4. @TrojanPam
    Maybe this is “Birth of a Nation” for a new generation.lol I saw the films trailer a few weeks ago in a theater. The white kids behind we’re really excited. I heard one of them say “Looks cool! Could you imagine being able to kill and steal with no consequence? How awesome!” I guess the filmmaker knows what demographic this film was made for. I always tell people that many films,tv dramas and even cartoons have hidden messages in them. Films like The Matrix,Avatar,They Live,2011,Minority Report,Contagion,Dark City, Book of Eli,Planet of The Apes, I Am Legend etc.
    Your “third eye” must be open to see it though. Once your consciousness is raised to a higher level it’s easy to see. We can’t be naive and think these films are just mindless popcorn films. People don’t spend millions of dollars on creating images just to entertain you. Not only do many of todays films tell you what’s coming in the future,but they also have agendas and distort reality. This film is very disturbing but it shows what they really want to do. It taps into the animalistic blood thirsty nature of white society. And how the world can only be at peace as long as the “darkies know their place”. Looking at the racial hatred that has increased since Obama was re-selected,unemployment,foreclosures, and gun control debate– I think the climate is perfect for a film like this. I think this film will be a success. What do you think Pam? You think it will be a hit?

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      I agree! it’s a “Birth of a Nation” for a new white generation.

      this movie is NOT about black people killing white people OR even other black people

      it’s about white people getting a license to kill black people

      and you’re right, they don’t spend millions of dollars on movies like this just to “entertain” the masses

      everything today is about PROGRAMMING in preparation for the plans the white supremacists have created to dominate ALL people on the planet

    • I never thought of birth of a nation but you maybe right about that. This time the nigger fight back. I hope…….

    • Ms. J says:

      @Kushite Prince:

      I agree 100% with you. It’s interesting how the government allows people to commit any form of violence against others, but the movie solely focuses on how a Black man and his assailants disturb the peace of a rich white family.

      And we’re supposed to be in a “Colorblind” America where Blacks and Whites can hold hands and get in bed with.

  5. Ms. J says:

    Question to all:

    Do you think that our government would eventually institute something like “The Purge” in the future?

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Ms J

      I believe it is possible. When you look at the FEMA laws and the Patriot Act and other laws that literally strip away constitutional rights without a trial by jury, just on the word of a public ELECTED official (like the president)

      and the movies that clearly point to black and non-white people being aliens and zombies and predators of “good white people”

      and the rising economic instability

      and the insanely degrading images of black people

      and the positioning of black politicos AS SCAPEGOATS

      It is hard to believe that the NATIONAL stage is not being set for some event against us

      and the justification is already being planted in the masses of white minds

      which is why I am like a black canary in the coalmine of white supremacy

      trying to warn of the coming danger for a people who seem to be SOUND ASLEEP

      (but I hope I am wrong, that would be a great thing!)

  6. Jack says:

    There is plenty of anti white racism, and let us not forget who sold the blacks as slaves to the white man. It was…you guessed it blacks. With the amount of black people in prisons and as criminals and who acts as they do you really have little room to criticize white people. What about the mass genocide in africa? That was black people. What about the Atlanta Child Murderer…he was a black guy. What about the mass black gangs who commit brutal murders. now I am not saying all black people are bad…in fact I happen to like a lot of the contributions black people have made to society. Musically black people have contributed quite a bit.
    The issue with Obama is not at all that he is black. I mean in reality skin pigmentation has nothing to do with anything other than looking a little different. People need to look a little different and not be all the same. The issue with Obama is that he is basically a socialist and bribes lower class people to give him power by giving away free stuff.
    Screw welfare…drug tst regularly all people who collect welfare…assign people the equivelent of probation officers to monitor all of them to make sure they are not selling drugs etc. If they are caught they get cut off and likely prison time for federal charges….also make them earn their keep…what would be wrong with making people who collect welfare get out and do work for their cities? They could cut grass, pick up trash etc…to earn their welfare. They could also get work references etc for this which would enable them to find work….This should go for all no matter the color of their skin

    • This level of willful ignorance is not worthy of a reply and since it’s not worthy of a reply, I’ll waste me time doing this much. As to not waste anymore of my time I’ll…………………..

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Jack

      I will not waste time waste debating with you about the TransAtlantic Slave Trade

      Nor will I try to prove what black people have “contributed” other than music because that is NOT the reason this blog was created

      there is no reason to prove to white people that we are not inferior because BLACKS ARE NOT INFERIOR TO ANYONE

      we were forced into a inferior position by the white supremacy system because whites NEEDED us to be inferior to justify their mistreatment and domination of non-white people

      so I’ll move on…

      That you resorted to the usual white “comeback” of posting stereotypes about black people whenever a black person writes the truth about white supremacy and how white people function within it like:

      black crime
      president Obama

      speaks volumes, and is actually the best evidence of how whites perpetuate stereotypes of blacks to DERAIL legitimate discussions about white supremacy

      all while FALSELY and DISHONESTLY claiming (LYING) that they believe “skin pigmentation has nothing to do with anything…”

      if that were true, why is stereotyping black people your first response to my opinion about the movie “The Purge?”

      your response illustrates how white people practice DECEPTION (LIE) even when they know racism and white privilege is a WHITE CREATION that only they benefit from

      and one they have NO INTENTION of dismantling or stopping so they try to convince their Victims that their mistreatment is a figment of their imagination

      and by pretending that white people are victims of racism, too, when whites control ALL the institutions in all nine areas of human activity in this society.

      As far as crime goes, for ANY white person to talk about “black crimes” — which are LARGELY ECONOMIC CRIMES due to racism, poverty and white supremacy domination —

      is like a DINOSAUR getting on a commuter train and accusing a fly on the next seat of “taking up too much room”

      white people collectively should seriously keep quiet about the “crimes” of non-white people

      given your long, long, horrific history of crimes of all natures, many of which NON-WHITE PEOPLE have NEVER committed

      for example:

      the looting (STEALING) of BILLIONS of tax dollars from the taxpayers, corporate employees, and home buyers

      serial killing and raping and imprisoning young abducted females in their basements for years

      dropping napalm and atomic bombs on MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN, to MASSIVE amounts of child molestations, abductions, sex slavery rings, and murder

      the theater shootings in Colorado

      the school shootings in Connecticut

      and the most recent, the BOMBINGS IN BOSTON,

      and let’s not forget the OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBINGS Where dozens of people are killed in one fell swoop

      worldwide, the invasion of non-white nations like Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Syria causing the deaths of MILLIONS OF INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN who have NEVER attacked the U.S.

      and the historical SLAUGHTER of the ORIGINAL peoples of New Zealand, Australia, and Latin and North American Native Americans and blacks

      for ANY white person to TRY to compare their HUNDREDS of years reign of murder and mayhem to the crimes of a broke, out of work black male or female who is caught shoplifting or stealing or robbing or sadly, even killing another (mostly black) INDIVIDUAL

      is simply, well… SILLY

      Those who regularly visit this blog come here to UNDERSTAND HOW THE SYSTEM OF WHITE SUPREMACY WORKS and how to replace it with a system of justice

      If this blog is not to your liking, there are millions of other blogs you might find more enjoyable and informative

      That being said, I’ll ask you the same question I ask every white person who talks about “anti-white racism”

      Name one thing that black people – as a group — have stopped white people – as a group — from doing that they had a RIGHT to do?

      For example, denying them the right to work, own a home, live in a certain area, get a fair trial, an education, or use any public facility.

