Is “The Purge” Movie A Rallying Cry for White America?

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The Purge Movie poster

‘The Purge’ movie poster

(Description: If on one night every year, you could commit any crime without facing consequences, what would you do? Over the course of a single night, a family will be tested to see how far they will go to protect themselves when the vicious outside world breaks into their home.  Due in theaters May 31, 2013)

I’ve written some posts about the massive amount of BLACK SCAPEGOATING that is taking place in America

Black Females: the New Scapegoats for Gun Control

Definitions Workshop #7: Part One – A Guest Post by Trojan Pam

And what I believe is the ULTIMATE PURPOSE behind the scapegoating of black people in the United States (and worldwide):

to REDIRECT THE RISING WHITE RAGE, FRUSTRATION, AND FEAR about rising white poverty AND unemployment AND powerlessness

AWAY FROM the white people in charge (who are totally responsible)

TO ALL black people (who are in charge of NOTHING)

This scapegoating strategy is WIDELY used in today’s recent rash of movies about “aliens” and “monsters”  and “planets with apes” showing white society and/or  “good white people” being killed and harmed by entities that are NOT WHITE (people)

Representing what Gus Renegade (of C.O.W.S.) calls — “a white rallying cry”

Calling for the masses of white people to ARM UP and get ready to do battle with their enemies. And who are these “enemies?” According to the alien invasion movies, they are ALWAYS NON-WHITE BEINGS (PEOPLE)

Far too many black and non-white people refuse to believe that the mass genocide of non-white people — especially black people — in the United States COULD be a possibility in a nation where blacks can eat, play, educate, shop, work, live with, marry,  and sex white people.

Clearly forgetting (or never knowing) what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany, who were certainly able to eat, play, educate, shop, work, live with, marry,  and sex white people even though Jews were NOT CONSIDERED WHITE by white Germans.

In fact, Dr. Welsing said that the HIGHEST LEVEL OF INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE between Jews and whites occurred just before they were rounded up and taken to concentration camps.

A Jewish psychologist commented that the LOW SELF-ESTEEM of Jews during that period led to their INABILITY to accept what was happening and their DENIAL of what was happening because they were so “white-identified” they refused to believe they were NOT part of white society.

Are there any parallels between the collective black mentality in the U.S. today AND the Jewish mentality in Nazi Germany? The reader can answer that for him or herself.

A recent guest on COWS, Dr. Marvin Dunn  an expert on the history of white terrorism against blacks, like Rosewood and Black Wall Street so-called “race riots” initiated by whites in the early 1900s, was asked (by me) if he thought the kind of white mob violence that occurred in the past could happen today given the massive scapegoating of blacks in the United States, and he seemed to think it would not and could not.

And I suspect a lot of blacks would wholeheartedly and enthusiastically agree with Dr. Dunn

in SPITE of Hurricane Katrina — just eight years ago –where armed whites and law enforcement — including the U.S. military — literally slaughtered dozens, maybe hundreds of unarmed black people

for no reason whatsoever.

(the interview with Dr. Marvin Dunn, author of a 2013 publication, The Beast In Florida: A History of Anti-Black Violence)

I wholeheartedly disagree that white mob violence against blacks is a thing of the past but instead of presenting the MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE that exists

I believe there is nothing I could write or say that better illustrates this “white rallying cry” than the movie trailer below (first showing an idyllic “white society”):

We Must Become Actively Engaged in Our Own Survival

Black people often ask me, what can they do to help eliminate racism/white supremacy? I don’t have any magic answers but there are things we can do to help to neutralize the effects of it.

One thing we can EASILY do is to STOP SUPPORTING these racist, scapegoating films with our DOLLARS because we are literally helping to FINANCE our own potential SLAUGHTER.

We can stop supporting black AND white entertainers who degrade and disrespect us and make our lives more dangerously fragile.

