Convincing Whites That Blacks Are Not Inferior Is A Waste Of Time – ‘The Beauty Con Game’ Book Excerpt

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After posting the sound clip below on TheBlackCodeFiles (on 3/24/13), I thought it would be constructive to post an excerpt from our book — The Beauty Con Game — that addressed this same issue.

I believe MOST non-white people (myself included) have engaged in this futile dialogue with white people — and with other Victims.

It’s like a group of unpopular kids who want to be accepted by the popular kids but don’t understand that if the popular kids don’t keep some kids out of their cliche

how will they remain the most popular kids (aka superior, better, special, etc?)

The popular kids’ “MAGIC” comes from their ability to convince the unpopular kids that something is wrong with them

BUT if the “unpopular kids” peeped the game, they would SEE RIGHT THROUGH IT

and would come to the REALIZATION that ANYONE who spends ANY amount of time making someone else feel inferior


IF whites NEED blacks (and other non-whites) to be “inferior” to maintain the system of white supremacy,

Why in the world would they allow us to convince them that we’re not?

Don’t Waste Time On Trying To Disprove Black Inferiority  (Neely Fuller, Jr and Gus Renegade – COWS)


PARTIAL EXCERPT from Chapter 18 in    ‘The Beauty Con Game’  by Umoja



During a COWS interview  of Joe Adam, a young white male, (see opposite page) outraged (black) listeners attempted to “educate” (CONVINCE) him that blacks have produced much more than a written alphabet.

However, their “black history” lessons fell on deaf ears. Joe — an admitted white racist — could have cared less about ‘black inventors’ or what blacks had or had not accomplished.

On his website (which no longer exists), Joe wrote:

 “We recognize flat out that the races are natural enemies or natural competitors at least…this really isn’t a win-win situation at all. It is win-lose, and we want the White Race to be the winners in the game…”

“The ultimate penalty in Nature’s realm is extinction, and the White Race is going that path for failure to obey Nature’s laws…The White Race has by far the most to lose. The White Race is Nature’s Elite. The White Race is the Creator of all civilization and the Creator of all the great and worthwhile values that have been produced in the last several thousand years. We must save ourselves. No one else will.”

Joe is NOT alone. In fact, his views are reflected in the attitudes  AND behaviors of whites collectively all over the planet. If Joe represented only a minority of whites, America’s racist white shock jocks would not be so plentiful, so well-paid, or so popular with their white audiences.

White people, collectively, DO NOT CARE about the TRUTH of what is being said, written, or broadcast about black people as long as the FOCUS stays on “what is wrong with black people” and the PRESSURE keeps black people on the self-defeating treadmill of proving to (CONVINCING) whites that blacks are not inferior.

The SMARTEST (and most REFINED) white supremacists are MORE  KNOWLEDGEABLE  about  African/black  history  than the MAJORITY of black people — YET this “knowledge” DID NOT STOP them from practicing racism.

(Joe’s new website address is:

“White people will try to get black people in a long debate to prove what we’ve accomplished and that we’re not inferior. None of that is necessary. Just get to the part about mistreatment.

 Regardless of what black people have or haven’t done, should we be mistreated because we’re not white? I’ve seen white people extend conversations for days trying to prove that black people are inferior.

 Rosa Parks didn’t give them the history of buses and black people…she just focused on producing justice.”

– Gus Renegade, host of the internet talk-show, C.O.W.S. – 11/28/2011

“Ok, I have a low IQ, I’m HIV positive, I’m unemployed. I’m an alcoholic, I’m a crack head, I have pus filled bleeding gums, I stink, and…I LOOK LIKE A MONKEY!” 

“Now, What are WE gonna do about ME?”

 This is what you gotta do, just get it all out there for the sake of argument. See White people have tricked us into thinking that we gotta justify NOT being mistreated by them.

That we hafta somehow prove ourselves worthy of being treated correctly, as if we could do this in a system of White Supremacy. ”

 A Counter Racist Book Review on RACE, EVOLUTION and BEHAVIOR’   By J Philippe Rushton;

by Josh Wickett  ( )


I would STRONGLY suggest everyone who has not listened to the SOUND CLIP above take about five minutes of your time. It will be well worth it.

