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I decided to post this review from another website to provide insight into how movies like the Purge are racial antagonism disguised as “entertainment.”

Before anyone dismisses this review as just one (white) person’s opinion, keep in mind that any MOVIE that is mass distributed and shown all over the United States — and possibly worldwide — is NOT just one person’s opinion but is designed to shape the opinions of large numbers of individuals — in this instance, large numbers of white people.

I think it is this type of black and non-white DENIAL that leads some of us to believe that the most vocal racists are a white minority, which makes it a cakewalk to commit murder and mayhem against us.

If these movies did NOT produce results they would NOT be worth the huge investment of time, money, and resources AND  the white supremacy system would stop making and financing them.

Much thanks to Janel who sent this link and told me about this movie!

America A Nation Reborn – Review of the Movie Trailer The Purge

(April 5, 2013 · by FromTheEditorsDesk)

America… the nation reborn. Unemployment 1%  — No crime

It’s a sexy seducting trailer. How is this accomplished. OMG oH NO THEY DIDN’T. In my mind the logical conclusion for the next step was inevitable – the Purge was the purge of blacks and mexicans. right? RIGHT!

NO! the purge is a one day where law is suspended and you can commit crime. Ugh. horrible. Well maybe someday Hollywood will have the guts to make a real “the purge” movie

Instead the Purge is another leftie liberal nutcase movie that tries to get us to feel sorry for a Black man who takes refuge in the white household. Because whites hunt blacks. Hmm maybe whites were conducting a purge after all!

This movie is getting better. Maybe the real message of the movie is that the whites are purging blacks and hispanics and the flood of third worlders who rape and pillage and commit most of the crime and flood the welfare systems.

And that it forces us to face our guilt with that notion when a sole black asks for help. Because whites will help. Because whites are good people. Because our centuries of surviving ice ages taught us the need for community and sticking together.

But the mistake is, these people are not our tribe our community nor our people. And letting them in will lead to our destruction – just as it does in The Purge lead to the destruction of the white family. Just as stopping in a black neighborhood led to the rape torture and dismemberment of Channon Christian and Hugh Newsom by blacks. It’s actually a powerful lesson. I’m liking this move more and more.

In fact letting in the blacks and third worlders – as the family in The Purge does – leads to the destruction of the house – the nation. It leads to violence and death and rape and poverty and scarcity. Armageddon. Ruin. We only need to look to detroit or south africa or zimbabwe to get a sense of what happens and what will happen to all of us.

The Purge is teaching us a powerful lesson. Fall in for that weak pity cry and help a black, and in the end the whole nation will fall. The only problem is when you leave the movie theater, you realize that the reality of America crumbling is what you have entered back into. There is no purge to save America. No we are doomed.

In the end the message is true. The things we despise are abstract numbers. Trends. Groups. On an individual level it’s tough to hate anyone. On an individual level its quite hard to not extend a helping hand. But it’s exactly this WHITE EUROPANIC instinct to help – ONE THAT THEY LACK – that is our downfall.

Because the liberal demoslap nutjobs seem to think THERE IS ROOM ENOUGH FOR THE ENTIRE THIRD WORLD TO COME HERE. There isn’t. They seem to think that an extra 40% in taxes is NO BIG DEAL cause they have tons of money. Well not everyone does. For many paying for Obamacare which has free healthcare for blacks and illegals is a bit much especially as a family insurance plan exceeds $1000 a month.

America should have the guts to do “the purge” but it never will. There will never be a europanic homeland. All europanic nations will be destroyed and the world will descend into an africanized hell hole like detroit or south africa. But that’s ok, because we will have done what is right, to help these less fortunate rapists and murderers.


