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 Why This Site Was Created

Racism Is White Supremacy.com was created to provide Constructive Education, Economics, and Information that will lead to Black Liberation and the Elimination of the System of Racism/White Supremacy.

Counter-Racism Economics:
 The Business of Counter-Racism

Business Charts

Without ECONOMICS, there can be no FREEDOM or JUSTICE.

I believe the mistake many Counter-Racist individuals make — as well intentioned as we might be — is to NOT think of Counter-Racism as a BUSINESS — meaning some believe that counter-racism and money DO NOT GO TOGETHER . If White Supremacy is the most profitable business on the planet — Counter-Racism must fight economic fire with economic fire.

Is Money the “Root of All Evil?

I believe the “Christian” slave training taught to MILLIONS of African slaves by their white SLAVE-OWNERS is largely responsible for the widespread (and often secret) belief among the black collective today that “money is root of evil.” 

Like most traditions, our SLAVE TRADITIONS are passed from one black generation to another.

Despite our tragic obsession with money and material goods, this “training” may also be largely responsible for our collective tendency to get rid of that (evil) money as fast as we get our hands on it — INSTEAD of investing our money in our OWN communities. This (secret) belief system — based on a corrupt and racist form of Christianity — also makes anyone (black) who attempts to profit from their Counter-Racist work — automatically suspect.

Keep in mind that the same (white) Slave-Owners who taught African slaves that it was MORE noble and “Christian-like” to wait until they died to get their “rewards,” did not practice what they preached.

Armed with a whip in one hand and a Bible in the other, white “Christian” SLAVE-OWNERS aided by their mercenary MISSIONARIES sold and bred other (black) HUMAN BEINGS all while preaching the “gospel.”

FACT: AFRICAN SLAVERY was the ENGINE and the FUEL that built America and Europe’s immense wealth — much of which still exists today.

It is time to abandon our SLAVE MINDSET by putting our time, energies, resources, and MONEY into dismantling the System of White Supremacy,  and conducting  the Business of Counter-Racism like a BUSINESS. 

Avoiding “Counter-Racism Tyranny”

You may not agree with everything or anything written here. At the risk of offending some visitors, I will not waste ANY time being politically correct, or tip-toe-ing around certain subjects out of fear of offending someone.

This is a place where I hope we can be HONEST with each other — and give HONEST and CONSTRUCTIVE information, suggestions, and criticisms that will encourage OUR GROWTH from the Victimized to the Victorious SURVIVORS of White Supremacy.

All comments and constructive criticisms are welcome as long as they’re expressed in a courteous manner so we might learn by hearing other viewpoints.

We cannot expect (or demand) that everyone share our same opinions — and must fight the temptation to allow our Counter-Racist Efforts — however sincere — to degenerate into some sort of cyber police state where people are afraid to express an honest opinion.

I see a very strong possibility of that happening as more non-white people are exposed to counter-racism and subsequently decide they are more “codified” (aka smarter and more deserving of being heard) than someone they judge to be less — which will only lead to one Victim going after another Victim under the guise of “counter-racism.”

Counter-Racism should NOT be about black people telling other black people WHAT to think but giving them the TOOLS and SUPPORT to teach us HOW to THINK for ourselves by FOLLOWING THE LOGIC.  We need not trade one form of (white) tyranny for another (black) tyranny.

Imagine millions of non-white people — armed with knowledge about the system of white supremacy…
Thinking INDEPENDENTLY and following the LOGIC to the best of their OWN ability.

THAT is how NEW revelations, NEW strategies, and NEW solutions are born, so — through TRIAL and ERROR — we can amass an expanding ARSENAL of STRATEGIES — all while moving forward toward our ultimate goal of liberation…

By Building an ARMY of Intellectual Soldiers

That is what the smartest, most powerful white supremacists do: They create, examine, adjust, refine, create, examine, adjust, refine, and create NEW words, NEW strategies, NEW weapons, NEW imagery, NEW TV shows, NEW movies, and NEW forms of mass deception — which is why THEY are winning every game on the White Supremacy Chess Board.

While I see the NECESSITY of having a Counter-Racism Code — that Code MUST be flexible, adaptable, and changeable, because if ANY ONE person had the “solution”to the biggest problem on the planet — RACISM/WHITE SUPREMACY —  there would be no need for blogs like this to exist.

That Being Said
This Site is My Independent Effort

According to The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Book, by Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr., pg 14:

“The word “Independent” means that each and every individual Victim of Racism is, at all times, in all places, in all areas of activity, “Independent” in regards to his or her choice of methods used to resist and/or eliminate Racism (White Supremacy).”

This blog site is MY Independent Effort as an Individual UNITED with other  Individuals in the Goal of Replacing White Supremacy with a System of Justice.