      I have posted this question in numerous blogs and threads over the last five years


      maybe, you’ll break the record, but let me warn you in advance

      if you present something as FACTUAL, provide a reference and a link of the occurrence you are referring to

      otherwise, I’ll consider your response as NO response at all

      • OMG!! Pam you tore his a$$ apart!! LOL!!! You shut it down with this one! Wow! There’s no need for him to come back after that. Just tuck his tail between his legs and keep it moving.lol

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Kushite

          when a post is about derailing the real issue –white supremacy — by throwing mud at the Victims I admit I have no patience for it.

          there are plenty of blogs on-line that love that kind of aimless racist dialogue.

          the main reason I responded was not to convince Jack of anything,

          it was to challenge (and derail) the kind of stereotypes that many blacks have about OTHER black people,

          like drugs, welfare, black crime, and ‘Africans selling blacks into slavery’

          when all of the above was orchestrated by the white supremacists

          • I know exactly where you’re coming from.

            • TrojanPam says:

              @ Kushite

              i refuse to let this blog degenerate into a dumping ground for racist white speak.

              if whites were REVEALING important information about white supremacy and HOW it works

              to help the Victims eliminate an UNJUST SYSTEM and replace it with a SYSTEM of JUSTICE for all the people on this planet

              they would be more than welcome here

              but all that BULL and CON about “white victims” and how blacks are oppressing whites (?)

              and how black males are raping 100 white women a day

              (Did Malgus mean the same black male is raping 100 white women a day?)

              they will have to take that GARBAGE elsewhere

              • I understand your frustration. There are enough blogs out there that insult and degrade black people. We don’t need that on this blog. He can take that horse manure somewhere else. We can’t allow buffoons like him to insult our intelligence. He needs to kick rocks!

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Kushite Prince

          I was looking over this thread and noticed I still have NOT received an answer to my question asking what black people as a group have denied white people as a group

          I have NEVER GOTTEN an answer

          no one has even ATTEMPTED to answer this question, even erroneously

          I think that SPEAKS VOLUMES

        • the purge says:

          to be honest pam u are correct is some part but ur ronge in meny i read everything u people debanted on and to fair the black and non- whites have no room to talk what they did in the past and present struck fear into children im surprised myself that u even explain that to someone but ur ronge in many many way u see we white people have every right to purge agaist the black population they stole our money they stole our jobs and to be fair they are dramaticly bring down the white population u sir should now out of all people what the deal is wen they start a purge which is bound to happen sometime in the future we will stop at nothing hiding behind a computer or laptop or even the internet wont save u u should remember white people have something to loose but black also have the same thing u should learn ur history and fact before being hypocrital about somethings just my opion and im notracist i have a black nephew but what black people done and what they do and say and they get away with half the shit is not fair we white people alway get into trouble for doing the same thing u guys do but we get it far worst them black do so im my oun opion white people derserve ” the purge” is will show that not all peopleare the same and not ll white people are easy and calm like u say u make white people sound sorude and bad but what about the black people there are no different then us dont blame goverment and dont blame white people blame the world for what they create and wht they did srry to say but u sir have been proven ronge and shoudl keep ur mouth quite before speakeen good day to u

          • How old are you? 10? Your grammar is horrible! You sound like a 5th grader. Are you on your mothers computer? I hope she doesn’t find out you’ve been using it without permission. Run along child. This forum is for adults. Thanks for the entertainment though.lol

            • honeytreebee says:

              It amazes me that theses ppl find u s and post the most implemented stuff. I can’t even take it seriously. Then the attempted historanty lesson. We never said we wanted a purge. There th err y go projecting their issues again…

  7. Kofi says:

    This movie is a wake-up call to blacks for sure. We have no friends and history tells us repeatedly, that letting outsiders into our homes will lead to destruction. I hope we pay attention.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Kofi

      I agree. The blatant racism in the trailer is pretty obvious

      – “A Nation Reborn” (showing NOTHING by happy white faces, and no black or brown or yellow people)

      – Unemployment rate is 1% (that alone should tell us there are no black folks around!)

      – Crime Nonexistent (obviously referring to black people)

      Which makes you wonder (not really) what are they priming white society to do (or to accept)?

      I know some people think I”m harsh and opinionated (and they’re right)

      and I’m sure over the past several months I have stepped on some tender toes (sorry about that)

      but considering what is STARING black people right in our faces — and the blase and apathetic attitudes I encounter from black people everyday

      who don’t believe water is WET

      or fat meat is GREASY

      we can’t afford to WASTE TIME being “politically correct”

  8. cisco navarro says:

    Some things you say are true and I’ve eveolved from racism so I think we are all just one race: human. Americans only see that people from other countries ruin america and we should get rid of them but this is the land of the free, yet it turns more and more into a dictatorial country every year with new laws. Soon america will be the new china or north korea. Not because of the out of country people coming in but because of the people already here who’s opinions change everything as long as uou have money or share the same opinions with many others who are extremely offending americas name. The purge shows that the opinions of others brings the downfall of america and destroying the title “land of the free”.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ cisco navarro

      thanks for sharing your thoughts

      however, when one “group” is waging war against another group, the group that is being attacked cannot afford a “we are the world” perspective UNLESS they plan on being SLAUGHTERED, which is exactly what is happening all over the planet, in Iraq, in Libya, in Afghanistan, in Africa, and here in the United States.

      You cannot have a “land of the free” where racism is being practiced

      America has NEVER been the land of the free, and was FOUNDED on the GENOCIDE of black and so-called Native America people (many of who were black).

      You cannot have a nation of justice and only practice a little bit of justice. Justice is an ABSOLUTE. Either you have justice for ALL people or you have NONE

      You cannot have a “Christian” nation where racism is being practiced because a CHRISTIAN DOES NOT PRACTICE RACISM. PERIOD.

      I think it is illogical to fear China or Korea when you live under a system of white supremacy where ALL the decision and policies are created and enforced by white people

      whatever China is “doing” to the U.S., the white supremacists ORCHESTRATED it, otherwise, you would NOT have “Made in China” on nearly EVERY product sold in the U.S. (white-owned) chain stores

      I believe “The Purge” is a modern day “Birth of a Nation” where whites were encouraged to kill and harm black people and I fear that the same “white rallying cry” is taking place all over the U.S.

      Of course, we can agree to disagree

  9. truths*13 says:

    How could anyone wish this to actually happen in anyone ? Doesn’t matter what race you are no one diserves to be tortured and I hope you know white people will soon be the minority but don’t worry I know for a fact no ones gonna Lynch you…. also maybe you should do some research sereal killers happen to be white. Sorry for the reality check but your race doesn’t make you more violent then others its the people as individuals.

  10. TrojanPam says:

    @ truths*13

    Is your comment addressed to anyone in particular? The REVIEW that was posted came from another website (a white male’s)

    I posted the REVIEW to illustrate how “The Purge” promotes racism.

    I would have to disagree that “race doesn’t make you more violent.” given the long and violent history of white rule over the planet.

  11. the purge says:

    how pathetic u people are u black people think ur so good and ur so innocent but guess what u lil backstabber messed up our goverment and destroyed some people lifes u killedmore poeple then we do u do more dumbass thing toour country we dont have time to react u black people provclaim that whit people are bad white poeple are racist white people this that and the 3rd but guess what we invented more then then u can ever immagen in ur life time we white people are by far more stronger and more smarter then u willever be u gang up on us white people guess what payback is a motherfucker and we white peopel do payback far worst then u can thnk dont cmplain when a purge is happening and ur getting chased down and killed because of r own stupidity just dont us white people aremaking our final stand nd thign time we will chase everything and everyone out of our country and then we will see who is laughing now

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ ALL

      the poster who called him or herself “the purge” further ILLUSTRATES the point I’m making of how movies like this, bring out the PSYCHOTIC DELUSIONS and PERSECUTION COMPLEXES of many white people who have somehow (?) convinced themselves that THEY are the VICTIMS instead of HONESTLY ADMITTING THEY ARE AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE VICTIMIZERS of non-white people.