It is TIME to stop falling for the CON GAME that has kept blacks and non-whites trapped in a SELF-DEFEATING, SELF-HATING, and GROUP-HATING CYCLE for over 100 years.

We must STOP being hurt or surprised by racist comments.

Those comments are AIRED and WIDELY PUBLICIZED in the white media and (white-owned) “black media” for ONLY ONE REASON:


The MOST POWERFUL THING we can do in response is to STOP getting upset and angry


We must STOP wasting precious time and energy as though these kinds of comments are something new.

They are NOT.

We have MORE POWER than we think.

It’s time to CUT the dangling puppet strings on our emotional well-being and self-esteem

and spend our time and energy trying to SOLVE THIS PROBLEM.

  1. Chapter 18 Is definitely one of the best in the book. I wholeheartedly agree with the above statements. I suggest anyone that is confused about racism pick up that book. As well as the other books by Trojan Horse.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Kushite

      In my opinion, the entire Section “Breaking the Chains of White Validation” is the most important part of this book, and something that is rarely discussed.

      We are spending entirely TOO MUCH TIME trying (in vain) to convince the “popular kids” to like and accept us AKA treat us humanely.

      and need to spend more time trying to convince ourselves that we are worthwhile HUMAN BEINGS

      because WE ARE

  2. Mariama says:

    Another great post Pam! You make me want to take out all four of my Trojan Books and start reading again. Actually, they are not the kind of books one can only read just once. It is always good to read these kind of books multiple times for positive reinforcement. Every time I read the same book, I get a new meaning and see something that I did not see during the previous reading. I am suprised now how these kinds of books have helped change how I react to these kinds of mean-spirited racist remarks. Thank you again!

  3. Miss Pam

    I avoid whites like the plague that they are. I do not speak with them, eat with them, look at them…in fact, I wear headphones with no music playing just to keep them from conversing with me.

    None of it works.

    Whites can pick up, like a vampire, who’s “not feeling them” and their fangs come out. What we need to do is meditate on erasing them from the planet.

    • thissiteisgarbage says:

      Wow, and you consider WHITES racist? How is this entire post, and your disgusting statements above not just as racist as that dude Joe that was quoted above?

      I like how the author of this blog post insists that all whites feel the same way as Joe. Joe is clearly an extremist, white supremacist. You really think that every white person (or even a majority, or even a significant minority) feels this way?

      You DO realize that many, many white people voted for Obama correct?

      White supremacy is not the norm. Only a racist idiot would think that. You, my friends, are the racists here. Congratulations on being hypocrites.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ thissite

        White people know that white people are mistreating and cheating and practicing racism against black and non-white people every day yet MOST remain silent.

        Whether white people voted for Obama or not (and I suspect fewer did than the deceptive mass media led us to believe) does not mean those whites are not practicing racism and this is the purpose of this blog,

        to help black people to see understand HOW racism/white supremacy is practiced, that it is a GLOBAL SYSTEM of OPPRESSION where the white MINORITY benefits at the expense of the non-white MAJORITY, and that one of the most effective and common weapons used by whites is DENIAL and PROJECTION (whites aren’t racist, black people ARE).

        In fact, I suspect you are practicing racism by coming to this blog, using DECEPTION to make black victims think we are imagining the racism that we experience on a DAILY basis.

        Thank God more and more non-whites (AROUND THE PLANET) are waking up

      • thissite:

        If you think my (tiny) input was troubling, you need to see my next post: African Meditation Session.

  4. TrojanPam says:

    @ diaryofanegress

    I have felt the same thing, that some whites can sense it when you’re not “feeling them” or do not feel inferior to them or feel the need for their approval

    even though I try to be courteous to everyone I meet I would often get the vibe that I did not easily fit into the “bad black” or the “good black” category

    and by default was assigned to the “suspect black” category

    which caused me (in the past) to doubt myself

    I used to wonder why whites seem to embrace certain black people with such enthusiasm, and I am convinced that these black people MAY be giving off some sort of vibe that says

    “I’m one of those (good) blacks who will not give white people any lip or any grief!”

    but now I consider my “category” a compliment AND an encouragement that says I may be headed in the right, self-respecting direction

    meaning I am not as quick to seek white validation

    AND hopefully, one day I will not want or need it at all

    • I’ve learned that nothing hurts them more than to see a black person who is :

      Happy with themselves
      Not in need of their validation
      uninterested in being friendly with them

      Like a petulant child, they seek your “admiration” and wonder why you hate them.