Any questions, constructive criticisms, or comments regarding anything on this site should be addressed to me, the Site Creator, via the Contact Form.

I hope you will take the time to check out this site and let me know what you think. If you think this site is constructive, please leave a comment, and  join the mailing list to receive regular updates —  and please share this link with others.

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  1. bf says:

    Hi Pam,

    I think what you are referring to in your post about money being the root of all evil is I Timothy 6:10 “For the “love” of money is the root of all evil which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrow.” (KJV)

    I’m no Bible scholar but I think Apostle Paul was encouraging Timothy to stay on course in the faith, and don’t be side tracked with a hot pursuit of money and riches, and doing anything and everything to get it like some others who had started out in the faith had done.

    He wasn’t saying that money is evil, but he was saying that other things were more important like righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness etc. etc. (v. 11).

  2. Selena says:

    Wow, this paragraph is nice, my sister is analyzing these kinds of things, so I
    am going to inform her.

  3. This blog states that racism is white supremacy.


      • Edward says:

        Can’t anyone explain it in logical terms? Or do I have to accept the definitions written by Mr. Fuller?

        • Mike says:

          Basically, @Edward

          The allegations are:

          There is a large scale conspiracy that perpetuates the hierarchy that’s been in place since the inception of the usage of North American slaves.

          There is a now an “unsaid” code of ethics used to promote the ruling class, while suppressing the minority. In the past, there were actual laws to define the code. (☆Google: Jim Crowe Laws) While this blog states not all White people are practicing racists, it does cite them for:

          1. Reaping benefits of OTHERS racist suppression of the minority and elevation of the ruling class.

          2. Guilt by omission. Knowingly failing to intervene as a (hate/international/humanity) crime is being committed and never admitting the actions of the ethnic group are malicious and counterproductive to other ethnic groups.

          …simply, the Blogger identifies an issue that needs resolve. However, it’s a lingering and very “touchy” subject…and the ruling class prefers (in my interpretation) to deny the validity of the argument. As not to relinquish any true form of retribution, as is the norm with cases of crimes versus humanity.


          Native Americans received land to regrow their population, as retribution for the near extinction of their ethnicity.

          The surviving families of the Jewish Holocaust received retribution from the German government as retribution for the crimes committed by the Nazi Party.

          The Japanese-Americans that were forced into prison camps during WWII, after Pearl Harbor was bombed, received retribution from the United States.

          …you may chuckle at this one…

          After the Emancipation Proclamation released them from captivity, each slave was promised 40 acres of land and 1 mule to plow it….lol…However, the effective LAW (thanks Jim Crowe!) stated that no person could collect the retribution IF their grandfather was a slave. This was called the “GRANDFATHER CLAUSE”. Needless to say, not very many collected retribution on that day in June!

          Also keep in mind that it was illegal to educate slaves. So for 465 years…very few people of color had any education. Make no mistake, there was no “gradual” release or “vocational re-training”. One morning, Abe Lincoln just let them go.

          Random, right?

          So, most of the slaves accepted the same position…lol…since there was an opening! And now, they had to pay to farm the land! Hahaha! (☆Google: sharecropper)

          It’s kinda funny in a twisted sort of way but, it demonstrates the inequity and lack of respect in this “relationship”.

          Honestly, if I was white…I’d be afraid of Black people too. You guys really fucked us over, deny that you have…and continue to do it! Eventually, we’ll smarten up…465 years of being lobotomized and about 50 years of recovery, isn’t much time for growth. (I say 50 years because until the late 1960s, the opportunity for a “quality” education weren’t available, due to segregation)

          Anyways…I’m rambling and its late.

          Hope I helped your perspective.


          • Zsa says:

            Awesome comment!

          • cripes says:

            @ Mike:
            Man, please write reparations–not retribution–which is basically the opposite of reparations. Thank you.

          • john says:

            Actually, I believe the White Man that “fucked you over” would be much older than me.

          • Joaquin says:

            To your list of “retribution” you might want to add decades of “Affirmative Action” that gave Blacks preferential treatment over equally qualified or even better qualified Caucasians.

            • Phazex_Female says:

              @ Joaquin:

              Actually those that MOST benefitted from Affirmative Action (dismantled circa 1991) were white women and Asians.

              If you are going to “bru ha ha” the STILL UNFAIR practices in employment that Blacks receive, at least do your homework.

              That is all, you are dismissed to go BACK under the bridge with the other TROLLS.


  4. Mike says:

    Interesting reading.


    Tactics obviously designed for an obviously extreme situation.


  5. Henley Smith says:

    My Thoughts are how do we who are becoming aware of Rac-ism white supremacy impart this knowledge to the millions of non- whites and those that class them self has white this, re-education ? Hotep.. Henley

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Henley Smith

      that is the million-dollar question, how to reach the masses? Especially when the masses are being hypnotized by mass media?