We can stop allowing the TV and the white media to INDOCRINATE our children by letting them watch the TV endlessly without supervision

We can stop demonizing and name-calling and blaming other black people for what the white people in charge are doing

We can stop snitching on and disrespecting each other (especially in public)

We can stop UPLIFTING white people as better lovers and mates and stop praising non-white people because they look more white than non-white.


One more thing we can do is to share this post with others –if you think it is constructive so more black and non-white people will stop thinking movies are just “entertainment” but are VEHICLES that promote the degradation and harm of non-white people all over the planet.

Trojan Pam  (Trojan Horse Press)

  1. Miss Pam
    I’ve got a sore throat now. Last year, I wrote a short simple post called, “7 easy steps to counter white supremacy” after many, many, many blacks asked me to “please give them ideas” on what to do.

    Their responses from 1 year ago til now?

    I’m not ready.
    I can’t do that.
    But, I love him!
    Heaven is between a white woman’s thighs.
    You don’t know how hard it is.

    I’m tired now.

    I’m going to take your advise, post my articles and the rest is up to blacks.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Negress

      that’s the one fact I’ve had to face since I began to work on becoming less confused

      that we are all works in progress, some moving forward, some going backwards and then people like me who take a few steps forward and some backwards but hopefully still going in the right direction.

      regardless of whether I get comments, or “likes” or a lot of book sales or some high-fives or a you-go-girl or even a you-get-away-from-me-girl,

      I’m going to keep on doing what I do because if my efforts depend on black people supporting them or commenting on them, I would become discouraged and I would throw up my hands and say, forget it

      I think I’m starting to understand that this journey is a training ground, to learn to stand on one’s own feet, regardless of what other people may say or think, because we will all need that tougher skin and mind in the coming days

      At the end of the day, I hope I can say to myself, that even if I didn’t do most or all of what I should have done or could have done

      that i did something to contribute something and I tried to support those who were trying to contribute because that is important, to get that spiritual energy flowing and to motivate those people to keep going.

      for those who think counter-racism is a spectator sport or entertainment, they are in for a rude awakening

      as we all may be

      the thing that keeps me going is hoping I will reach one person once in a while

      if that’s the best I can do then I did what I did

      keep up the fantastic work, Negress, because you are one of my biggest on-line she-roes!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Negress

      almost forgot, a good natural remedy for a sore throat is raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar and salt in warm water, if you gargle with that several times it will speed up the healing

      Hope you feel better!

      • Miss Pam

        I just spoke to Neely Fuller about feeling like I’m not “doing enough” and he basically said the same things you did.

        “just do what you can.”

        I think the reason why I’m hitting it so hard lately is because all the signs are there that we’re “in for it.”

        I’m afraid for us. Especially those that can’t defend themselves.

        Anyway, keep up the good work also and thank you for the tip.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Negress

          I really admire Mr. Fuller and Dr. Welsing because of their dedication over 30 or 40 years!

          So, how can I complain when I have put in a tenth of that? (from 2009)

          but complain I will — occasionally — because it’s my nature to do it 🙂

          I agree that the signs are all over the place but it’s up to the individual to seek this information

          and to change their behavior

          ditto — keep up the great work,

          I think you have one of the most interesting counter-racist blogs out here!

          especially your last post:

          (tried to reblog it but something went wrong, I’ll figure it out eventually)

        • Mr. Ren says:

          I recently read your post and I feel the same way. We are definitely “in for it” and the majority of us don’t even see what’s about to take place! I am an avid movie watcher and the racism in movies like “300”, “Gangs of New York”, “The Hangover II” and this one somehow seems to jump right out at me but when I ask other black people did they catch it, they are clueless. These people are planning some horrible things for us!

          • TrojanPam says:

            @ Mr. Ren

            I’m glad you’re seeing it, even in the movies that PRETEND to showcase “black history” (like The Butler, The Help, Django Unchained, Lincoln, Red Tails, etc,) there is a strong undercurrent of white revisionism of our history, and contempt towards us as victims of white supremacy.