      • Portraying an entire victim mentality is counterproductive! Also promoting racism to fight racism
        is what keeps racism alive and well!

      • Nate says:

        Imagine if a white person said they can’t stand black people and actively ignore them only because of their skin color. C’mon. That’s racist of you and you should reconsider your mindset.

        There are racist white people and there are racist black people as well. Obviously minorities are oppressed by the system, but it’s not every fucking white person actively oppressing you; it’s a system whose leaders happen to be white. You might live in an area where racism is common, but you need to realize this isn’t the norm everywhere, and white people don’t all hate you.

        In reality I’m just gonna guess a big part of why they make fun of you is because you’re acting like a bitch. They might say you’re worthless because of your color, but usually their need to insult has something to do with you being rude and unlikable. If someone called me a fat bastard, I wouldn’t assume it’s because they hate all fat people. I’d assume they hate me and want to hurt my feelings specifically. Considering you hate all white people, they’re effectively trying to insult you on grounds where you hold pride (your race).

        This is why racial/gay/national pride is stupid (of any kind). You’re opening room for a negative feedback loop that makes both parties hate each other. Think about it, then fix it by changing the way you handle people.

  5. kowaba says:

    Thank you, Trojan Pam for writing these posts. I especially enjoy your definition workshop series and have shared it with one of my good friends. Just to let you know, after some digging, I’ve found that is currently under the web address:

    prior to this web address was Perhaps the change in web addresses and titles is due to him trying to draw a larger audience to his site.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Kowaba

      I’m glad you found the posts constructive!
      You might be right about the reason he keeps changing his domain name.

      I’ll repost this info on theblackcodefiles as well

      thanks for the info!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ kowaba

      I just posted the link on — — as the following:


      His new website:

      (FYI — I am not providing free publicity for his site, I’m posting this link as information. It’s important we know what is being said, what is being proposed, and what is being done in regard to black and non-white people — even by white people who are not the smartest or the most powerful white people. They are the FOOT SOLDIERS for the white supremacy system — which COULD NOT function with their cooperation and dedication.


      If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. – Sun Tzu

      • I’ve checked out that site and it doesn’t seem very powerful to me. It looks like it was just thrown I like how you said we need to be aware of what’s going on even by whites not that smart. You’re right because that site doesn’t look like it was put together by a

  6. TrojanPam says:

    @ Kushite

    I agree. 🙂

    I posted it in case someone wanted to check it out.

  7. larissa says:

    @trojan pam
    A few months ago I experienced a defining moment. At the time, I thought nothing of it. Now, looking back, it confirms in every way the fact that we live in a white supremacy system:
    I went to see a General Practitioner, to ask him to refer me to a psychologist, because I’d just gone through serious trauma regarding huge revelations concerning my family. He tells me, you can talk to me first, then I’ll refer you to a pyschologist. So I reluctantly start telling him my troubles, he cuts me off, and asks me, ”where are you from?” I tell him, then he nods, and lets me continue… You are an informed woman so I don’t need to explain to you why he asked, but for me, looking back, it really opened my eyes. Why should a doctor ask that kind of question? Trying to anwser that question told me everything I need to know about htis world we live in…

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ larissa

      Unfortunately, there is a huge shortage of psychological counseling for non-white Victims, and the “help” that is available actually supports the system of white supremacy by either drugging up the patients or by IGNORING the single-most important contributor to poor mental health in non-white victims

      racism/white supremacy

      if that is true, how can a “psychologist” who does not address racism/white supremacy really help a Victim who is suffering from it?

      they can’t. Which is why I hope more black people who understand white supremacy will consider going into the counseling field because our people desperately need to understand how they are being Victimized and need the tools to learn how to cope with their Victimization in the most constructive ways.

      Why do you think the psychologist asked where you were from?

