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In Definitions Workshop #7 – A Guest Post by Trojan Pam, I wrote about how President Obama is being used as a BLACK SCAPEGOAT for the gun control issue but now it appears that black females, COLLECTIVELY, are being set up to be another NATIONAL BLACK SCAPEGOAT when it comes to the issues of who should own a gun, and how they should be able to own guns.

What is a “Scapegoat?”


Definition of a scapegoat:  a person or group of people made to bear the blame for others or to suffer in their place. When people are programmed to blame another group in order to vent their anger. In essence, they use the group they dislike as their target for all of their anger.


Now, keep in mind that this is the FIRST TIME either President Obama OR First Lady Michelle Obama have spoken PUBLICLY about gun violence against black children, which is happening at the SAME TIME the national gun control agenda is being pushed.

AND  at the same time many people fear that another WORLD WAR and economic collapse are eminent.

Black-on-black gun violence and the deaths of black children were NEVER mentioned:

  1. when President Obama was Illnois State Senator (1997-2004)
  2. when President Obama became a U.S. Senator in 2004
  3. when President Obama lived in Hyde Park — less than a mile from Englewood, an impoverished black area in Chicago where a significant amount of gun violence was occurring
  4. during his first election campaign in 2007
  5. during his first term as president from 2009 to 2012
  6. during his re-election campaign in 2012

NEITHER President Obama NOR First Lady Michelle Obama — to my knowledge — have ever uttered A WORD over the LAST 15 YEARS about the death of black children due to gun violence or by any other means UNTIL the GUN CONTROL issue raised its questionable head in national politics.

This is NOT about blaming the President OR the First Lady. They are simply following orders from powerful whites who want to get as many guns out of the hands of people — in particular, black people — as humanly possible in preparation for the coming SOCIAL UNREST.

The Obamas — like ALL black public officials — are doing the JOBS they were HIRED (not elected) to do. Kicking them is like kicking the car INSTEAD of the driver. The car is just an INSTRUMENT used by the DRIVER to get to his or her DESTINATION.

Black public figures, be they politicians, preachers, or entertainers, are simply the VEHICLES for the system of white supremacy to get to its DESTINATION, which is why they are HIGHLY EXPENDABLE, EASILY DISPOSED OF, and EASILY REPLACEABLE.

This is about being FACTUAL and LOGICAL and UNDERSTANDING how the system of white supremacy works, so we do NOT fall for the hype or the CON GAME that is being run using President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, black public figures, and more recently, black females in general.


blackness is great and beautiful

Because, it is apparent to me–at least–that BLACK FACES (black people) are being put on all the ILLS of American society, especially those issues that that INFURIATE and FRIGHTEN white people.

And hopefully, after all our time here as black people, after the gross mistreatment of black children,  the mass closings of black schools,  the inferior education forced upon our black children, the medical and nutritional deprivations, and the building of new juvenile detention centers and prisons designed to house our black children today AND in the future…

That we do NOT believe that white people collectively are going to be “moved” into giving up their guns by publicizing the deaths of black children or publicizing the images of black mothers crying over their lost children. At the risk of being offensive, I truly hope we know better than this.

But just in case some need to be reminded, here’s one sentiment below that I believe speaks for the collective white population EVEN when it is not spoken aloud:

“How DARE that goddamned evil nazi fucking commie nigger try to save useless kids useless lives by taking away our guns!!!!” (an actual post by a white blogger)

Because if white people collectively — including the most powerful white people — were concerned about the GUN DEATHS of black children, they would have done something about it — DECADES AGO. 

Keep in mind that even if the gun control advocates (aka the white supremacists) do not get everything they want, they have accomplished what I believe is their MAIN GOAL.

Creating MORE BLACK SCAPEGOATS in the face of the coming catastrophic social and economic upheaval here in the United States. 

They will have SUCCESSFULLY painted black people — once again — as the BIGGEST PROBLEM WHITE PEOPLE HAVE.

And when those angry and frustrated and frightened white people cannot get to those black (or white) public figures, they can, AND will, AND have taken out their anger, hatred and frustration on other black people because they have been TRAINED to do it

by such spectacles as black males and black females promoting GUN CONTROL

Of course, I could be incorrect.  I will present my evidence and let the reader judge for him or herself

The Evidence

First lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday speaks about 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, who was shot and killed on the South Side of Chicago earlier this year.  (April 10, 2013, 4:56 PM)


First lady Michelle Obama gave a personal and emotional speech Wednesday in Chicago as she stepped into the debate over gun control.

April 10, 2013, 4:56 PM

First lady Michelle Obama made the debate over gun control personal on Wednesday, choking up throughout her remarks on gun violence in her hometown of Chicago.

“I’m here today because Chicago is my home,” the first lady said at a conference on youth violence with various civic organizations, hosted by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Ensuring the safety and future of children in Chicago is her passion, she said. “It is my mission and for me, this is personal because my story would not be possible without this city.”

The first lady repeatedly referenced Hadiya Pendleton, the 15-year-old Chicago girl who performed at an inauguration-related event outside of Washington, D.C., in January, a week before she was gunned down in a city park.

“Hadiya’s family was just like my family,” Obama said. “Hadiya Pendleton was me. And I was her. But I got to grow up. And go to Princeton, and Harvard Law School and have a career and a family and the most blessed life I could ever imagine. And Hadiya, oh we know that story.”