      While (endlessly) fussing and complaining about their persecution as white people (sic)

      they NEVER GIVE ANY SPECIFIC DETAILS as to HOW they’re being victimized by black people

      other than the RANDOM act of crime by a black or brown INDIVIDUAL who cussed at them or called them a “cracker” or stole their wallet or robbed them of their cellphone or committed a crime against another white individual

      while they LOOT and PLUNDER and MURDER MILLIONS of non-white people all over the planet and try to pretend that is an equal comparison to the hapless black criminal INDIVIDUAL

      The reason — which I have stated many times — I do NOT delete these posts is I think THEIR WORDS speak for a THOUSAND more who might never post on a blog like this OR voice their TRUE opinions in the presence of non-white people

      take note

      This is the reason President Obama was (s)elected and WHY movies like this are being made


      TOWARD BLACK PEOPLE — and more specifically, a BLACK PRESIDENT

      I suspect many more movies like this are coming to RAMP UP the (sociopathic) white persecution complexes of whites COLLECTIVELY

  12. jlc3087 says:

    Firstly, I am African American. A wonder to me is how uneducated individuals become upset when others show different views from our own. How when we can’t get our point across we revert to disrespectful slanders in order to force our views down another persons throat. Even while reading this I know someone will disregard this because of my race or respond with disrespect but it is no use; you will only prove my point and waste your time because I won’t revisit this to read your responses.I am educated far beyond most. I say that to say this, soon you will see it’s not about race. We will all be expendable. I am far from what you may consider crazy there is much truth in this. All who see with your eye know and for those that don’t OPEN BOTH.

    Also support (fitted attire) on facebook

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ jlc3087

      Not sure who the “uneducated individuals” you’re referring to or why you would think being an “African-American” would make someone on a black oriented blog disregard your post

      No disrespect intended, but are you a white person?

      In either case, of course, it’s about COLOR. Otherwise, this movie would have mobs of black people chasing down a single white individual, or a mob of Asians chasing down a Hispanic male

      There is NO WAY to deny the COLOR of the person being chased (a black male) OR the people who are chasing him (a white mob)

      Whether whites are expendable in the global agenda (they are) the REAL TARGETS are black and non-white people.

      I would strongly suggest that those reading this post and the comments to FOLLOW THE LOGIC of what is right in front of THEIR EYES.

      • woooow says:

        This is fucking ridiculous. You sir are an imbecile

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ woooow

          And you are probably a white person and most likely, a racist.

          If you cannot express yourself “intelligently” without using profanity on MY blog, your next comment will be DELETED.

          • woooow says:

            Oh and thank you for calling me a racist. Its comforting to know an individual of your intellect level and reasoning can so quickly jump to conclusions. I actually am not a racist and have a number of friends of different ethnicities, races, and orientations. But my humble apologies for provoking you. You I insult me for name calling and there you did it right back.

            • Hey people and this is for the record; if you want someone to believe you’re not a racist, don’t start by saying anything with “friend” in it. That is just a guilty response from someone who is more than likely a racist. I’m Black and the small amount of people I call friend are also Black. I don’t care to have friends of other “races” for whatever reason and that be that.

              • TrojanPam says:

                @ hunglikejesus

                I hear you, and another red flag for me is when they start off saying “I’m a black” (a black what?) OR “I’m an African-American” and then will go on to reveal the LIE by what they say next.

                I can usually tell if I’m talking to a white person POSING as a black person by ASKING THEM if they’re a white person. They either IGNORE the question or become defensive. I can tell by the TONE of their dialogue (often contemptuous, arrogant, condescending and belligerent) if they’re a white person POSING as a black person. I can tell by the way they use “black slang” and how they mess it up OR say things that a black person normally wouldn’t say.

                A lot of “bloody gang fights” have been initiated on internet blogs and threads BETWEEN black males and black females because of white IMPOSTORS posing as black people whose only purpose is to throw a LIGHTED MATCH into an already VOLATILE black male/black situation, and sure enough the insults start flying.

                That’s why I keep my WAR HAT on when reading internet blogs so I won’t get sucked into a gang war by these imposters.

              • I get sick of that “I got friends”, whatever.

  13. woooow says:

    Wow. Seriously guys!? This movie was meant to thrill and keep you on the edge of you seat. In no way, shape,or form was this a racist film. If you truly believe that you are an idiot. I’m assuming if the family and Purgers were black and the hinted man was white this would be a black supremest film? Honestly this J’s the most ridiculous and absurd blot jbave ever seen on this movie.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ woooow

      If you are ill-equipped (intellectually) to express an opinion without resorting to name-calling and profanity, I will delete your comments.

      This is your LAST warning.

      • woooow says:

        I am capable of expressing my ideas and opinion intelligently, let me know if you are a junior in highschool taking a sophmore college English class. Didn’t think so. Simply because I choose to not type out 5 paragraphs consisting of two sentences each going on about how a group of white people in a movie going after a man (who happens to be black) is racist does not mean I an unintelligible. All it means is a disagree with your views. Please explain to me why this movie is racist. Briefly is preferred as I don’t read that 8 paragraph junk. I believe that the movie is not overtly racist. I agree it seems odd the only black guy in the movie is being hunted. However an Asian man is the Sandins neighbor and he goes out and attempts to kill the Sandins, so right there you see the movie is not white supremacy. I await your humble, and hopefully respectful reproach.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ wooow

          I will not debate the obvious. You used profanity AND you name-called.

          I have explained my position on the movie at length. All you have to do is read through my posts.

          You can agree or disagree, that’s your choice.

          • woooow says:

            I’d actually prefer a short summary of your viewpoint. I attempted to run through your blog, and quickly became bored as the conversation traveled from talk of immigrants to WMD, and topics not germane to the blogs intentions stated in the introduction and title. And move past the use of profanity and brief persiflage. If you are of higher order thinking and intelligence than us, show it. I have yet to see any statements explaining why this movie is racist…other than the fact that a group of whites were trying to kill an African man. Yes we all saw that, honestly nothing relevant to racism crossed my mind at any point in that movie. I mean, it has to be a white supremest film if in the end the black man saves the white family from imminent death. Right? And you have yet to respond to the fact that a man of Asian descent tries to kill the white family. Asians are considered a minority group, so if this is a “hail the white people” movie as you all make it out to be why does a minority try to kill the “majority”? After a while this blog became nothing but people debating on what racism is, not necessarily germane to the movie. Don’t get me wrong- a large part was relevant to The Purge, however I summarily would appreciate a brief recapture of your opinions. Thank you.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ ALL

      Instead of deleting posts like the ONES above, I believe they are a PERFECT ILLUSTRATION of how (some/many/most) whites use DECEPTION whenever racism is being practiced.

      Had this movie been done in the reverse, we could be ABSOLUTELY sure there would have been a FIRESTORM of protest by whites when they realized someone or something was advocating a PURGE of them.

      Just as I’m sure that white people would NOT call it “entertainment” to sit in a theater for two hours and watch a black mob chase down a homeless white male or female veteran into the home of an upscale black family

      knowing what was IMPLIED: there were probably THOUSANDS OF WHITES WHO DID NOT get away from the rampaging black mobs

      In the PURGE movie, we should LOGICALLY ASSUME that if the black male was one of the “lucky ones” who got away from the white mobs


      And that one detail should NOT be OVERLOOKED.

      Of course, Universal Studios would NEVER produce OR release a BLACK version of this modern day “Birth of a Nation” film

      where blacks were allowed to SLAUGHTER WHITE PEOPLE at will

      And every sane black and non-white person (should) know that is a FACT


      because RACISTS will always try to convince the VICTIMS that racism is not being practiced even while they are practicing it.


  14. Anyone who cares to see this film The Purge here it is. http://www.putlocker.com/file/B5910559C0F3BEC3#

    Black people never give Hollywood your money, everyone else do what you want.

  15. Breeze says:

    Trojan Pam,

    In regards to your post some weeks ago towards Anthony:

    I suppose you won’t get a response for requested expose`s as such because
    just as some non-white people are confused on what exactly “racism” is, white people
    are just as confused on the other end of the spectrum on what exactly white privelage is– especially in such dramatic contexts as your blog illustrates.