  8. larissa says:

    @Miss Pam
    I think he asked because he knows that all non white people are are affected by white supremacy. He knows that the level of damage done by whites globally varies according to the country (history of colonialism etc..). I think he wanted to know where I am from in order to understand the degree of damage caused by his people in my country, and make the connection between that and what is going on in my personal life, because he knows that the two are inextricably linked. He knows that a group of people cannot arrive in a country, rape the women, kill the men and children, destroy the culture/language/history, do this for 100+ years and not have all of the natives including their descendants affected somehow.He looked so pensive after I told him where I from, there is zero doubt in my mind about what he was thinking.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ larissa

      I agree that white people are NOT ignorant about racism OR the effects that it’s had on their victims. Which should tell the victims that using ‘white guilt’ to eliminate racism is a waste of time

  9. larissa says:

    @Ms. Pam, you said,
    the single-most important contributor to poor mental health in non-white victims
    racism/white supremacy

    I agree with this statement. However, I used to struggle with it; am I just using it as a way to escape responsibility for my innate moral failings. Where do you draw the line? How lovely it must be to be white and never have to question your moral fiber, despite the fact that the world is f***** up due to the atrocious deeds of your ancestors.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ larissa

      yes, it is a confusing dilemma, how much to hold your self accountable (or other victims) for our behavior

      versus how much of our behavior is due to our trauma as victims of white supremacy

      the same question could be asked of a victim of gross child abuse

      if a person has been severely damaged (burned with cigarettes, beaten, raped, and starved) throughout their entire childhood

      how in the world can anyone expect that person to be a normally functioning individual? To me that’s UNREASONABLE and INHUMANE.

      at the same time, if that child abuse victim goes out and victimizes someone else,

      how much of their behavior is voluntarily VS him or her acting out of their own victimization?

      unfortunately, I can’t answer that question

      but I do know one thing

      that the ONES WHO ARE THE MOST TO BLAME are the parents who victimized that child


      the WHITES WHO PRACTICE WHITE SUPREMACY against their non-white victims

    • thissiteisgarbage says:

      Why should the goodness of my character be determined by people who are no longer alive, who happened to pass down their genetic code to me?

      What happened to being judged for what YOU do rather than someone who lived hundreds of years ago?

      How do you know that one or more of your direct ancestors wasn’t a terrible person? Does that make YOU a terrible person by default?

      Use your head for *’s sake, people.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ thissite

        Racism/white supremacy is a global system that is being practiced against non-whites all over the PLANET, from the U.S. to Africa, to Iraq, to Egypt, to Libya, where europeans are traveling the globe waging warfare, assassinating (murdering) leaders of sovereign nations and stealing non-white people’s resources

        there isn’t a SINGLE non-white nation today that is destroying the sovereignty of european nations or stealing their resources.

        Whether you accept this as true or not matters not one whit to me.

        If you find this blog offensive, I suggest you go elsewhere.

        Also, I have deleted the profanity in your post in the name of being (or at least pretending to be) CIVILIZED.

  10. larissa says:

    One thing I’ve noticed about whites, after having a conversation with some classmates, is that they think their ability to single handedly opress all peoples on Earth marks them as superior to the rest.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ larissa

      I have seen that same sense of entitlement among many whites (won’t say all whites)

      that ANYTHING they do to non-whites is always justified or correct

  11. Marino says:

    You should interview the Joe Adam guy again. I listened to an interview he did on another black talk show and he sounds really reasonable and more diplomatic than in this post. I think he actually sympathizes with the black struggle. Try to find his number or contact him through their site. We have a lot of common ground with White nationalists.

  12. vince says:

    I’ve been reading a lot of the posts on this sight I feel that demographics have a lot more to do with these type of issues. I have to admit that I have certain prejudicial views. Every person ever born does.My own prejudice ls liberal attitudes! I’m conservative and mostly try to meet people in the middle. So the my way or the highway far left views irk me! I don’t judge people by the color of their skin or their ethnicity But i realize that a lot of people do. So I’m not naive.But their are a lot of white people that [mostly Christian] are not as you portray them to be! I myself grew up being
    discriminated against for being a poor eastern block person! We were considered less than human by a large portion of society! I take it that you have never heard all of the offensive polish
    jokes.My thoughts on prejudice is that if we all followed the way of the lord this country would be better for people of all races !But the far left keeps pushing to remove God from our country
    the atheist are gaining control and making it impossible for people to get together and heal all of the wounds caused by past generations!I am white, but I am truly your brother!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ vince

      The problem is NOT demographics or prejudice, it is racism/white supremacy.