            These white revisionist movies usually portray black people as either “good blacks” (who serve and protect white life and privilege and ignore other black people’s suffering),

            or we are the “bad blacks” who are rebellious against our oppression (like the son of the butler, and the Black Panthers in “The Butler”)

            There is also a stark absence of black males and black females loving and supporting each other. Usually, we are at each other’s throats or totally absent.

            as a result, you can see the rampant anti-blackness growing within the black population especially between black males and black females (all by design)

            And now the shoe has been shoved on the other foot. Instead of usually seeing black males sexing white females, it’s becoming common for the black female to either pursue sex OR be sexed by white males who have NO real romantic interest in her (WHITE MARRIED MEN DO NOT COUNT AS ROMANTIC SUITORS!)

            popular TV shows like “Scandal” are so TOTALLY UNREALISTIC and so superficially written

            like seeing a “powerful” black female barging into a meeting at the Oval Office to chastise a white male president for sexing a white female and who makes white district attorneys beg her for mercy. (Oh yeah, that’s really going to happen)

            I frankly, don’t see the appeal of all this black make-believe while most black people are suffering from unemployment, under-employment or crippling racism on our jobs–if we still have one. I guess one could say this rampant TV and movie watching is a form of terminal escapism, and when I think about it I can’t blame the victims for wanting some

            It’s frustrating to see the numbers of black people who think all this is just “entertainment” instead of prophetic or a warning of things to come.

            especially with the rising violence, black people popping up murdered without explanation, rising unemployment, gentrification, dislocation, homelessness, incarcerations, and mass school closings in predominantly black communities

            All we can do is try to keep our own eyes open, plan the best we can, and stay out of the way of those who PREFER to stay uninformed and in denial.

  2. Ms. J says:

    YES, I see this movie as a rallying cry for Whites in this country. They are stockpiling weapons, getting ready for us to go to war with N. Korea, and have joined hate groups at alarming rates since Pres. Obama’s entrance into the White House.

    I’m at the point when I cringe when Black people speak as if our culture is becoming more integrated and unified. The Indians in this country learned that the hard way, and we might too.

    But I will say that I do want to see The Purge. It seems like White people give out clues about their plans through such works. Check out this very telling description of the Stormtroopers from the Star Wars series:

    Also, I’m intrigued by the fact that all these race-based movies like “Django” and “Lincoln” are coming out in our Post-Racial era. Something’s up.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Ms J

      I agree it should be pretty obvious especially when the person being chased in the trailer is a dark-skinned black male.

      and I agree it is no accident that Lincoln and Django came out around the same time as the re-election of President Obama

      I realize a lot of blacks (and non-whites) do not believe this is about racism but think it’s entertainment or even worse “racial progress” because a black male has a role in this movie

      maybe, as things get hotter and hotter for black people in this country that more people will wake up

      but I don’t really believe that anymore

      what I see is more and more black people who are under the gun blaming other black people for what the white people in charge are doing to them

      and blaming poor black people for being poor when MOST black people are getting poorer (!)

      all we can do is keep trying to share information and reduce confusion

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Ms J

      Interesting that the stormtroopers in that link you gave are wearing white uniforms

      Stormtroopers in Star Trek movie


  3. Mariama says:

    Thank you for another great post Pam! When I think of the messages and propaganda that Hollywood tries to inundate society with, I really feel sick and uncomfortable. What pains me also is how many blacks contribute to their destruction…it is just an ongoing war: psychological, mental, spiritual, you name it.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Mariama

      it is definitely a war, unfortunately, too many people actually believe they will be able to just sit it out

      even while we are experiencing epidemic levels of poverty, unemployment, racism, scapegoating, illness, violence, and inadequate schools

      it makes you wonder what the outcome will be

  4. Mbeti says:

    One thing we can EASILY do is to STOP SUPPORTING these racist, scapegoating films with our DOLLARS because we are literally helping to FINANCE our own potential SLAUGHTER.