    Don’t get me wrong, the content is very enlightening, but I guess I’m one those “moderate blacks” if you will, that will, to an extent trust a white ally in certain areas of human activities. Mainly with my college education and in economics because I am educated and know how to articulate myself and “assimilate” when necessary.

    I’ve never been sexual with a white man, however I’ve casually dated. Before I read up on your philosophy of interracial deception in relationships, I was always inherently weary so I guess I’ve I attributed this as to why I never have been sexual with one.

    Back to anothony:

    1) by his grammar and post style he seems fairly young and not very worldly, and yes living in his privileged white bubble, distorting racism and white supremacy as if it had devastated his own ancestors. HOWEVER, these “inferior” Europeans are really just as sensitive about their own oppression as we are, and its fairly disrespectful to accuse otherwise. Your favorite example, the Jews.

    If a certain discussion was centered around black slavery and the reverberations of such, and a descendant of a Holocaust survivor chimed in, and a black said “shut up you don’t know” they would every right to be offended. Though they have no reverberations of mental enslavement since the white race consolidated itself, individual ethnic groups take that past discrimination very seriously.

    2) even though you already spoke on “anti-racist” whites, you cannot refute the fact that they do MEAN WELL. So I don’t know if you are actually trying to attack their character from the inside out, or just saying, in general it is impossible for them to speak for us because they are not us, either way it comes off one-dimensional. I just think that conscious black power is uplifting, just like you said, in a private domain where people of color can share ideas, however AMERICA is not a private domain. Whether the interbeeding was unwarranted or not, its here to stay.

    The same way people like anthony cannot offer any solutions on ending white supremacy, neither can isolated groups of blacks either unified or not with other non-white ethnicities offer the answers or realize the goal alone; We MUST go the path of unification among non-whites, and *gasp* “anti-racists” because through the globalization of economics, education, and information we are all interconnected.

    Not offering tangible, re-developmental solutions, is what failed the NOI. If they hated the white man so much many people asked “why don’t you all just build your own country”– BECAUSE WHITE PEOPLE OWN THIS COUNTRY, they exterminated the indians and they would do it to an isolated black group trying to build unwarranted sovereignty on their land.

    And as I’m sure you’re aware even as turbulent as Malcolm X was, he still dabbled in political integrationist philosophies towards the end of his life.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Breeze

      I disagree. Anyone with the ability to post on a blog has the ability to Google whatever information they are looking for. And IF there so many examples of what I asked “Anthony” to substantiate, it would be easy enough to do that. If he can or will NOT give links or quotes TO BACK UP HIS CLAIMS, then I consider his non-response as a confirmation that he has NO EVIDENCE.

      Secondly, I do NOT agree that white people are confused about racism — OTHERWISE they would NOT be so good at practicing it. People who are “confused” and/or “ignorant” do NOT accomplish much of anything they set out to do, which means racism/white supremacy would be a huge failure and there would be NO white domination anywhere on the planet.

      No disrespect intended (in case I am wrong) but I strongly suspect you are a white person. In any case, I will address your statements as briefly as possible.
      You said: “HOWEVER, these “inferior” Europeans are really just as sensitive about their own oppression as we are, and its fairly disrespectful to accuse otherwise.”

      ME: I could care LESS about the “sensitivity” of ANYONE who is mistreating me. I could care LESS about the “oppression” of ANYONE who is oppressing me.

      This blog is dedicated to explaining AND exposing racism/white supremacy in all its many forms AND one of the most COMMON forms of practicing racism/white supremacy is a white person attempting to “SHAME” the Victims into being silent. (like I suspect is happening here)
      You said: “even though you already spoke on “anti-racist” whites, you cannot refute the fact that they do MEAN WELL. So I don’t know if you are actually trying to attack their character from the inside out, or just saying, in general it is impossible for them to speak for us because they are not us, either way it comes off one-dimensional.”

      ME: I absolutely DO refute that they mean well. Whether you agree or not has NO bearing on what I believe.

      I made my opinions about white “anti-racists MORE than clear in one of my posts (which I assume you read). They are little more than CHARLATANS who exploit the Victims of racism and are allowed to profit from “opposing racism” by the very white people they are supposedly “opposing” who are also PAYING THEM to oppose them. (how is that possible in the real world?)

      The whites in power KNOW white anti-racists create nothing more than confusion in the Victims of racism and that is why they can get airtime on major media, and book deals.

      AND — the audio on my blogpost from so-called white anti-racists (literally deconstructing, refusing to answer questions, flying off the handle, losing their tempers, flipping their lids, and hanging up on the host) provides all the EVIDENCE any reasonable and logical person needs to gauge the typical white “anti-racist’s” (an oxymoron) sincerity.

      White people have more than demonstrated that they cannot tolerate sharing their space with ANY non-white people unless they are dominating them. Their history speaks for itself.

      The ONLY way to achieve peace and justice on the planet is to ELMINATE the System of Racism/White Supremacy. However, it does appear that Mother Nature, God, the Creator, Allah, the Universe, and Universal Karma have come to that SAME conclusion as I have.

      That the planet cannot survive under a system of white domination that has done NOTHING but wreak havoc, death and destruction on the ENVIRONMENT, the AIR, the WATER, the EARTH, the FOOD, the ANIMAL SPECIES, the BEES, the BIRDs, the OCEANS, and the PEOPLE, in particular, non-white people.

      And I believe that the combined earthly and unearthly powers are slowly but surely ELIMINATING THE PROBLEM — and that may be a reason for the RISING infertility and DECREASING birth rate of European people.

      While it is true that white people “own” the country (they STOLE from non-white people), none of this LAND BELONGS TO ANYONE.

      The so-called Native Americans understood this and that is why they WELCOMED the European invaders who repaid their kindness with genocide and brutality — and owning things that NEVER did and NEVER will belong to them

      anymore than a THIEF will ever own the property he or she stole from someone else.

      It is this ARROGANCE of “OWNERSHIP” (mine, mine, mine!)

      of things that DO NOT BELONG TO ANYONE that has led to the creation of the most inhumane and barbaric and exploitative society in human history. Even to the (insane) extent that white people are now selling land plots on the MOON (!)

      How can any SANE person claim to own land on the MOON — or have the ARROGANCE to assume it is theirs to sell ??

      As white people “exterminate” millions of non-white people in the Americas, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Africa, and all over the planet, they are quietly and efficiently SEALING THEIR OWN FATE.

      The white population will continue to shrink in proportion to the GENOCIDE of non-white people, which means a rapid increase in suicide, cancer, murder, and infertility rates for whites.

      Nature will ALWAYS SEEK A BALANCE, and NATURE (aka GOD) have determined that Non-White People will ALWAYS be the MAJORITY of people on the planet.

      And while black and non-white people have not developed any magical or overnight solutions, we are getting HELP from our Creator to eradicate the biggest problem on the planet.

      I need not say any more. I think you know where I stand.

      • Breeze says:

        Trojan Pam,

        The disrespect was intended and offense has been taken I AM NOT WHITE HOW DARE YOU
        You can look anytime my twitter is @BreezeJWoods
        You only said that because I do slightly disagree with you but in no way shape or form did I sign up for your blog to disrespect you, you belittled me with your “i may be white” speculation because since I do advocate unity with non-blacks you feel as though I may be a “threat” to our survival and feel I may be dispensable.

        I’m not even trying to change your opinion, but really I posted to see what you thought about mine, but instead you attacked and condescended and ranted. These aren’t just opinions we’re sharing, they’re perspectives, of all different kinds of black folk with backgrounds probably very different from your own– this does not mean me or anyone else is “brainwashed” or intellectually inferior to you

        To clarify and re-iterate some of my points, which you misconstrued (but then again language is everything so I should have been a bit more deliberate)

        Yes, there are SOME white people out there who are just as ignorant and in the dark as black folks on what exactly racism is and how white supremacy manifests itself in our lives.
        Racism is something you either experience or exert and no Google search is going to convey its implications correctly; there are textbook definitions, research, activists etc.but it truly is an enigma

        Somebody like Anthony, he did not come here to spill hate, he started reading because you caught his attention, he just put his naive little 2 cents in. Of COURSE he doesn’t have any answers on how to break the system because he’s only mildly aware of his “supremacy”. His whiteness provides him societal privilege no doubt, but white supremacy is a complex concept that yes, some whites do deny because they themselves as individuals are not in positions of power.