      A green person not liking an orange person is NOT racism.

      Racism is green people collectively mistreating orange people JUST BECAUSE they are not green

      AND having the power to deprive them in the areas of education, economics, entertainment, employment, politics, etc.

      THAT is RACISM

      If most white people did not support the system of white supremacy either by deed or by silent consent it WOULD NOT AND COULD NOT EXIST ON A GLOBAL LEVEL.

      I will continue to follow the LOGIC

      • vince says:


        I came to this sight to educate myself. I felt that going to mostly white sights are a waste of time,
        being as no white person can ever understand the problem of racism and the way effects
        people of color. Far left white apologists are a joke, they deceive everyone , including themselves! All they are about is an agenda to try and make people of color believe that
        they matter to them. All they want is to use you for your vote! I do understand racism but not
        racism against people of color.Thats why I’m here. I can truly tell you that I am not racist nor
        do i support any child of God being treated in any way different than anyone else! Tolerance
        ,of this evil is just as bad as doing the evil yourself! I am still scared by the treatment of my parents and grandparents who just stood there and let these things happen to them! but still, I am not a person of color, so the effects are different in some ways! I’m just trying to better understand these issues. Nothing can be done about racism without understanding both sides
        of the coin! All that we end up doing is attacking each other because both sides only see the
        effects on themselves.If a lot of white people really looked at how racism destroys all of us not just individual parts of our society they would wake up! For we are the sum of all parts of humanity, none can grow without the other!

  13. […] Convincing Whites That Blacks Are Not Inferior Is A Waste Of Time – ‘The Beauty Con Game’ Book… […]

  14. Alan says:

    Blacks and whites are both humans, but are not the same. There are physical and mental differences between the two groups. As to whether one is superior it depends on what type of superiority you are talking about. There are athletic, intellectual, moral, and other types of superiority that arise from a relative point of view. Of course saying we are equal depends on the type of equality. It’s relative too. I feel bad we whites have caused so much problems for you non-whites and I propose a solution we will both be happy with. It is called segregation. I envision an all black country that is free from the tyranny of whites. No more shall blacks feel inferior. No more will they be oppressed. Equality won’t be an issue anymore. Segregation is a much more achievable goal than changing the minds of all blacks and/whites. Whites will have their own place and be happy, and blacks will have their own place and be happy and empowered. That is doing something about the problem. A commenter below avoids whites at all costs. I believe she self segregates. That makes two of us who believes in segregation. Who else is with me?

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Alan.

      Absolutely, we are not the same. No argument there. As far as intellectual differences, making that comparison is one of the cornerstones of white supremacy. and it goes like this:

      “I will shoot you in the leg and then with my two HEALTHY LEGS will challenge you to a race and when I win I will declare myself “a superior runner.”

      White people have created a SYSTEM OF WHITE SUPREMACY that GUARANTEES the APPEARANCE of inferiority in black and non-white people by creating unequal living environments, food supplies, schools, social respect and access, employment, media stereotypes, legal justice, etc

      and then will declare themselves “a superior people”

      but that begs the question: WHY would a superior person need a SYSTEM of privilege and access if they are already superior? I’m not asking you that question because I don’t need you to answer it. The answer is SELF-EVIDENT and is covered in any basic Psychology 101 class:

      a superiority complex is a sign of a massive INFERIORITY complex.

      No superior person needs to remind anyone over and over and over and over and over that they are superior. No superior person needs an “advantage” to maintain that superiority via better schools, jobs, neighborhoods, nutrition, etc. No superior people constantly IMITATE inferior people. No superior group of people genetically have problems REPRODUCING. Now, that is Mother Nature speaking that they are, indeed, far from superior. But I won’t belabor that point. I think it’s self-evident.

      Whites have systematically deleted, altered, omitted, and whitewashed the historic contributions and achievements of blacks and African people — who were here long before the first Europeans appeared on the planet — so all whites have done is pumped up their FALSE WHITE EGOS to believe that anything that was worth doing white people did it — but true history tells a more accurate story. Whether you believe this or not, matters not to me, I’m simply stating FACTS.