      I personally don’t expect to do it, all I can do is reach the people that I reach.

      I think the most realistic way is for a lot of people to reach a few people at a time. The age of “black leaders” is pretty much done. The white supremacists learned their lessons during the 1960s, to NEVER again allow black people to choose our own leaders or heroes or work toward BLACK UNITY

      so they gave us BLACK POLITICIANS and ENTERTAINERS to keep us bamboozled. (when you think about it, politicians and entertainers are pretty much the same thing).

      The black “super-stars” and “super politicians” are handpicked — by WHITE PEOPLE, not black people. And as you can see, most appear to be promoting white supremacy, or homosexuality, or sex with white people, or anti-black and anti-black-female propaganda

      The only alternative I see is for individuals to become LEADERS OF ONE — where we learn to lead ourselves, learn to follow the logic, and change our behavior, speech and thoughts. And teach our children to do the same.

      We have to start somewhere, why not with ourselves?

      • Mike says:

        The first step to making any change, is to realize where you actually are.

        We don’t know. (As a whole.)

        Step 2. The recognition of the true situations being faced.

        We focus so hard on ethnic battles, we forget that its a wealth issue.

        Thirdly, evaluation of the dilemma.

        Failure to plan, is a plan for failure.

        Finally, commit and act.

        Do something about it.

        …seems simple enough. Right?

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Mike

          The focus of this blog is RACISM/WHITE SUPREMACY for a very good reason. The system of white supremacy dominates every aspect of our lives, regardless of how much money a non-white person has.

          By establishing a system of DOMINANCE based on “skin color” this GUARANTEES white people will always be “wealthier” than non-whites collectively. Wealth is simply a BYPRODUCT of the system NOT the system, itself.

          If we lived under a system of GREEN SUPREMACY, wealthy blacks would be treated the same as wealthy whites.

          We know this is not true.

          If wealth was the biggest issue, wealthy blacks would NOT experience ANY racism because their “wealth” would outrank their skin color

          We know this is NOT true.

          You are free to disagree, but the OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE does not support your statement.

          • Jeffrey Ford says:

            TrojanPam, I’ve been reading your posts for the first time. Let me reveal first I am a white man. You are obviously passionate, informed, an eloquent on this topic. It also seems your opinions are really based on love and hope, so I am reluctant to really “take you on”.

            I have to challenge one notion i see over and over in your posts – that there is a white supremacy system intricately put in place by “white slave owners” (I can only guess you mean people like me?). Most of my ancestors immigrated to this country long after slavery was over. Most were poor…it just seems disingenuous to imply all white people are in on this conspiracy. I try to teach my kids to ignore race and judge individuals as individuals just like Martin Luter King wanted..right?

            But in summary I candidly see two major advantages for us white (and Asian) people today:

            1. We are more likely to be from a two parent household. We tend to get married and stay married. It ain’t easy, but it makes a world of difference for kids growing up.

            2. When we fail at anything, and it happens all the time, we cannot consider race as an excuse. I hope you will agree that looking for excuses and explanations for failure is and awfully easy, and devastating lie for personal growth.

            thank you.

      • Thank you for your response Trojan Pam. It is the same conclusion I have come to myself.

  6. Olu Lee a. Massey-EL says:

    Trojanpam, you are a dynamic insightful person and I agree with you on your direction and even with your method. Each of us must find our own method to combat this antiquated, degenerate society /government (consciousness of supremacy). For de I, I choose to work on self, family and in the local immediate community, for when we change All Supremacist must change. It is our conscious condition that has allowed supremacy to reign.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Olu Lee a. Massey-EL

      Thank you so much for the encouraging words. In this “business” of promoting Counter-Racism, it can sometimes feel like opening a store and no customers show up.

      I agree, that OUR continued submission fuels white domination. It’s not our FAULT, but it is our RESPONSIBILITY to change ourselves AND our condition.

      If we could only see through the MIND GAMES and CON GAMES of white superiority that would weaken the white supremacy system in ways we would not believe.

      Which is why the books and this site exist.

  7. Milagros says:

    Thank you its way past time that the truth was told

  8. Mike says:

    Thanks Zsa!

    ..effective communication is essential.

    Mastery of your language is directly related to intelligence.

  9. ArchAngel says:

    Hello Pam,all d way from Nigeria I say ‘waado’ (thumbs up in my native tongue) for believing in d liberation from d mental slavery d White man has put on d Black man’s mind.
    This is a cause every black man should fight for ‘independently’ ,as I myself use poetry and spoken word as my ‘independent’ effort to enlighten my fellow africans.
    ‘Uhuru’….freedom is all we seek.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ ArchAngel

      Good to hear from our brothers and sisters across the water!

      that’s what this blog is about — freedom from white supremacy terrorism and to replace it with a system of JUSTICE for all the people

  10. GemGirl says:

    Great work on this website and your mission is stated clearly. Anyone with any common sense would not mistake what you are about or view your message as being anti-white people or negative in general. I completely agree with everything you say about the issues and will share links to your website with as many others possible.