        “i didnt claim that non-whites hated whites (presumably you mean with the same racial hatred shown by some whites to non-whites) i said that there are whites who truly dont hate non whites…. and non-whites can hate for other reasons. i have no ill will toards someone who has a justified mistrust of a certain group becasue of the previous crimes of that group (like myself, as an Italian Catholic, my ancestors having suffered from muslim invasions of sicily and southern italy, and once arriving here were told that America was reserved for only good anglo saxon protestants…) My question for you is what would you have the us do, you enumerated your goals but what would you have us actually do, the tactics to use to reach those goals?”

        He said nothing wrong, and made no claims of any kind denying white privilege or that blacks ever oppressed white people. and he asked you what I insinuated in my last post– WHAT CAN WE DO. But you asked him to “tell you what white people say about black people behind our backs” or “reveal to us the inner workings of white supremacy”.

        Who cares what they SAY its what they DO to us right. That discussion wouldn’t solve anything, you know what they say about us, And the average white person can’t tell you the “inner-workings” because they didn’t make the rules, they’re just playing the game. I thought at least THAT much was obvious to you. That’s why I don’t waste my time speaking on these things with the average white person cause they can’t (and your right won’t) help us. It’s more than “white supremacy” its Elitism and its crushing everybody.

        Those statements were your very own scapegoats because you are avoiding offering tangible, re-developmental solutions to uplift our communities.(Yes I’ve read some of your other posts but they’re more dissertations and commentary than actual solutions) In a capitalistic society all we can do is educate, not eradicate. It’s too late, interracial unions and casual sex will NEVER cease and I’m sorry but by far you are trying to deny actual mixed-race individuals the liberty to be who they are as black identifying individuals by sh*ting on their families– its actually disrespectful, and not realistic in any sense. Who are you to say that an interracial couple is not actually in love, and that they’re offspring is actually a product of incompetence– failure of the black man or woman for forsaking his people and that that white person was trash anyway to their counterparts–harsh generalizations. If black slaves pleads for mercy from white sexual advances were ignored, what makes you think that in 2013 voluntary ones from both parties will cease and desist? The same way a b-w union dilutes the black race we, at the same time, are diluting theirs, so white supremacy doesn’t win there when they are losing their own.

        Racism is learned. Since race is a social construct it is not innate to discriminate on the basis of pigment or ethnicity. Whites are programmed from an early age to discriminate, these offspring are no masterminds of their own and an honest discussion with any one of them will not give you the whole picture, they’re literally brainwashed thats why the say things like “Racism doesn’t exist anymore” because its subliminal on a wide scale– they exert it subtlety and we accept it unconsciously when we try to live up to their standards and assimilate into their society– because they are the hands that feed us. Even when they do openly discriminate, they believe they’re doing “whats best” for the country, the corporation, their white family or even our own interests.

        When white people only live among white people or have very limited contact with black people, they truly believe that they are not racist because they have never been put in a position to personally oppress, attack or subjugate a non-white person.

        On a mainstream level today in the US, racism is usually interpreted as an overt hatred of a certain race or ethnic group, or any actions taken by an individual to derail positive transitions of another individual on the basis of their skin color (ie- discrimination)

        Again, I am not defending them or offering forgiveness of the past, simply stating that I understand their indifference to our struggles and their stationary responses to our mobilization. On an individual level, a lot of white people are not living to destroy us. They may not live to help us succeed, but whites and blacks living in close contact are living their own lives and are relatively satisfied with our separate, distinct cultures (cultures in reference to customs and social mores). The main focus of the conscious black community is helping rebuild our fragmented families, educate our children, uplift our spirits, and mobilize our people so we can attain economic stability on a large scale and shrink the economic disparities between blacks and…everyone else. But with WHITE SUPREMACY this is surely impossible isn’t it, because elitists are literally sweeping the rug from under our feet with oppressive legislative policies so we’re basically running on a hamster wheel– almost all action is taken in vain.

        No, I am not denying the presence of white supremacy, but in my “opinion” we cannot overturn the system alone, and have it elevate blacks alone, nor will it ever be overturned in such a way to oppresses white people. It will have to be relatively even.

        However discussions like these, that re-invigorate the mind and make us aware, are the building blocks of a strong foundation in non-white unity.

        • jlc3087 says:

          @breeze, please take my advice. Don’t waste your time with ignorance. I made my observation and it was apparent that the only person(s) who took offence is the main person attacking others opinions. This is a clear sign or ignorance or a lack of interaction with actual people. I refuse to respond to ignorant people. When an assertion is made and a person tries to define your race by your comment shows a clear racist perspective.

          • TrojanPam says:

            @ jlc3087

            Since I assume your comment is (probably) directed at me, there is no need to come to a blog that you feel was created by an “ignorant” individual.

            The good news is there are MILLIONS of blogs to choose from.

            There is no need to subject yourself to this one any further.

            (FYI — I believe my original assumption as to your ethnicity was correct)

          • Ms. Pam has to be nice to you people because this is her blog and it’s the person she is; attempting to be codified and all. But me, I’m not nice nor am I codified and my patiences for grinning negroes defending their master is has grown increasingly thin.

            If a comment is all that a person has to judge another person then got damn it that’s what’ll be used. All of you need to pull your tongues out of the white person behind you love so dearly because they same white people would spit down your throat if you were thirsty. Now, how about you go cook up some Paula Deen poison and leave Black peopole with some self respect alone. PLEASE!!!

            • TrojanPam says:

              @ hunglikejesus

              I hear you. I knew more white people would post on this blog due to the The Purge” posts I wrote so I expected this.

              And it’s not a coincidence that right after that, I started getting posts where the posters introduced themselves as “black” people, something that almost NEVER happened before my Purge posts.

              Also, I think there are constructive lessons to be learned by these dialogues (otherwise, I’d wouldn’t engage in them)

              and that is SEEING HOW WHITES PRACTICE DECEPTION so we won’t be confused.

              After many years of posting and blogging, you get a NOSE for white people posing as black people. It is so COMMON that many black people might be surprised that while they THOUGHT they were talking to a black person, they were really dialoguing with a white person.

              I see a lot of RED FLAGS in the posts where I asked (or assumed) I was reading a post by a white person because they ALL have certain similarities.

              1. They are righteously indignant and easily offended.

              2. They hurl insults and sarcasm at anyone who disagrees or challenges them

              3. They show INCONSISTENCIES while POSING as a black person and forgetting they are supposed to be a black person, for example, like jlc3087 saying he (or she) is “African-American” and then just a few lines later, saying, “Even while reading this I know someone will disregard this because of my race or respond with disrespect but it is no use”

              WHY would a black person assume on a black blog that they will be “disregarded” because of their race? Isn’t that something that a white person would say? I believe it is.

              4. They make excuses for white people and try to explain the “white point of view” which I have NEVER seen a black person TRY to do at length. They might say white people are ignorant about racism (which is false) but they won’t write a THESIS on “white innocence.” To me, that is something a white person would try to do — in my opinion.

              5. They try to REDIRECT the focus away from white supremacy (and white people) TO classicism, sexism, elitism, socialism, communism, capitalism, and ANY other ‘ism” other than RACISM

              6. They will try to SHAME black people by acting as though they are being victimized by a simple question (are you a white person?)