    the internet (a infrastructure developed by both black and white people – and many in-between)
    has made it unnecessary to purchase entertainment..
    however our psychological and sociological habits are not so easily brought in sync with our political and moral ideals

    I claim the ideals of truth equality and justice but I been a fan since childhood of violent oriented films and television shows and recently when I tried to live out those ideals and completely abstain from violent films I was left with little to no content during my rest and entertainment periods ,and that just the entertainment side –

    when I as a atheist explore how deeply embeded much of these films and tv shows are in my life and my mind I know we do not yet have the knowledge or words to explain this yet.

    We can stop supporting black AND white entertainers who degrade and disrespect us and make our lives more dangerously fragile.

    Previously (although much of media is still this way) white europeans had a complete monopoloy not just of ownership but also production as well as content in all media produced – things are gradually changing on many fronts – so that they no longer have exclusive monopoly in all media.

    One can produce one’s own and find alternatives.

    We can stop allowing the TV and the white media to INDOCRINATE our children by letting them watch the TV endlessly without supervision

    Thats if you have children,and if your at work and they are at home ???
    a more helpful specific suggestion to parents and would be parents is make time for discussion of media content with your children.

    We can stop demonizing and name-calling and blaming other black people for what the white people in charge are doing

    unless we get very angry then its best to wait to the parties involved calm down – I notice whenever black people (this may apply to other groups ,But May experience is limited) get very angry with each other one or more parties will consistently and intensely use the terms “nigger” and “my nigger” toward the offending member…

    We can stop snitching on and disrespecting each other (especially in public)

    If a large portion of our population has learned and acquired a deep and extensive level of self hate and lack of respect promoted and enforced (with deadly force via multiple means) by the general white population then without directly confronting and addressing this source of our problems ,expecting trust and loyalty as well as self and self similar respect just by request and desire is futile and doomed to failure and disappointment.

    We can stop UPLIFTING white people as better lovers and mates and stop praising non-white people because they look more white than non-white.

    I find this quote
    Most white people hate Black people. The reason that most white people hate Black people is because whites are not Black people. If you know this about white people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you.
    page 3
    by Neely Fuller, Jr. (1971)
    from book The Isis (Yssis) Papers 1991 by Dr.Frances Cress Welsing M.D.
    most interesting yet unexplored.

    It seems to me The aesthetic and therefore sexual and social inadequacy that constitutes white pale melanin deficient skin is the prime motivator for much white peoples behavior ,however a complementary question arises as to what motives black peoples behavior?

  5. @Trojan Pam,

    I followed your comments last night over at Abagond’s post and what you may not know is that the commentator Cornlia is a white woman married to a Black man. She says this quite extensively throughout his blog so therefore she believes she is ALL knowing when it comes to discussing Black people.

    I was dialoguing with her back and forth some time ago on DOAN’s blog and every time I called-out white female racism towards Black women she seemed to follow me around on that damn blog like an obsessed energy sucking vampire. She is regularly over there at Abagond’s blog derailing and deflecting any post meant to raise awareness in Black people with her “there is no such thing as race” antics and for the life of me i do not understand why she gets a pass from even Abagond when he is known to do whole post about how whites cry foul or throw a pity party when the race ever comes into a discussion.

    This is the same discussion i was having with my husband yesterday as we were driving about how Black people should NOT be involved with white people romantically because white people (even the ones claiming that they can’t get enough of that “hot, velvet, Black flesh) are not willing to dismantle whiteness.