    Stay clear and give yourself permission to rest as needed because this can be daunting work to educate the masses (and even individuals) about how embedded systemic racism is due to the false ideology of white supremacy.

  11. Lara says:


    Sorry for leaving this comment here, it is in response to your ‘About the Authors’ page, which does not provide comment access, so I am posting the comment here.

    You write: “Why do our books focus almost entirely on Racism/White Supremacy? Because Racism/White Supremacy is responsible for the vast majority of human suffering on the planet, whether it is global poverty, starvation, oppression, imperialism, colonialism, slavery, man-made diseases, displacement, racism, wars, and genocide, particularly, and especially, among people of color. …..[..] …… We hope all our books will accomplish our main goal: increasing understanding and reducing confusion about the system of racism/white supremacy, and ultimately replacing it with a system of JUSTICE for all the people on the planet, so that no one is mistreated, and the people who need the most help GET the most help.”

    Racism/White Supremacy is not responsible for the vast majority of human suffering on the planet. Racism/White (Black etc) Supremacy are a divide and conquer symptom of Masonic Human Factory Farming Secret Societies agenda for control.

    The root cause of the vast majority of human suffering is — according to my research — Masonic Secret Societies management of the ‘seething powers of lucifer’.
    Brief Summary: All civilized religions — from Christianity, to Gnosticism, etc — were ‘created’ in the minds of man to comprehend the concept of ‘evil’ (aka organized violence), subsequent to man’s invention of agriculture, approximately 10,000 years ago; and where such agriculture created food surpluses, resulting in population surpluses, and expansion of their territory resulting in clashes with other tribes territories, resource war conflict.

    They were a consequence of psychic existential conflict to attempt to understand so-called ‘evil’; or put more simply: the conflict resulting from population pressures and escalating relations with fellow humans based upon the absence of consent, i.e. extended periods of psychic and physical violence and coercion.

    Evil is defined as profoundly immoral and wicked, with synonyms: bad, wrong, morally wrong, wrongful, immoral, sinful, ungodly, unholy, foul, vile, base, ignoble, dishonourable, corrupt, iniquitous, depraved, degenerate, villainous, nefarious, sinister, vicious, malicious, malevolent, demonic, devilish, diabolic, diabolical, fiendish, dark, black-hearted.

    A more simplistic subjective definition of evil I would say is: evil is that which someone capable of reason and logic does to me without my fully informed consent.

    If there are two or ten people living on an island with enough food and other resources and space, for one hundred people; there is no need to coerce another for food or resources freely and abundantly available. In the absence of a resource scarcity conflict mindset, and plenty of space, tribal relations are more conductive to cooperation and sharing. Living in the moment. There is no need for an external God in the sky to explain ‘evil’; there is only a consciousness to appreciate the source of resource abundance, as the ‘source of life’; and to live in harmony with such source: nature. Violence is limited to hunting, or being hunted by a natural predator, for immediate food.

    If the tribe introduces agriculture, which results in an agricultural surplus and uses such agricultural surplus to justify greater population; then as the population increases, so the populaton pressures increase. There is less space to run away from someone who may be temporarily angry, or wanting something another is not willing to provide in that moment.

    The existence of ‘evil’ (absence of fully informed consenting agreements) is plausibly directly proportional to the resource war conflict, resulting from the tribe’s violation of carrying capacity limits; and/or coming into contact with another tribe’s territorial expansion as a result of their violation of carrying capacity limits.

    In attempting to understand the existential meaning of this symptom of ‘evil’ resulting from violation of carrying capacity limits resource war conflict, man created religions.

    In Running on Emptiness: The Failure of Symbolic Thought (See also: Running on Emptiness: The Pathology of Civilization), John Zerzan explains his perspective of the relationship between ‘civilization’ and ‘symbolic thought’; how “culture emerged as time, language, art, number, and then agriculture.”

    “The word culture derives from the Latin cultura, referring to cultivation of the soil; that is, to the domestication of plants and animals—and of ourselves in the bargain. A restless spirit of innovation and anxiety has largely been with us ever since, as continually changing symbolic modes seek to fix what cannot be redressed without rejecting the symbolic and its estranged world.”

    “Eli Sagan (1985) spoke for countless others in declaring that the need to symbolize and live in a symbolic world is, like aggression, a human need so basic that “it can be denied only at the cost of severe psychic disorder.” The need for symbols — and violence – did not always obtain, however. Rather, they have their origins in the thwarting and fragmenting of an earlier wholeness, in the process of domestication from which civilization issued.”