              7. They will begin their post by saying, “I’m a black person, I’m an African-American, I’m a black female” etc. If you look through all the posts on my blog, you will SELDOM see black people IDENTIFY themselves as “black”

              Why? Because they are simply posting their opinions, they are NOT here to DECEIVE anyone NOR do they have any HIDDEN AGENDAS (like white people posing as black people usually do).

              I have also have white posters who did NOT pretend to be ‘black” but simply stated their opinions — which I have no problem with.

              I always follow my GUT. If I’m wrong — since I didn’t call them any names, or curse them, or talk about their mothers or accuse them of a crime — then I can live with that

              because no one is harmed by asking a simple question: “Are you a white person?”

              It is cyberspace, after all. Nobody knows who anybody really is, do they?

              • What you say is true and though I tend to let my guard down, there are always give aways as you listed.

                I kinda like being myself in cyberspace since my real space is getting very small.

              • TrojanPam says:

                @ hunglikejesus

                And that’s the beauty of cyberspace. It’s the only place where black people can REFUSE TO BE DOMINATED OR INTIMIDATED by white people — which, I believe, literally drives them up the WALL.

                Hence all the games and tricks and “shaming” to try to DECEIVE black people (like myself) into “going along” with their (white) point of view.

                And, as you can see, when that DOESN’T work, the insults and indignation begin to fly.

                The ONLY people who have used PROFANITY, VULGARITY, hurled INSULTS and NAME-CALLED on my blogs have been WHITE PEOPLE.

                And I interpret that as their EXTREME DISCOMFORT AND OUTRAGE over a LEVEL DIALOGUING FIELD –like cyberspace — where ANYONE can post an opinion and NOT lose a job or a life doing it. (at least, not yet)

                Like the people who are used to living amongst elephants, YOU learn to recognize the size, color and SMELL of elephant dung.

                and no matter how much perfume someone puts on it, it is still ELEPHANT DUNG

                That is why I think dialogues like this are constructive, because once you learn to recognize the SIGNS of DECEPTION, you will start to UNDERSTAND THINGS YOU NEVER UNDERSTOOD BEFORE.

              • Indeed. And thank you Ms. Pam, you are very good person and truly wanna be like you.

              • TrojanPam says:

                @ hunglikejesus

                Thank you for being so supportive!

                (don’t be like me, I like you just the way you are)

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Breeze

          Who said: “The disrespect was intended and offense has been taken I AM NOT WHITE HOW DARE YOU. You can look anytime my twitter is @BreezeJWoods.”

          ME: I came to my conclusion based on likelihood that a black person (you) would take the time to write two very long posts defending white people, in particular a white person you have never met (Anthony) , as well as defending white “anti-racists”, and white people in general ON a blog dedicated to helping black people understand white supremacy.

          It has been my long experience, that white people often pose as black people on black blogs and websites. I, myself, have been asked — on my OWN blog — if I was a white person. While it caught me off guard I was NOT offended.

          As long as the poster does NOT call me any names, curse me, or accuse me of something I did not do, I don’t get offended. So, when someone overreacts because I assume they MIGHT be white and they have NOT been called names, or cursed, or otherwise, disrespected, again, that raises a RED FLAG. Unless you think being a white person is a terrible thing, there is no reason to overreact or be greatly offended.

          This is Cyberspace. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. For all you know I could be a white person. Anyone can open a Facebook or Twitter or BlackPlanet account and assume any identity they want.

          They can post any picture they want and pose as anyone they want, so I won’t be wasting my time checking out anyone’s cyberspace account. I will draw my conclusions based on what they say AND the likelihood that a black or a white person would say what was said. And I could be wrong or I could be right.

          You said: “You only said that because I do slightly disagree with you but in no way shape or form did I sign up for your blog to disrespect you, you belittled me with your “i may be white” speculation because since I do advocate unity with non-blacks you feel as though I may be a “threat” to our survival and feel I may be dispensable.”

          ME: I said it because of what YOU posted, and your broad defense and explanations about the motivations of white people, coming from a person who is NOT white.

          Your attempt to interpret what another white poster (Anthony), meant, said, believed, or did or did not do — especially since you’ve NEVER dialogued with him, raises another RED FLAG.

          I never say a poster is posing as a white or a black person just because they disagree with me. Many people have disagreed with me on my blogs and on other blogs and I never automatically assume, “wow, they disagree so they must be white.”

          I follow my gut as to what AND if and possibly why a “black” person would say whatever is being said, like the following when you said:
          “Somebody like Anthony, he did not come here to spill hate, he started reading because you caught his attention, he just put his naive little 2 cents in. Of COURSE he doesn’t have any answers on how to break the system because he’s only mildly aware of his “supremacy”.

          His whiteness provides him societal privilege no doubt, but white supremacy is a complex concept that yes, some whites do deny because they themselves as individuals are not in positions of power. “He said nothing wrong, and made no claims of any kind denying white privilege or that blacks ever oppressed white people. and he asked you what I insinuated in my last post– WHAT CAN WE DO.

          But you asked him to “tell you what white people say about black people behind our backs” or “reveal to us the inner workings of white supremacy. Who cares what they SAY its what they DO to us right. That discussion wouldn’t solve anything, you know what they say about us, And the average white person can’t tell you the “inner-workings” because they didn’t make the rules, they’re just playing the game. I thought at least THAT much was obvious to you.”

          AGAIN, why would a black person attempt to tell ME that Anthony (a white person) is only “mildly aware of his supremacy?” How could you possibly know that? My response to his question was MY response to his question. If you want to respond to his question, feel free. And if Anthony was sincere, he would have responded or asked for further clarification. Obviously, he did not.

          If you feel I was condescending toward you personally and/or attacked you, please provide the quote so I can better understand where you’re coming from. Also, the quote where you assumed I said you were “intellectually inferior.”

          It is obvious you and I agree on very little, and that’s fine. We can agree to respectfully disagree and I’ll keep right on doing what I created this blog to do:


          Anyone reading this blog knows what this blog is about. If you or anyone visiting this blog feels the content is a waste of their time or that what I have written is inaccurate and offensive, I would suggest they find another blog that is more to their liking.

  16. Breeze says:

    Trojan Pam,

    Funny how as much as you accuse me to be derailing the conversation of White Supremacy to other -“isms” that you so called reject, you had completely failed to address any of my points head on, (TWICE) and are now politely accusing me of impersonating a black person– hilarious.

    So what I’m NOT about to do, (this is @hunglikejesus too) is write a dissertation defending my “blackness”, in order to prove to you I am in fact pigmented– THAT is some shit a white impersonator would do. Ya’ll sound just as basic as a hoodrat calling somebody “white” cause they speak proper english.

    I already said my context was in no way shape or form to defend white prejudice, or maintain “white innocence”; it was to give a more down to earth perspective different facets of racism because not all non-white people have experienced it on the same scale, especially those of mixed race.

    Black people who grew up in predominantly white communities, have white people in their family, or are even in the same “class” as white people, will have totally different views on racism, though none-the-less valuable, and we can all seriously learn from them. Some are brainwashed, most are not, and to fraternize among white people does not mean a black individual is self-hating– there is not a solid correlation to that. Our society does though, catalyze a black individuals level of inferior self-perception in different areas such as our beauty standards, wealth, and even social behavior, dictating our every move so we’re don’t come off as “too ghetto” and re-inforce a white persons perception of their superiority. Also, the elevation of mixed or lightskinned other black people in the black community stems from white degradation of our black skin and their favoritism during slavery, but it is largely self perpetuated today and can also be eradicated in later generations if we start now.

    Though institutional racism is a very real thing, unless your talking about skinheads, the concept of “white supremacy” is an abstract one. The concepts of “black love” or any intimacy between individuals addressed by their ethnicity, are abstractions. Love is love, period.

    White Supremacy is however an appropriate term for the oppression that the elite have exercised globally, because they are in fact white, but in this day and age, it is inappropriate to blame each and every white person we encounter for the ill-woes of society when as ordinary citizens they have been caught up in the rapture too. It just doesn’t make any sense because unless you live under a rock, you most likely live amongst some white people. We don’t have a choice in eating from the palms of their hands, they’re are employers, educators and landlords. But we do have a choice in repairing the heart of our own black communities, starting with recognizing and countering racism.