    • TrojanPam says:

      @ phoebeprunelle

      I thought she said she was married to a black man (poor thing)

      all while pretending not to know ANYTHING about racism and filling his WEAK mind with all kinds of LIES even while she KNOWS he is being mistreated


      because if she was a RIGHTEOUS white female, she’d be telling the TRUTH about the racism that is harming her husband and her children

      which is why having sex with white people is one of the most destructive things a Victim of Racism can do

      absolutely TRASHES your mind and YOUR sense of REALITY

  6. “This discord between BM and BW is really disconcerting. You don’t see that amongst white people. At least I don’t. I don’t date BM because I dislike WM. I don’t throw WM under the bus just because I prefer to date BM. And I would certainly not fault a WM if he chose to date a BW. If that’s what he’s attracted to, so be it.

    I think too many BW (from my experience with my BW friends), push BM away with their attitude and then get angry when they turn to women of other races. They want to be treated like a queen but expect to be able to act like a diva. Few men, black or white, want that. (And that’s not to say WW don’t do that too – I’ve known a few of them as well, but it seems more prevalent with BW.) That’s not meant to offend anyone, just my observation.

    As for Deena in the Kim K clip, her problem was jealousy, plain and simple. I have to hand it to her, though, that she admitted it.”

    This comment was submitted by a white woman who dates Black men. She plainly states that she will NOT ever abandon white men even if she chooses to have a relationship with a Black man, however, she advocates that Black men should just be done with Black women when she want to be supported Financially, Emotionally and Culturally by the men of her OWN nation.

    We really have to be about fighting this thing for Black men and women with words.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ phoebeprunelle

      I was confused for a second but now I understand that the first part of your post was a comment by a white female.

      White females often rely on stereotypes about BW to justify whatever it is they do, but they never write about white female stereotypes

      OR why the white male/white female divorce rate is over 50%

      OR why so many white males BUY non-white brides from China or from Russia

      OR why so many white males clearly dislike white females, from domestic abuse (did he beat her because she had a ‘bad attitude?’)

      from the THOUSANDS of movies and TV shows showing white males SLAUGHTERING white females for FUN and for PROFIT

      To the white males who do it in real life. (Remember Scott Peterson and Drew Peterson and Ted Bundy and the hundreds, probably thousands of white male serial killers who target WHITE FEMALES?)



      To survive PSYCHOLOGICALLY AND PHYSICALLY, black females have adopted all types of of COPING MECHANISMS – AKA “attitudes” to survive in an ANTI-FEMALE, ANTI-BLACK, and ANTI-BLACK-FEMALE SOCIETY

      Yes, some of the “attitudes” I don’t care for, BUT I do understand their ORIGINS (starting with SLAVERY),

      being that I’m a black female and could tell stories that would curl your hair, being young, black and female and growing up in Chicago

      And speaking of “attitudes” I have encountered enough white female RACISTS who could teach black females a thing or two about being MEAN AND CRUEL.

      Given the rash of anti-black female TV shows and movies, and TV commercials showing black males ISOLATED from black females

      and that white females are INCREASINGLY in positions of POWER in the media and elsewhere have a lot to do with the DEGRADED IMAGES OF BLACK FEMALES IN THE MEDIA,

      I strongly suspect that many white females would LOVE to wipe the black female off the earth


      AND will still call black females’ “JEALOUS” even as they INVADE OUR NEIGHBORHOODS, CLUBS, ORGANIZATIONS AND FAMILIES

      All while the white female pretends (as she runs her RACIST CON GAMES on the black male’s head) that the powerless black female is the black male’s biggest problem.


      Did you know the most likely person to sit on a JURY is a white female?

      YET, black females are the black male’s biggest PROBLEM? Thankfully, most black males know better, because WE are their mothers, sisters, grandmothers, nieces, and aunts and friends and lovers



      This is NOT a knock against missing fathers since many black males have been ROBBED of the ability to PROVIDE AND PROTECT THEIR BLACK WOMEN AND CHILDREN


      TRUTH IS TRUTH when I say many black females have struggled to raise their children alone AND have succeeded against the odds

      and for a WHITE FEMALE who is dating black males (who clearly do not understand that she is probably a RACIST — or don’t care) to talk down to black females

      instead of dealing with her OWN shameful history AND her own shameful current behavior AS THE CHILD MOLESTER OF A BLACK MALE


      is something all black males should take note of

      We talk about the RACIST WHITE FEMALE and the RACIST WHITE MALE who seek SEXUAL relationships with black males and females in our book,

      The Interracial Con Game

      there’s a free excerpt and description of the book

  7. @Trojan Pam,

    Thanks so much for the insight!