The first lady described attending public school in Chicago, at a time when children could freely play on city basketball courts and churches ran after-school programs. Now, however, the benefits of the city are out of reach for too many children, she said.

“Many of our children have never been to the Art Institute or Millennium Park. Many of them don’t even know the University of Chicago even exists,” she said. “They are consumed with watching their backs. They are afraid to walk alone because they might get jumped. They are afraid to walk in groups because they might get identified as a gang.”

Both Hadiya Pendleton and the young men charged with her death deserved more opportunities, Obama said, stressing that “resources matter.”

“What it takes to build strong, successful young people isn’t genetics or pedigree or good luck — it’s opportunity,” she said. “I know from my own experience… I had a community that supported me and a neighborhood where I felt safe. In the end that was the difference between growing up, becoming a mother, a lawyer and first lady of the United States and being shot dead at the age of 15.”

The first lady urged the Chicago business leaders to do something “worthy of Hadiya Pendleton’s memory and worthy of our children’s future.”

The first lady’s remarks — her first on the issue of gun control since the Newtown, Conn., tragedy in December –– represent part of the White House’s full-court press to push for reforms to reduce gun violence. Legislation to expand background checks is making progress in both the House and the Senate, but the legislation faces high hurdles.

Hadiya Pendleton mother featured in new gun control ad

Pendleton mom-photo-1

Cleopatra Cowley, mother of the Chicago teen shot and killed just a week after performing at President Barack Obama’s inauguration, is featured in a new public service announcement calling on Congress to reform the nation’s gun laws.

In the ad, paid for by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Cowley advocates for universal background checks on all gun sales.  “Tell Congress to support commonsense reforms so no more innocent children are killed. And no parent has to go through this heartbreak.”

Cowley’s daughter, Hadiya, has become the one of the most recognizable faces in President Barack Obama’s efforts to curb the country’s gun laws. First Lady Michelle Obama attended the 16-year-old’s funeral earlier this month.

Cowley herself has also become a leading figure in the fight to pass stricter gun control laws. She and her husband sat next to the first lady during last week’s State of the Union address, wherethe president told her story as part of his attempt to call on Congress to act.

“Mayors Against Illegal Guns” is a creation of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg , the same mayor who  proposed a ban on large sugary drinks making them illegal) and who defended a RACIST POLICY of “stop and frisk”

NY Mayor Bloomberg


This month, NYPD’s controversial stop-and-frisk policy — which entails officers regularly stopping predominantly black and Latino men and frisking them for weapons and drugs — went on trial in federal Court. The class-action lawsuit, Floyd v. City of New York, challenges the NYPD policy on the basis that it violates the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause, and the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition against unreasonable search and seizure.

Yet, even when confronted with verifiable research showing racial bias, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has defended the policy — insisting it has reduced gun violence. The NYPD’s own statistics prove otherwise. …90 percent of all black and Latino males stopped were guilty of no crime whatsoever. They received no summons, nor arrests, yet were harassed, questioned and physically violated — with the most commonly reported reason for the stop being “furtive movement,” hardly a standard for probable cause.

Bloomberg PAC endorses Robin Kelly in new Illinois special election ad
Robin Kelly 2

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 10:00 PM

The super PAC started by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg  is putting its weight behind former state representative Robin Kelly in Illinois’s 2nd District special election, releasing a new ad that touts her stance on gun control and criticizes two of her opponents on the issue.

“Kelly will join President Obama to take on the NRA for effective background checks and to ban deadly assault weapons,” says the narrator of the ad. It’s the first time the organization, Independence USA PAC, has mentioned Kelly in a TV ad.

Robin Kelly sweeps Democratic race to replace Jesse Jackson Jr.

Robin Kelly wins jackson seat

Robin Kelly wins Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s seat

Thanks to Bloomberg’s super PAC, which makes one wonder WHY would a New York politician SPEND TWO MILLION DOLLARS

on TV ADS for a black female candidate running in Illinois for Jesse Jackson’s congressional seat?

Robin Kelly To Be Sworn Into Congress Thursday



Gun violence was Kelly’s main issue in her congressional sprint, earning her prime ad money from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Super PAC and an endorsement from President Barack Obama. In her victory speech after winning the Democratic primary, Kelly took direct aim at the National Rifle Association.

“You sent a message that was heard around our state and across the nation,” Kelly told supporters, “a message that tells the NRA that their days of holding our country hostage are coming to an end.”

Again on Tuesday, Kelly spoke of a bumpy road ahead in her quest to keep families safe from gun violence. “To those who say that we won’t be able to make Congress do anything on gun control, who think this Tea Party Congress can’t be beaten, I’ve got two words: Watch us.”

There is a growing trend of more and more black female FACES being plastered as the POSTER GIRLS on the GUN CONTROL issue, 

as either politicians OR as mothers who have lost their children to gun violence and unfortunately, I expect this anti-black strategy to continue.

Robin Kelly I’m all about banning guns

(an example of the kinds of videos being posted about Robin Kelly and guns)

Taking a look back at September 2009

(the trailer for our first book — video posted Sept 2009)

(Phillip Jackson is the director of  The Black Star Project, an Chicago organization devoted to saving black boys. )

Trojan Pam  (Trojan Horse Press)