    Like I said, yes I enjoy your content, and do not necessarily disagree with any of your points on your other articles, its just that based on my own experiences, I just feel a little different…just a little. But the articles weren’t to change my perceptions, they were to educate, and educate they did but isolationism is not the way.

    Otherwise, please, readdress some of my points in my previous posts (if you wish) without further subjugation or ridicule of my skin color, because if you refuse to be tolerant of other black folks perspectives on this “black blog”, then I guess we’re really not all in this together. I didn’t assume you didn’t say “intellectually inferior”, it was a deduction based off your tone all together because you ASSUMED I was white, and then so arrogantly proceeding to throw me under the bus and disregard my commentary, because of your baseless assumption, and then tried to further speculate I am an impostor by saying “anyone can make a fake profile” HOW DO I MAKE A FAKE TWITTER WITH THAT MANY FOLLOWERS THAT FAST, tweeting pro-black content and “college girl” stuff at that that’s how ridiculously arrogant portrayed yourself.

    • But yet you still feel that to write lengthy “dissertations” filled with your BS. Look, cut your effing loses and move on. Nobody here gives a damn about what you have to say. And I would rather be a “hoodrat” then mealy mouthed poser.

      • jlc3087 says:

        Secondly I respond to the necessary. So this is what i feel is important. my initial statement was far from about the movie nor was is directed towards ethnicity. It was about the individual (s) who clam to come in black people name, then make us look worse than anyone else. I speak of ignorance as a whole whom ever uses it. I am at times, but more often not. I think before i speak. some of you should try. i will re-state ” when another has different views, collectively we result to name calling” how uneducated is that. i don’t care the race of the person if you are trying to better all then i am with you. but not like this. we are better than this. The intent behind the movie is obvious. I refused to watch the entire thing it was so apparent. Don’t assume anything about a person because you receive a portion of their views. I’m not here to debate any persons opinion. You are entitled to that. I stand on that. I know it is necessary for all. What some don’t seem to get is how close we are to a real purge. I come to make as many aware as possible. simply graduating high school or college isn’t enough.FOLLOW POLITICS. Who ever said blacks messed up this country could be further from the truth. How was america founded and still ran today. from the beginning we were controlled and forced to remain. Through policies we are still slaves, with no rights. In November 40 million people will see drastic cuts it food stamps. Some will argue “GOOD, I’M TIRED OF FEEDING SOMEONE ELSE”. Greed!! you can’t claim to be a christian or even a good person with that state of mind. What if you needed it. Answer it to yourself. Taxes aren’t going to be cut at all. where do you think 20+ billion dollars will be going? that should be our concern, don’t say to pay our debts. I’m sorry to all those i offend. call me on a lie and i will remain quiet. My love is of the people. We are what matter yet we do a better job of destroying ourselves than almost any one else. I implore you bring each other up not down. Again im not just speaking to my race, I’m talking to all. Thank you

        On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 3:07 AM, Racism Is White Supremacy wrote:

        > ** > hunglikejesus commented: “But yet you still feel that to write lengthy > “dissertations” filled with your BS. Look, cut your effing loses and move > on. Nobody here gives a damn about what you have to say. And I would rather > be a “hoodrat” then mealy mouthed poser.” >

      • Breeze says:


        Wow your absolutely ridiculous. It would be understandable if your like I’m “acting” white… That’s black folk faaaavorite line everytime they’re being challenged. But now I actually AM a white person… That’s quite an impressive imagination considering you’ve never laid eyes on me. Quite a bright negro you are sir. I never said youre a hoodrat, but clearly your a devastated black man whose closed his mind to any and all reason because the system had chewed you up and spit you out.I’m a 21 yr old female I haven’t gotten that far.

        So if most people on this blog are really this ignorant, than all this “black power” is really just smoke and mirrors without actually providing developmental solutions to advance our position within the system.
        There is no unity when we attack each other, belittle each other, and make futile comparisons to white people. It solves nothing, and once again no actual knowlege is being dropped to counter or elaborate on my points in my previous posts AMAZING.

        But I don’t wanna say MOST because hunglikejesus (and the author whose yet to respond) are the only ones jumping down my throat despite reading comment from other self proclaimed black or mixed raced individuals.

      • wooow says:

        Actually I very much give a damn about what he has to say. I strongly agree with it.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Breeze

      First, let’s lower the temperature of this dialogue.

      I did not create this blog to “get at” another black person OR to allow another black person to “get at” me. That is something black people do entirely too much of — fight and argue with each other due to our slave training — while at the same time we will do our best to try to please and appease white people.

      I am not accusing you of doing either, I’m simply stating an observation.

      Before I go further, I believe you are a black person, so I stand corrected and we can move on from there–if you choose.

      That being said, I created this blog for only one purpose:

      to increase understanding of the system of white supremacy AND to provide evidence of its existence AS a global system of white domination.

      I did not create this blog to make friends, to make black people feel good, or to encourage unity or friendships between blacks and whites. As far as I’m concerned, that ship has sailed.

      I may offend some by my blunt style. This blog may not fit the perspectives of all who come here. That’s fine. There are many OTHER blogs to choose from and those who are offended should seek them out.

      This blog is not an open forum, a meet and greet, a cyber coffee house, or a place where anyone can post whatever opinions they want.

      This is an EDUCATIONAL blog with a SPECIFIC purpose.

      Let me give you two analogies that will explain my position. I do not claim to be a preacher or a professor so bear with me.

      Professor X teaches a class on anthropology at a local university. On that particular day, his lesson is on how humans descended from apes. One of the new students stands up and says he believes in Creationism and that Adam and Eve were the first man and woman God made.

      In the interests of respecting and encouraging his students, the professor allows the student to make his point and then offer his own rebuttal.

      The student returns to class the next day and makes the same point, that the professor is incorrect then proceeds to tell the story of Genesis in the Bible.

      The professor goes back and forth with the student, trying to explain his position but the student’s mind was already made up before they signed up for the class.

      Now the professor has two choices.

      He can allow the student to continue to voice his opinions that go COUNTER to what the class is about, which confuses the other students and derails the entire lesson.

      Or he can tell the student that his class is NOT the place for that discussion and that student should consider finding another course more in line with his thinking.

      Professor X has a DUTY to maintain order, reduce confusion, and to preserve the integrity of his class for those students who have come there to LEARN, not for those who have come to debate the fundamental right-ness or wrong-ness of the study of anthropology.

      (again, I’m not a claiming to be a professor, this is simply an analogy)


      Another example is Preacher Y, who runs a Christian church. On that particular Sunday, a first time visitor stands up in the middle of the sermon and says she is an atheist and does not believe in God.

      The preacher has two choices: He doesn’t want to turn this person away but he has to make a decision. How much energy and time he is going to invest in trying to convince this visitor — who is not a regular member and whose mind is already made up — that God is real?

      Or will he stop her from disrupting the sermon that he wrote to promote Christian principles? He decides to politely ask her to leave his church.

      The student AND the visitor knew exactly what they were walking into. Yet they came into the classroom and the church with their own agenda NOT to learn from the preacher or the professor.

      The purpose of this blog is to analyze and to find strategies that will help dismantle the system of white supremacy. This blog is not and will never be politically correct.

      I am very upfront about this. Those who disagree with my BASIC PREMISE:

      that white supremacy is a global system of white domination where the vast majority of white people knowingly participate in AND benefit from it

      should not waste their precious time here and should use their time and energy to create their own blogs for people who share their opinions.

      Also, whenever I come to another person’s blog, I am always respectful toward the blog creator.

      I do not insult them, argue with them, call them names or use profanity — because it is THEIR BLOG (or classroom or church) — and if I do not like what they stand for I should leave and go elsewhere.