    Before i respond, i wanted to ask what you thought of the Cheerios commercial featuring the white wife, Black husband and Black child that incited lots on YT backlash? It was assumed that the hate mail and messages were coming from Black women.

    I definitely have more to say on this!


    • TrojanPam says:

      @ phoebeprunelle

      haven’t watched the commercial yet (I already know the INTENT behind it — to make (BRAINWASH) the black male think the white female is HIS ideal mate,

      within a system of racism/white supremacy (??)

      Which makes me wonder if there’s a Cheerios commercial featuring a REAL BLACK FAMILY — a black male, black female and BLACK CHILD?

      I will watch and get back to you


      I think it’s important to make this point (as often as possible)

      If I took a random poll of black males and asked the following question:

      What are the top four problems facing black males in the U.S.?

      I bet the answers would include the following:

      1. Inadequate education
      2. Unemployment
      3. Police Brutality
      4. Incarceration

      If the system of racism/white supremacy is MAINTAINED and CONTROLLED BY white males AND white females, who is most responsible for the problems of black males?

      Black females — OR white males AND females?

      For any black person to hold ANY black person MORE ACCOUNTABLE for their problems within a system of white supremacy than white people — including white females — is a sign of POOR MENTAL HEALTH.

      AND if a white female (or male) could convince you OTHERWISE, you should be taken forcibly to the nearest mental health clinic for your OWN GOOD.


      wonder what the connection is?

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ phoebeprunelle

      CASE IN POINT regarding WHO is more responsible for the mistreatment of black males in a system of white supremacy: black females OR white females?


      A federal appeals judge in Texas is accused of saying minorities are more apt than other groups to commit crime and that complaints of racial bias in death sentencing are a “red herring.”

      Civil rights organizations filed a complaint against 5th Circuit Judge Edith Jones this week for remarks they say she made at a February speech to the Federalist Society at the University of Pennsylvania Law School about racial bias in death row sentencing.

      The groups say the comments are prejudiced and call into question Jones’ ability to be an impartial and fair judge.

  8. @Trojan Pam,

    The only Cheerios commercials that i have seen with Black people are the ones with the Black father and son walking down the grocery aisle and the one with the Black father and sons in the kitchen having breakfast–in neither commercial is there the Black mother who produced these sons with the father…

    I see this a lot in commercials–there is a Black mother or Black father with Black children but the other parent is not present???

    And if they are trying to convince the population of Black men that the white female is his ideal mate, then why are white males and females locking him out of the corporations?!!!

    Here is my take in addition to your knowledge–white females have ALWAYS wanted to share in the pie of subjugating Black men and ultimately Black people just like white men did to Black women during enslavement. Now the white female is exercising her “right” to have any man of color (including Black men) that she wants. I have seen too many times in public places (e.g. the grocery store, bank, schools) were a Black man can be with his Black wife/girlfriend and a white female will begin to make an advancement towards him as if he is single. In all essence, white females envy white males and there ability to initiate sex with women. White females want to be in the position of initiating sex thus the scenarios i see play out in their interactions with not just Black men but men of color–since white females go to Senegal, Kenya, Jamaica and other places where the majority of men are Black and engage in sex tourism. Just like white men do in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Russia (as you already mentioned), Cambodia and to lesser extents Brazil, and Kenya. I cannot think of any groups of people besides them who go about the world paying their way to date, relate and have sex with people of color.