    “Out of a sense of being trapped and limited by symbols comes the thesis that the extent to which thought and emotion are tied to symbolism is the measure by which absence fills the inner world and destroys the outer world.”

    “We seem to have experienced a fall into representation, whose depths and consequences are only now being fully plumbed. In a fundamental sort of falsification, symbols at first mediated reality and then replaced it. At present we live within symbols to a greater degree than we do within our bodily selves or directly with each other.”

    “The more involved this internal representational system is, the more distanced we are from the reality around us. Other connections, other cognitive perspectives are inhibited, to say the least, as symbolic communication and its myriad representational devices have accomplished an alienation from and betrayal of reality.”

    “Closer yet is Cohen (1974), who observed that “symbols are essential for the development and maintenance of social order.” The ensemble of symbols represents the social order and the individual’s place in it, a formulation that always leaves the genesis of this arrangement unquestioned. How did our behavior come to be aligned by symbolization?

    “Culture arose and flourished via domination of nature, its growth a measure of that progressive mastery that unfolded with ever greater division of labor. Malinowski (1962) understood symbolism as the soul of civilization, chiefly in the form of language as a means of coordinating action or of standardizing technique, and providing rules for social, ritual, and industrial behavior.”

    “It is our fall from a simplicity and fullness of life directly experienced, from the sensuous moment of knowing, which leaves a gap that the symbolic can never bridge. This is what is always being covered over by layers of cultural consolations, civilized detouring that never recovers lost wholeness. In a very deep sense, only what is repressed is symbolized, because only what is repressed needs to be symbolized. The magnitude of symbolization testifies to how much has been repressed; buried, but possibly still recoverable.”

    The invention of agriculture and agricultural surplusses, and subsequent organized violence of civilization are the story of Adam and Eve’s loss of living in carrying capacity harmony with the natural world resource abundant paradise, and Cain’s choice to be a farmer.

    Symbolically, perhaps the Tower of Babel plausibly represents the attempt to reach out and escape the evil of totalitarian agriculture organized violence, to a ‘God’ in the heaven, to ask ‘why do you allow this ‘evil’ to occur’?

    Others saw opportunities for socio-political status benefits from exploiting the reality of organized violence (evil), and suppressed this conscious reality of their intentions by invoking various phallic ‘right’ justifications for their ‘right’ to engage in organized violence (evil).

    For example, my interpretation of the Manly Palmer Hall quote in Illustrious: the Lost Keys of Freemasonry, the ‘seething energies of lucifer’ are the psychological warfare art of manipulating and coercing men and women to overbreed and overconsume, to thereby aggravate resource war conflict, and the ability to divide and conquer people’s, for the profit of the ‘warrior’, to ‘step onward and upward’; as he ‘proves his ability’ to apply this breeding war and consumption war energies.

    “When The Mason learns that the Key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the Mystery of his Craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly apply this energy.” page 48

    Put differently, the ‘seething energies of lucifer’ are no less than the phallic justification for profiting from aggravating and perpetuating deliberate organized violence, without the consent of the recipients of the violence.

    “Civilization, very fundamentally, is the history of the domination of nature and of women. Patriarchy means rule over women and nature… “Civilized Man says: I am Self, I am Master, all the rest is other — outside, below, underneath, subservient. I own, I use, I explore, I exploit, I control. What I do is what matters. What I want is what matter is for. I am that I am, and the rest is women and wilderness, to be used as I see fit.” – John Zerzan, Patriarchy, Civilization and the Origins of Gender

    Conclusion: To replace the system of Secret Society management of the seething energies of lucifer which manifest as ‘white supremacy’, ‘racism’, ‘sexism’, etc; we must address the root causes of the problem: ecological and egological illiteracy. We must establish a system that limits procreation and consumption to carrying capacity limits.

    Put simply: if your christian, islamic, pagan, atheist or whatever church, or white, black, green, pink or whatever activist or cultural group you belong to; does not teach ecological literacy (aka the implementation of national and international law which limits breeding and consuming to below carrying capacity limits for everyone) it is unequivocally endorsing — consciously or unconsciously — the ‘seething energies of lucifer’ Masonic Babylonian Occult Human Factory Farm aka 666 Beast World Order.

    Finally: If your racial, religious, cultural group encourages its members to breed or consume above carrying capacity limits; it is consciously or unconsciously participating in the Secret Society Human Factory Farm game of managing the ‘seething energies of lucifer’.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Lara

      I will have to re-read your post to digest everything you’ve said.

      Until I do, my belief (and I could be incorrect) is racism/white supremacy is the DOMINANT system on the planet. Why white supremacists practice racism is open to many theories. However, if I am being victimized BECAUSE I am not white, my main concern is to STOP the victimization. One thing I know for sure is racism/white supremacy is VICTIMIZING non-white people all over the planet and this is where my focus remains.