      I am wholeheartedly in favor of separation given that whites collectively do not get along with anyone, that the sociopathic need to oppress any and everyone of color cannot be denied. Not a single nation of color has been immune to white oppression and madness. So I agree that the only answer is to separate so black people can get our sanity and our lives back.

      Unfortunately, as much as whites rail against “forced integration,” — something that whites created, not blacks — and whenever black people have attempted to separate from whites they have reacted with violence resistance. When blacks tried to leave the south after slavery whites chased them down and forced us to stay. When Marcus Garvey started a movement for blacks to return to Africa white people attacked Garvey and shut him down. When blacks started all-black towns in places like Tulsa, OK after slavery better known as “Black Wall Street” whites burned the entire town to the ground and imprisoned every black man, woman and child. If you haven’t heard about this historic travesty you need to Google it before you post anything else on this subject.

      Whenever we tried to do ANYTHING to establish an independent way of life, white people have reacted with violence and aggression. You may want to separate but the majority are simply flapping their gums about it. Whatever black people do, white people come around. In bed and out the bed, your eyes are always watching and ears are always listening.

      It’s like the abusive husband who rails about his worthless wife and watches her every move but when she offers to leave him (since she is not worthy of him) he becomes enraged, chases her down, beats her, and forces her to stay with him under threat of death. Because if he is left alone, he will have to face the demons in his own mirror that clearly show that SHE is not the worthless one. HE is.

      Like I said, I am totally in favor of separation — however, NOT until we are compensated for our vast contributions to this society. We are OWED reparations and since whites have greatly benefit not only from our 400 years of FREE LABOR — of which many white corporations today built their wealth– we have also contributed POST-Slavery, via our labors, inventions, social and business contributions and labor.

      And given that we have been DELIBERATELY CRIPPLED by systematic racism, we will need some assistance for a time so we can eventually function without it — much the same way a man who broke another man’s legs with a baseball bat is NOW OBLIGATED to assist the victim until that victim is healed and able to walk again

      And that is the other problem with separation — whites collectively taking NO RESPONSIBILITY for the damage they have done to black people over a systematic period of FIVE HUNDRED YEARS.

      The man who VICTIMIZED the man by breaking his legs cannot then stand back and say he bears NO responsibility for that victim’s CONDITION. He is OBLIGATED MORALLY to make amends and if he doesn’t understand that it is only because he is a remorseless SOCIOPATH and should be viewed and treated as such.

      • Kentu Mesquite says:

        @ Vince

        I just discovered this sight earlier today by chance. I feel you brother leaving the Creator ( YHWH) and the Saviour ( Yahshua) out of the discussions really has a discerning impact. The Christian household has really effected people’s view on keeping God alive, in a real way. For my people ( non-white) Christianity has really effected us, severely. Relationship and religion are two different things. Christianity took seize of the world in a sick way, some of us are becoming conscious of that. And some us find ourselves/ lost and afflicted by that. It’s a well evolved plot to destroy mankind as a whole. White supremacy is the biggest and most effective weapon to that truth. If take the time to read all forms Gospel, be it: Torrah, Talmud, Koran, KJV, apocryphal etc. You see that the truth about the Father and Son have spread out in all them. Which created religion, which is a form mental control. To distract the masses, enabling White supremacy to be the enemy’s greatest deception.
        We blindly give the enemy, all the glory in doing so. But the Creator stated, ” no weapon formed shall prosper.” Why because he is Creator of all: mankind, Lucifer etc. People fail to realize that our Father is testing our faith, further exhausted all his mercy by allowing the Saviour to bleed for our inequities and constant commandment/ covenant breaking. When the Romans identified in the power of faith, they trembled. But their total disregard for that, birthed a way for them to control the world. Instead of leading the world by faith. This is the work of Satan, Rome has become the greatest empire and the last. Until the return of our Messiah Yahshua. Even as I state Satan as the conspirator against, I give Yah the glory. Because I remind you again, our faith is being tested like never before. Hold onto your faith and keep all commandments, it’s not going to get any better. Absolute faith and fear of his wrath, is truly our salvation. I would be nice to overcome white supremacy, but it is a distraction. The enemy has condemned himself and seeks your/ our souls as company.
        Slalom, Salaam, Hotep and all of that.

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