The Purge Movie poster

‘The Purge’ movie poster

(Description: If on one night every year, you could commit any crime without facing consequences, what would you do? Over the course of a single night, a family will be tested to see how far they will go to protect themselves when the vicious outside world breaks into their home.  Due in theaters May 31, 2013)

I’ve written some posts about the massive amount of BLACK SCAPEGOATING that is taking place in America

Black Females: the New Scapegoats for Gun Control

Definitions Workshop #7: Part One – A Guest Post by Trojan Pam

And what I believe is the ULTIMATE PURPOSE behind the scapegoating of black people in the United States (and worldwide):

to REDIRECT THE RISING WHITE RAGE, FRUSTRATION, AND FEAR about rising white poverty AND unemployment AND powerlessness

AWAY FROM the white people in charge (who are totally responsible)

TO ALL black people (who are in charge of NOTHING)

This scapegoating strategy is WIDELY used in today’s recent rash of movies about “aliens” and “monsters”  and “planets with apes” showing white society and/or  “good white people” being killed and harmed by entities that are NOT WHITE (people)

Representing what Gus Renegade (of C.O.W.S.) calls — “a white rallying cry”

Calling for the masses of white people to ARM UP and get ready to do battle with their enemies. And who are these “enemies?” According to the alien invasion movies, they are ALWAYS NON-WHITE BEINGS (PEOPLE)

Far too many black and non-white people refuse to believe that the mass genocide of non-white people — especially black people — in the United States COULD be a possibility in a nation where blacks can eat, play, educate, shop, work, live with, marry,  and sex white people.

Clearly forgetting (or never knowing) what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany, who were certainly able to eat, play, educate, shop, work, live with, marry,  and sex white people even though Jews were NOT CONSIDERED WHITE by white Germans.

In fact, Dr. Welsing said that the HIGHEST LEVEL OF INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE between Jews and whites occurred just before they were rounded up and taken to concentration camps.

A Jewish psychologist commented that the LOW SELF-ESTEEM of Jews during that period led to their INABILITY to accept what was happening and their DENIAL of what was happening because they were so “white-identified” they refused to believe they were NOT part of white society.

Are there any parallels between the collective black mentality in the U.S. today AND the Jewish mentality in Nazi Germany? The reader can answer that for him or herself.

A recent guest on COWS, Dr. Marvin Dunn  an expert on the history of white terrorism against blacks, like Rosewood and Black Wall Street so-called “race riots” initiated by whites in the early 1900s, was asked (by me) if he thought the kind of white mob violence that occurred in the past could happen today given the massive scapegoating of blacks in the United States, and he seemed to think it would not and could not.

And I suspect a lot of blacks would wholeheartedly and enthusiastically agree with Dr. Dunn

in SPITE of Hurricane Katrina — just eight years ago –where armed whites and law enforcement — including the U.S. military — literally slaughtered dozens, maybe hundreds of unarmed black people

for no reason whatsoever.

(the interview with Dr. Marvin Dunn, author of a 2013 publication, The Beast In Florida: A History of Anti-Black Violence)

I wholeheartedly disagree that white mob violence against blacks is a thing of the past but instead of presenting the MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE that exists

I believe there is nothing I could write or say that better illustrates this “white rallying cry” than the movie trailer below (first showing an idyllic “white society”):

We Must Become Actively Engaged in Our Own Survival

Black people often ask me, what can they do to help eliminate racism/white supremacy? I don’t have any magic answers but there are things we can do to help to neutralize the effects of it.

One thing we can EASILY do is to STOP SUPPORTING these racist, scapegoating films with our DOLLARS because we are literally helping to FINANCE our own potential SLAUGHTER.

We can stop supporting black AND white entertainers who degrade and disrespect us and make our lives more dangerously fragile.

We can stop allowing the TV and the white media to INDOCRINATE our children by letting them watch the TV endlessly without supervision

We can stop demonizing and name-calling and blaming other black people for what the white people in charge are doing

We can stop snitching on and disrespecting each other (especially in public)

We can stop UPLIFTING white people as better lovers and mates and stop praising non-white people because they look more white than non-white.


One more thing we can do is to share this post with others –if you think it is constructive so more black and non-white people will stop thinking movies are just “entertainment” but are VEHICLES that promote the degradation and harm of non-white people all over the planet.

Trojan Pam  (Trojan Horse Press)