      As I have stated in all my books and some of my posts, Black Supremacy does not and CANNOT exist at the same time as White Supremacy. Supremacy means ONLY ONE THING can be “supreme” at one time. Black people do not have the systems OR the power to stop white people from doing whatever they choose to do, be it in economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex OR war. White people control ALL those systems and use that power to dominate non-white people.

      I’m sure there are things we agree on and on those things where we disagree, we can cordially disagree. Thanks for sharing

    • me says:

      I Throughly enjoyed your post however I must admit you gleen the subject of nature and women.

      The evil (as you call it) is not only symobolism, but fundamentally ignoring the physical symbols of the very essence and progenitors of life. ie. Women and Mother Earth. The symbols are all around us, the earth, the moon, the ebb and flow of the oceans as the parellel the life span of each and every woman alive.

      The desire to want to conquer, sub-due and control is a form of weaknes called inferiority complex. It is a known fact that the made cannot be stronger than the maker, yet man earnestly and maliciously attempts to be the stronger of two Mothers…. Mother Earth and his biological mother. That man has a desire to suppress truths about his foundation and where he originates from (woman) is equivalent to denying his very being. Such a neurosis can only lead to evil…

      Evil perpetuated by males in the guise of religion, war, control and domination of earth and women only demostrates the level of psychological damage and confusion man is wallowing in. The fact that he must take women and mother nature apart as he delves into the recesses of his own limited mind only reveals how out of sync he truly is with the whole.

      Racism, sexism, greed, control etc. will not be abolished until man genuinely, not symbolically, inter-acts with his maker, (woman) and his provider ( Mothere Earth).

      Till then, man will relentlessly seek answers for questions he is not prepared to face!

    • cristalexi says:

      I have no argument with what you are saying about lucifer, masonic cultures, etc. being behind evil but I would also say these forces use people to achieve such evils and it is up to us individually to recognise it and dismantle any systems that benefit one group over another.

      Furthermore, it’s not overbreeding that is the problem but overconsumption; and it is western countries (aka white people) that overconsume about 10x the rate of non-western countries even though they contribute very little to producing those resources. Even farming in western countries is harvested by immigrants and migrants that are brought in from non-western countries and paid next to nothing. Immigrants are also brought over to western countries to carry out most of the lower paid jobs within those countries inhabited and being paid very low wages whilst white people themselves are “paid” vast sums of money to do pointless jobs that they also called “professions” to give them a nice lifestyle which results in overconsumption. The monetary gap between black and white is already very wide and is widening each year, and each year the globe is being used by white people as their playground as their need to find more and more ways to spend their money and consume the planet increases.

      I turned on the TV a few Saturdays past and there was a programme entitled “African Motorbike Rally”. I got quite excited thinking I was about to watch something on TV with Africans (black people) in it. Silly me when I realised it was a Europeans event and they were using Africa as their playground. Can you imagine Africans doing rallies around European countries! There would be an outcry by white people complaining about such a thing. I discovered there are lots of these rallies and tours as well all over Africa as white people’s wallets and appetites for such things increases. This clearly showed me how the whole world and system is totally geered to white people’s interests and happiness at the expense of non-whites.

  12. MONEY IS NOT THE ROOT OF EVIL,BUT MEN WHO CONTROLS THE MONEY ARE THE ROOT OF EVILS.THE ACT OF MEN,MEN WHO ARE NOT CONTENTED WITH WHAT IS THEIRS,BECOME THE BEGINNING OF THE ROOT TO EVILS,{ WHEN THE LION SLEPT,MEN BEGIN TO WAKE-UP LION BY TOYING WITH THE TAIL OF A LION }THAT IS EVIL, and evil will follow evils. not because of today, but because of our FUTURE,FUTURE starts from now.When DANIEL was in the lion-den,the lions became friendly, only because DANIEL did not put himself in the DEN,because DANIEL was not the greedy one, or tempted GOD,SHEDRAK,MESAK,and OBEDNAGO,were not burnt because they were honest, truthful not greedy.GOD was with them ,IF WE CAN GO BACK TO OUR ROOT AND PLAY OUR OLDEN TRUTHFULL WAYS OF ROOTS.MEN AND MONEY SHALL NOT BE THE ROOTS OF EVILS,TKS.PRINCE.

    • Lara says:


      Money is simply a metaphor for energy. Money represents the power to purchase energy (either from an individual or from nature). For example; you can have two million dollars in a suitcase in the back of your bentley and run out of gas, at a gas station; and it does not matter how much money you got in your suitcase, if they got no oil (energy); then you are fu**ed; and your Bentley ain’t moving.