      If someone comes to this site and they disagree with my overall premise, I respect their right to do so.

      However, them disagreeing with me does NOT obligate me to continue a long-running dialogue where a poster wants to argue or get irate. I have TOO MUCH WORK TO DO and the TIME IS TOO SHORT to solve this problem for me to waste arguing with someone in cyberspace.

      There are a TON of blogs and website sites that encourage arguing, and name-calling and fighting but this is NOT one of them.

      One more thing, and I hope you will think about this.

      When I was 21, I thought I knew a lot about the world, but as I got older, I began to realize what I thought I knew, most of it was incorrect.

      That included men, sex, friends, money, and how the real world really worked.

      As I got older, I finally began to understand what my older family members and older people I knew were talking about.

      In short, I was very bright but very IGNORANT — which is NORMAL for anyone who has been on the planet for only two decades. Ignorance is not a bad thing, it simply means you DO NOT KNOW.

      And your MAIN goal at 21 should be to LEARN more about the world, NOT to convince anyone else that you already know.

      Sermon OVER.

      If you feel this blog is constructive I hope you’ll continue to visit. If you disagree with the overall premise, then I hope you’ll find another blog that is more suitable than this one.

  17. jlc3087 says:

    well said.

  18. Chelle says:

    What the hell is this person talking about. The Purge was crazy children haunting a homeless person (the most dangerous game, read it) . This country is not the white utopia anyone thinks it is. Like south afriac u stand on the backs of pple white ancestor enslaved.. I believe after slavery was over the embarrassment the hate still exist and now it still grows like a fugus throught hte lies we tell the young. Of course the stupidity to think an angry black person would hurt a white with the easy of a another black person it just easier for angry black ppl to hurt their own because of availability and access. As for Detroit it s learn ur economical history. Sick of white ppl blaming me and other blaack american for crime i hv done nothing wrong ….if the purge happen ed i would come after ppl that would mk u wish i d come for u personally. Raise ur kids teach them some manners and the truth the country was built by native americans, asians, Mexican, black, and ppl of european decent

  19. ladybugez says:

    Watched this movie last night, and have just a few observations about several subliminal messages it presents: 1. Capitalism is bad. The neighbors hate the family because they have been successful, prospered and they have improved their lives. Ridiculous! The man started with nothing, built up his business through hard work, and made a product that people CHOOSE to buy. He has not forced anyone to buy his product. However, the neighbors are so jealous and envious of this that they want their “shot” at killing the entire family.
    2. The poor, homeless victim is black. He is being stalked and hunted.
    3. Who are the “hunters” of this poor, homeless black man? All white people.
    4. Where is God in all this? There is no mention of the “Thou shalt not kill.”
    5. America is very prominently portrayed in this as being the society who actually promotes this behavior.
    6. Unemployment is at 1%? – supposedly as a direct result of this yearly “purge”. Perhaps all the people that are killed during those 12 hours has something to do with less people being unemployed?
    7. Aren’t there any moral people who fight against this horribly conceived idea where many innocent people are killed, just out of jealousy or other minor feelings? Vis a vis – what crime did the homeless man commit against his hunters?

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ ladybugez

      I believe this movie deliberately plays into the not so secret belief among the white collective that america would be better off (purged) of blacks and non-white people. There are many signs of a “racist” awakening among the white collective —

      black people should be asking ourselves WHY are all these alien, purging, domestic servants, and so-called “slavery” movies coming out during a time of great economic upheaval with a possibility of economic collapse on the near horizon?


      Instead of us thinking that suddenly, white Hollywood wants to tell “our stories” — which is naive at best, head in the sand denial, at worst.

  20. ralph dupree says:

    Wow that entire review was ass and very hypocritical. The person seems to agree that helping other people who aren’t from this country is destroying the white family and white America. well Lets let history bite you in the ass, NATIVE Americans let you in, taught you how to live and you killed them. Yes, your precious white America was founded off the blood of both native Americans and those so called illegal immigrants.
    How dare you even agree to such hypocrisy anyways
    No the purge is not racist, it’s not shouting “we hate black people” no, its SHOWING you how America itself would turn out if it this once a year thing existed, white people truly would target black people out of hate and black people would target black people themselves. Notice in the movie no full Black family existed as in a black man with a black wife. The black lady was simply placed there to avoid racial criticism.
    Funny, the persons review made white people seem gentle as doves and always willing to help, but history proves otherwise. You are not rightious people who honestly made a country you are murders and thieves who CHANGED an existing country.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ ralph dupree

      thanks for sharing

    • xyz says:

      Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.
      Blacks are three times more likely to use a hand gun, and twice more likely to use a knife.
      Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery.
      Forty-five percent of black crime is against whites, 43 against other blacks, and 10 percent against Hispanic.

    • TrojanPam says:

      Your post was deleted. Your profanity (and your inability to post an opinion intelligently) will NOT be tolerated here.

  21. Mr. Mitchell says:

    Donald Trump will initiate the Purge. His popularity is growing. This talk about illegal immigration is merely coded language: Trump’s immigration reform = the Purge. And do not be silly!…white europeans here illegally will not be touched; black Africans, black West Indians, and brown hispanic/latino South Americans will be purged.

    You think the jews who can easily pass for white will be purged? You think anyone who can pass for white will be purged? Just as the war on drugs was to equally target everyone, it mainly targeted blacks and browns…in spite of the well established and patented fact that whites use more drugs (and more hardcore drugs at that) than blacks.

    Trump’s campaign slogan, “make america great again” is code for “make america white again”. Trouble is looming.

    • Courtney H. says:

      You’re right
      I agree with you that we are in trouble.

    • ActualHuman says:

      Trump is going to lose this election in November. He has already done all the damage he is going to be able to do. But the white voters and supporters of Trump are just getting started. Hillary has already stated flatly that she is going to tackle gun control, and that means taking guns from all these crazy murderous white people. Guns is what gave them the power to invade and steal all the land they have stolen and take the resources from non-white peoples. The military and nuclear weapons are nothing but bigger guns. Without their weapons of mass destruction and their guns, they would be NOTHING.

      They are not going to give them up willingly. They might just take Hillary out for trying that.

      I put no evil past white people. They will kill their mothers and fathers and children, they will take their own lives too. They have no connection whatsoever to God which is why they lack compassion and any feeling of being a part of Nature. Being white means being a MUTANT. The same mutation responsible for robbing them of melanin and giving them colorless skin and hair and eyes (yes, blue eyes are the result of a lack of melanin. ALL humans have blue irises) is the reason they cannot hear the beat in music and why they cannot dance or sing. Everything they do is an imitation of the real thing.

      I believe they would destroy the whole world rather than let what they have built from stolen loot “fall” to the brown and black people. This is how they roll. The only things they are good at are LYING, STEALING, KILLING, HATING. There will never be a Hero of Peace coming from the white people because they do not understand the concept.

      • alicia356 says:

        We can’t be 100% sure Trump won’t win. I have found most whites to have a scary racial hate issue, so he could very well win despite not being a great candidate.

  22. Unknown_732754 says:

    White Power

  23. […] “The Purge” Movie A Rallying Cry for White America? UPDATE: A Review of the Movie, “The Purge” UPDATE 2: The Purge: A (White) Fantasy Movie OR A Glimpse Into the […]

  24. Johnny m says:

    If only you knew enough about aworld history would you kno that most of the problems that Detroit is facing today is because what White Racist America had done to Blacks in the 50’s & 60’s. Google or better yet, Wikipedia the phrase “red lining”. This began all the way at the top, the government systematically kept Blacks & Latinos “down”. Kept their foot on our backs of years, and then had the gall to tell us that it was our own doing. Despite all of that, I wish that the ones who’ve hated us for so long would finally except “us”. And most of you do. For the ones who don’t…. I have no ill will towards you. And the end of the day we are all Gods children! I don’t teach my kids to hate, its a burden on the soul.

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