    I do not doubt ANY of what you say. I knew that the public and media would soon place the blame on Black women for being “jealous” about the commercial. Keep Black men and women fighting and they cannot come together to create strong Black nations.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ phoebeprunelle

      the white supremacist system is working OVERTIME to drive black males and females apart (and doing a GREAT JOB of it)

      Absolutely agree that the white female’s BIGGEST GRIPE is NOT being an EQUAL PARTNER, sharing equally in the spoils of white supremacy

      she is ONLY concerned about SEXISM against white females all while practicing RACISM against black females and black males

      that is why she is very aggressive sexually toward black males who MISTAKENLY take it as a compliment

      when in REALITY she is simply showing the black male WHO IS BOSS and that she can SEXUALLY DOMINATE NON-WHITES THE WAY WHITE MALES HAVE DONE FOR CENTURIES


  9. phoebeprunelle says:

    My husband was working towards a counseling credential and the white woman who was the chair told him from her OWN mouth that white people are an invasive species and that if Black people ever want to be at peace in this world, we have got to treat them as weeds and plants that invade gardens. The key is cultivating. One takes a hoe and clean out the invasive weeds before they overtake.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ phoebeprunelle

      actually, it’s not unusual for a white female to present herself as “different” from other white people when talking to a black person, especially a black male.

      I would caution your husband to be ON GUARD around her

      because it’s possible she’s being deceptive as to her TRUE FEELINGS about white people in order to SEDUCE HIM.

      I highly doubt she is sincerely in favor of black people “weeding out” white people

  10. @Trojan Pam,

    The classes were conducted on Skype because all the students were from different cities. He never met her in person and i was allowed to sit in on the classes (but did not partake in the discussions) so i heard her when she said it. I definitely agree that it was not sincere, but she felt “comfortable” enough to let her guard down.

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  13. mduncan says:

    White supremacy doesn’t “just happen”. It’s a very deliberate, engineered, well-thought out, considered social phenomenon initially created by economic elites in the form of classism. It morphed into racism because once non-whites were introduced into the arena, they became easy targets to distract a white populace from elite exploitation and reinforce an “us versus them” mentality. None of this is rocket science or hard to understand, it’s basic emotional manipulation and appealing to all the most base of impulses that oppressive hierarchical social systems encourage.

    Common white people come from squalid roots, go back far enough and the vast majority of whites in America come from peasant, serf, nobody origins; people who were the rough equivalent of the black slave class in America (not an exact comparison of course, black folks had it much worse) and subject to any amount of egregious abuses by their “social betters”.

    See, the real problem is that when you create a triangular power system with the bulk of power at the top, then you have to create an ideological system to keep the bottom masses of disempowered in line and obeisant. Otherwise, they will turn on you and tear you apart because as messed up as we are our species is hardwired for a sense of fairness and resentment develops when economic injustice is pervasive. The French Revolution proved this.

    Monarchies are the total opposite of fair. They are imposed systems of rulership based on nothing more than violence and lineage and they reserve for themselves the lion’s share of resources while depriving others of basic needs like food, shelter, health care and education.

    White supremacy is really just a version of elite supremacy or class supremacy. The whites who invented the entire fiction of race knew exactly what they were doing because they were people who believed in Machiavelli and the right of the fist to rule; they were not subtle or kind people. They were essentially sociopathic predatory parasites who would do anything (and did do anything) to keep their power….including genocide, slavery, and enciting race wars.

    You want to break white supremacy? Then the intellectual and economic elite in the black community need tot take a very long view of things and begin to systematically create a powerful counternarrative to whiteness based on factual history and real power.

    They need to invest in their communities and educate black folks about the real history of America and Africa. They need to decolonize their communities and change tthe internal story being told.

    Organize, pool resources, be as systematic and considered as the white supremacists who have hijacked the entire world have been.

    But most importantly, remember your roots and practice loyalty to those roots, honor yourself and your Ancestors. That doesn’t cost anything, and it pays back everything.

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