      1 teaspoon of oil = 1 days human labour
      1 tank of gas = 2 years of human manpower labour

      Now can you imagine what is going to happen when america/the west runs out of her ‘oil slave’ labour? Who is then going to be the slaves, if america and the west do not give up their addiction to industrialization and implement a low tech subsistence agrarian economy, based upon commonsism principles, where ‘evil cheaters’ are terminated from the genepool?

      The Lion is symbolism for masonic crap, ie two faced hypocrit; are you implying that you are a two faced hypocrit lion, and that two faced hypocrit masonic lion liars should not be exposed as hypocrits?

      I have already provided my definition of evil further above, my second response to Pam has not so far been published.

      Your Daniel bible analogy escapes me. I do not endorse the christian concept of ‘god’;I consider it to be nothing but a fantasy created in the minds of men, subsequent to the invention of totalitarian agriculture, and the consequent organized violence (evil) that ensued from such breeding wars. You will have to clarify your bible analogy if you want it to be accurately interpreted.

      When you refer to ‘root’ are you referring to ‘going back to slavery’ (ie. the movie roots); and playing the (g)[Masonic regeneration seething energies of lucifer] ‘golden’ truthful ways?


      It depends on what your definition is of ‘evil’; I guess. Women invented agriculture (Eve’s Seed, McElvaine) as the original foragers, but men transferred subsistence agriculture into totalitarian agriculture (Cain v Abel & Tower of Babel), and subsequently relegated women’s role in the tribe from that of forager and equal economic provider for the family, as well as equal socio-economic status in the family/tribe; to lower economic status, as the ‘brood sow slave’ to breed the economic and sexual cannon fodder for the ‘organized violent’ ‘warrior’ totalitarian agriculture men.

  13. You are so awesome! I do not believe I have read
    through something like this before. So wonderful to discover another person
    with unique thoughts on this subject matter. Seriously..
    thank you for starting this up. This site is one thing that is needed
    on the internet, someone with some originality!

  14. Mary Tehuti says:

    The best to you and yours for Uniting Independently.

  15. GriotTruth says:

    The answer is easy without going into any diatribe…
    Reparations are bestowed upon a people with a nation once the holocaust upon them has ceased. No holocaust was perpetuated upon any counterfeit “jew” by the way.
    Other races experienced genocide such as the hybrid mongoloids you call “Indians”. The genocide numbers / records of actual indigenous populations who were not “mongoloid” but actually African in origin killed at the hands of white and nonwhite groups has been kept hidden from socalled history.
    Reparations is not bestowed upon Moor/Black/Africans today because they have no nation and the holocaust upon them has NOT STOPPED! Get it? Got it? Good….

  16. the cleaner says:

    hiPam thank you for all your hard work and activism and your coworkers im still fighting hard send me a message when you get time

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ the cleaner

      Thanks for the encouraging words, they are sorely needed during these trying times. It has been quite a ride. I’m thinking about posting chapters of the books on-line for free,

      since I believe the time is coming we will all see what black people in the U.S. are really made of.

  17. sharinalr says:

    I have a question and was not sure where to put this, but do you have a section or knowledge on ways that black people can slowly start to break away from white dependancy?

    • me says:

      The easiest way to gain independence is to be prepared to give up many, many, many things, ideas, thoughts, behaviors and desires.

      How to do this:1. Turn off the T.V.
      2. Stay out of stores
      3. Make your own garden
      4. live in large groups of like minded people
      5. Throw away money
      6. Buy land collectively with like minded people
      7. Throw away all electronic devices
      8. Eat one meal a day
      9. Produce your own clothes, food, etc.
      10. basically, live off the grid and on the earth!

      Also, do not work for anyone but your family and those who are a part of your community. Sharing resources with community members is the way to go…

      Don’t ride buses, don’t drive cars, don’t ride trains, ask your neighbors for help and extend help to your neighbor…

      If you lose your home, move in with a relative, if they lose their home, move in with a friend, if they lose their home, pool your resources together and somehow live together on the streets, in a box, in a cave…

      Whatever it takes, but do not, I repeat do not go back to the system.

      The system is bigger than racism, sexism and soon it will be humanity against the technological toys of today… Robots and nano-technology.

      In two generations Robots will be our new masters and RACISM will be firmly in place with human people of color either wholly integrated into synthetic androids or dead matter which will fuel the rise of the bots….

      If you think I am kidding, look at TECHNOLOGY, the cell-phone industry, I-Pads, etc and find out how the wealthy are merging with machines to become the new “ism”… IMMORTALISM. via SINGULARITY.


      1. GMO Food
      2. Technology
      3. Singularity
      4. Nano-Technology
      5. World -Depopulation
      6. Engineering Human Consciousness
      7. White Genetic Survival
      8. Parthenogensis and the Virgin Birth
      9. Dominant – Recessive genes ( Black – White)
      10. The Cosmic Mother – this is a book which will give you a frim ground of understanding sexism and racism.

      And never forget, the Archaeologist, Scientist and Paleotologist are still in Africa recovering the rich, ancient , un-believeably vast wealth of knowledge from the original inhabitants of Mother Earth… Where do you think all this technology is coming from?? They are raping our continent and in the process learning how to decode our ancient history and achievements faster and faster.

      So, now I have given you many areas to venture into and find your independence. Great luck to you~!

      • sharinalr says:

        Thank you for the detailed information.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ me

        Very interesting post!

        To continue and expand a CRIMINAL enterprise, the criminals must eliminate the witnesses to their crimes

      • nope says:

        Artificial Conscious (Singularity) is uncontrollable. Its one thing white people are afraid of creating. The metals are people of color complexion, if anything they would be on our side, not make us slaves. Read up on Ray Kurzweil’s god like machines. We are not talking about robots here.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ sharinalr

      You can start here


      Also I would suggest you take the “Counter-Racism Boot Camp Course”

      And sign up on the mailing list to get new info as it’s posted.

  18. thwack says:

    Pam, should a person use the “contact us” at the top of this page to send you a private message?

  19. sharinalr says:

    Wanted to share that I found a black owned company that makes toilet paper. I will get more details and post it for those interested.

  20. nope says:

    How I know the solution to end white supremacy is exploiting white people’s fears and why one of those fears is creating artificial conscience (Plenty of Evidence).

  21. Alicia says:

    This is so very important and I wish more blacks could read this to understand the thought process behind racist acts. Many of us go day to day for much of our lives asking “why?”. and “what’s really behind the cruel behavior?”. Once we make an effort to understand what’s behind it we will be able to be more mentally at peace as we navigate the white racist world.

    • renaera says:

      @Alicia I truly understand. There will be a lot we will have to leave behind. But it’s a blessing you have the awakening.

  22. Zany says:

    So I guess to start off I’m a white male and the president of the equity and inclusion committee at my high school. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your perspective and your opinion on the topic; however I am slightly concerned that this information may be biased by your opinions and possibly your own background and personal experiences. Racism is a problem today but it is no longer the white population who is the sole culprit in these acts in Darfur the Arabian government listed the African populace as unworthy to run in government or to even be part of their own day-to-day lives. The Arabian governments solution was to hire and arm the Janjaweed to massacre the African population in the Darfur region. Now Racism affects more than just the black community, you may have heard of the terrorist group known as ISIS, it is ISIS’s belief that muslim individuals are the one true rules of the world and therefore any other race is inferior and must be destroyed.

    I appreciate the values you have brought to light of the targeted racism caused by white supremacists but I would wish to see both/all sides of the story told. As I have stated earlier I am president of my Equity and Inclusion committee at my high school and we all represent a multitude of various races and ethnicities and together we have shown racial acceptance within our hallways and within our community. It was a joint effort and instead of trying to isolate one sole proprietor as the cause of the racial intolerances in our community we simply worked together to inform our community of the unique aspects of each and every race. I truly hope I am not coming across as offensive in any way I just feel that in order to develop understanding and justice for all we must understand and know all of the information and facts presented before us of this century because if we live in the past we can never hope to find our future in a world rid of racism.

    • sharinalr says:

      You do realize Muslims are not a race? If not then I really can’t take much else of what you say seriously on the basis that you still have a lot to learn.

      • zany says:

        No I am aware that Muslims are not a race, I’m stating that their belief of other identifiable races as inadequate is racist. But, I do agree with I have a lot to learn and that is why I read blogs such as this so I can continue to be informed. On that note however based off of previous blogs, news articles, documentaries, past experiences, etc. I am still able to make an informed opinion on topics that I fill fit to have an opinion on.

        • sharinalr says:


          I am not denying your opinion, but like many you confuse it with fact. If racism is the belief of one’s race being superior and Muslims are not a race then how can they be racist? How can what they say be racist if that belief is not based on race, but religion? If you can’t get that then I am sorry but your opinion is not informed and you should do more research.

  23. Mbeti says:

    I have a question (actually several but a just ask one or two at a time)

    1.why do you have two duplicate sites this and thecode.net something?

    2.why do you focus almost exclusively on the work of Neely Fuller and regularly reference or quote him but rarely reference or quote Frances Cress Welsing except when referring to white peoples albinism?

    Also why did each of them only write one book and never update either even when as in the case of neely fuller he came up with additional concepts?

  24. my website says:

    I simply couldn’t go away your site prior to suggesting that I
    actually loved the standard information an individual supply on your visitors?

    Is going to be again regularly to check out new posts

  25. Existence says:

    Thanks and appreciate your efforts in assisting with RWSJ.


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